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  1. Things I'm selling: NMT cape 500k gc Nexus transfer stone 30k gc 14 RoP 500gc ea Post here or try to catch me ingame
  2. Advice for Newb Instance

    Sorry but you fail hard, again. Tank isn't mean to take multiple mobs on him at same time. It's not smart to run in the middle of the monsters and wish they all attack the tank. Few points: 1) It's impossible to know which player the mob is going to attack. If there's group of people killing a monster, other monsters can attack anyone. Not always the tank. Practically tanking 6 monsters, as you said, at same time would mean tank running in the middle of the monsters, waiting until he gets 6 on him and after that fighters come and kill them. Not very smart and practically impossible. 2) The main idea of the tanker is to be able to tank the monster (only 1 at a time if possible) while others are making damage. It saves HE and SR + Skilled tanker with good build has smaller risk to die. 3) Raytray has 100x more experience from instances than you so it would be just better to stfu. I used to have tank build and I remember tanking more than 2 monsters at same time very rarely. Mostly, if more mobs attacked, we just fled / dissed and waited until they split up again and we'd be able to attack only 1-2 mob safely. (of course the ideal situation was to kill them 1 by 1, but normally I was able to tank 2 so it wasn't a huge problem) Edit: It's pointless for you to cry how fighters always attack your posts. You simply give false information so of course people who know things better, will correct you. You're not a fighter, you're not a tank, why do you think you know things better than us?
  3. Privacy option on Achievements

    They can still easily check your stats from player ranks.
  4. Selling some

    I sold the NMT to you so can I have it back for the same price?
  5. some advice on fighting

    Yeah negs aren't mandatory at those lvls, but imo PH and scotty died are always good perks to take. They're simply free PPs. In your case I would take both scotty and PH, then add 4 PP to inst and other 4 to vit. Would help training ogres.
  6. Lost a few hours of my EL life

    If you put items in storage, the game doesn't save automatically. Only when you use trade window.
  7. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Pääsin taas Itellalle kesäks töihin \o/
  8. Ransom - scammer

    Ah ok
  9. Ransom - scammer

    Afaik there was only a post about overkill, ransom's ex-char. Hard to know he's the same guy even if you read disputes first. But yeah I agree, it would be smart to ask around if the person is trustworthy. And not give the gc before you actually get the item you needed.
  10. Custom Clothing

    The problem with unofficial customization was that you never knew what armor or cloak your opponent was wearing. It's really annoying to fight someone with custom armor and cloak when you have no idea what (s)he's really wearing. That's the main reason why I turned the custom clothing off. If that problem was be solved, I would at least view the custom clothing. Maybe get some for myself too.
  11. Just get a friend to help you with them.
  12. Auctions

    If I ever auctioned anything, I would end the auction 12-24 hours after the last bid. If you put the exact ending time, of course "smart" people will wait until the last minute and then bid. They can get the item for cheaper price and more surely win the auction.
  13. Cleaning sto a bit...

    For sale: 22 hydro bars - 12,5k gc ea 1k gypsum - 10gc ea Flowers (offers): 173 Cactus 483 Blue Berries 582 Chrysanthemum 350 Impatiens 3512 Mullein 2112 Red Snapdragons 912 Nightshade 300 Blue Star Flower 22 Wormwood 227 Red Rose 8 Poppies 221 Tulips 240 Lilacs 9440 Tree Mushroom 16 Swamp Candles 300 Poison Ivy 162 Blue Lupine 1 Cotton 120 Tiger Lilly 213 Henbane 1966 Ogre Toes 222 Red Currents 748 White Asiatic Lilly 1931 White Chanterelle 2059 Toadstool 1639 Sunflower Potions (offers): 97 Magic Potion 53 Invisibility Potion 76 Potion of Great Healing 10 Potion of Extra Mana 42 Poison Antidote (Edit) Oops forgot animal st00f: 37 Snow Leopard fur 1076 Bones 67 Brown Snake Skin 282 Polar Bear Fur 101 Skunk fur 61 Black panther fur 1 Cockatrice Feather 472 Feran Horn 34 Puma Fur 28 Deer Fur 6 Falcon Feather 7128 Raw Meat 74 Green Snake Skin 85 Fox Fur 295 Wolf Fur 68 White rabbit fur 28 Bear Summoning Stone 430 Leopard fur 7 Leonard fur 466 Tiger fur 82 Deer Antlers 70 Hawk Feather 10 Beaver fur 271 Racoon fur 38 Red Snake Skin 171 Rat tail 155 Brown rabbit fur Contact me (MiiX) in game or post here.
  14. Armor choice

    He can use cotu cape too and imo in this case it would be even better than mage robe. He doesn't hit enemies anyway so it's pointless to wear BP cape. Practically only useful capes in PK are mirror, BP and NMT. Since orick has mirror and NMT perks, it would be smarter to wear cotu and cuisses to offer more armor. Just my opinion.
  15. Armor choice

    Yea you're right, but as I understood, orick wants ONE armor set that is useful in all purposes. IMO BD set is the best choise then, there's loads of rad weps in game, but every PKer doesn't have therm serp. That's why I'd rather buy a BD set than ID. + It's cheaper and provides same armor than ID set which makes it better choise for instances. Of course if you want to be pr0 PKer and absorb as much damage as possible in PK, I suggest getting ID and ti parts too as tudae said.
  16. Armor choice

    I bet orick already knows this, but for tanking it's the best option to wear as good armor as possible (depending how expensive armor you want to risk) and just take the plate off when attacking the monster. Anyway I was tanking all instances between 60-120 a/d with steel set and imo it was good enough. Also steel greave + bronze cuisses and plate are good for tanker and bit cheaper than dragon sets. Iirc they even give bit better armor than dragons. But as I said for mixed instance / PK use, BD set is the best and cheapest option.
  17. Armor choice

    ID armor isn't the best choise against rad weapons. Imo BD set is the best compromise if you want to buy only one armor set for PK and instances.
  18. Artwork Updates

    Wow that's really amazing work, Roja! I really like the new looks.
  19. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    Gordalf, there's even an NPC that warns you about the drop possibility at DPA
  20. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    Are you serious? People will keep insulting you if you keep acting like an ass towards them. Same applies both RL and in a game. You can't really complaing about that.
  21. Vote for the next monster!

    Imo naspas would be the best option. They're often seen in invasions and easily get mixed with PWs. Edit: Failing with English more than usual
  22. Increasing NPC prices

    Just go to NPC with a good load of food and FE. Will remove huge loads of gc from game. The ore that enter game is turned to bars - swords - hydro - nexus - pp. Epic sink. Oops true, didn't think it that way.
  23. Increasing NPC prices

    Actually I think it would be good to lower the NPC prices for ores and minerals under the market price. Like 2,3gc for silver, 2gc for coal etc. People, who don't need them asap, would just haul them from NPC and harvers can still sell them for current prices to people, who are too lazy/busy to haul them from NPC.
  24. Cleaning sto a bit...

    OK, contact me ingame.
  25. Increasing NPC prices

    Could you please stay on topic? Imo it was on topic. Anyway I voted for "NPC prices are OK" too. Same reasons as mentioned many times before.