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  1. Selling

    SELLING: 1.3k Les 1k Hes 1 ele 1 gather med Willing to trade for thread BUYING: 11k thread
  2. Selling

    ALL SOLD Still buying thread though
  3. Bluescreen

    Disable memory options such as shadowing or caching ***STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000010, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8050E73F) Begining dump of phy memory..... Anyone can tell me how do i solve this?

    what about me silver??!

    ill buy silver ores 2 gc each..
  6. SELLING: some stuffs in sto

    Selling everything in one big bulk Starting price: 10k Buy it now: 15k SELLING: 634 red toadstools 300 coal 200 sulphur 470 sapps 250 gem sanders 5 damaged tit longs 1 iron battle hammer 1 iron sword 1 quarter staff 1 wooden staff 140 train arrows 600 bones 22 leather boots 45 aug pants 33 aug tops 143 leather helms 5 steel chains 4 steel sheilds 5 make rare/fail indi 13 harvest degrade indi 19 a/d indi 50 acc pots 50 eva pots 5 ts pots 2 manu pots 4 invis pots 179 rat tails 40 wolf fur 30 red snake shin 22 falcon feathers 11 feran horns 239 puma furs 50 fox furs 106 snow rabbit furs 17 creature food 4 mule glyphs 12 skele keys 24 silver rings 1 tit chain construction 2 tit axe construction and some flowers..tiger lilies etc... and BUYING: 12k silver ores
  7. SELLING: some stuffs in sto

  8. Thanks herculese!

    Damn....i should have been there ^^
  9. selling sulfur

  10. selling sulfur

    ill take for 1.1 ^^
  11. Playing without XP

    go take the BRs and HEs that spawn in TD ^^
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    :/ i cant reach nujac for the past few days...
  13. Storage Sale

    3k for all sulphur, red roses and snapes and shrooms. erm i mean red toadstools
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k sulphur pls ty
  15. Storage sale

    How much for the conj cloak and 140 Raw Meat 2 Bear Fur 17 Wolf Fur 2 Red Snake Skin 1 Brown rabbit fur 1 Puma Fur 27 White rabbit fur 27 Beaver fur 5 Deer Fur
  16. Selling excess essence

    SELLING: Halberd-offer -SOLD-
  17. Storage sale

    all blue quartz 1gc each.. and the hes 6gc each ^^
  18. Selling and buying some stuffs

    SELLING: Warlock's cape Spear BUYING: tit set som
  19. Awsome Sale! :)

    ill buy blue quartz...2k ill also take the pot of vit book
  20. Storage sale.

    ill buy the blue quartz..2.3k
  21. loooooot!

    31k ^^
  22. Warlock's Cloak

    40k for the cape
  23. Selling a whole bunch stuff out of storage.

    ill buy the vials pm me ingame.. thx