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  1. st00f

    if i was buying i would have more replies than if i was selling
  2. st00f

    erm im selling them not buying lol
  3. Magic Immune

    well imo i dont really find a point to change the time shorter since even if it were made shorter after it expires just cast it again no harm done it would cost an extra 30 mana which could make all the difference in a fight thats provided u change the timing alot like last for 20 sec or something
  4. NMT Cape

    mines better more useful items hehehe
  5. NMT Cape

    col steel set os 165k
  6. amours and weps

    SELLING: 10 s2es 1 os full steel set CoL
  7. Sto sale

    ill take all the meds 150gc each and the ps cape i offer 1 s2e
  8. bunch of stuffs

    SELLING: 6k silver ores 114 tiger stones- 54 left BUYING: orc slayer- bought
  9. Teleport to anywhere ring

    i would rather have a coordinates tele ring where u can type in the coords and then select the map and instantly tele to that point but ofcourse this is out of the qustion lol unless its like super rare but if it was it wouldnt be much of a use since people wont buy them.
  10. Magic Immune

    well imo i dont really find a point to change the time shorter since even if it were made shorter after it expires just cast it again no harm done
  11. Magic Removal Stone

    steel set + col
  12. Bloody Desire

  13. Hatred not to be trusted

    the key word is "thought"
  14. Silly question

    how often do u come across a bag thats worth bag jumping? but imo its bad to bj ;D
  15. storage selling

    ill take the uni and moon meds
  16. A ranging quest?

    50 arrows on cost 50gc?
  17. Mines, and a new perk

    lol for 10 pp i most prob would take it. But there should be some safe spots like portal room or sto etc.. if not someone just put 20 mines on one of the tele pads who walks there dead or at sto door. we should make some items which makes mines detectable but they would not be that cheap to prevent too many people to buy them but it also has a random chance not to detect any mines so that its not a 100% sucess rate kinda thing which makes it more interesting and fun itll be better if there could be different rate of detectability like for e.g. maby snow have lower chances of detecting mines and concert have higher chances etc...
  18. Invasion tokens and their use

    yeah but you only can change the monster's stats which are in the invasion right? and monsters not in the invasion would not be affected. so i see no reason why itll be a problem since its only invasion monsters and not the rest of them.
  19. selling st00f

    SELLING: tit greaves steel cuisses 6k silver ores SOLD 90 white tiger furs SOLD 547 bones SOLD 225 lepoard skin 15k iron for 50k SOLD also selling iron ores and gypsum in hyper bags
  20. selling st00f

    i have only 6k silver ores left so thats 12k + 9k + 50k = 71k forgot to update he list. oh and pm me when u are online
  21. Most *used* Weapon

    bones and cutlass the most often i think
  22. How addicted are you?

    well i guess the time i play a week really depends lol sometimes i play like what 12-15 hours a day when i have nothing to do irl esp during holidays
  23. Auction: Titanium Plate Mail