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  1. Potions Sell

    ill buy vit pots
  2. Selling my Alt sto

    all spirit ess,beaver fur and bear if u got..
  3. storage sale!

    ill take the blue quartz,bear summ stones,tiger summ stones and the bone power as well
  4. Spring Cleaning Storage - early :P

    ill buy bear fur and bone power
  5. Contest

  6. selling my storage

    som +5k for my uni hood or som + energy ess and spirit ess
  7. Hyperspace Bag Spell

    if u could tele hyper bags to sto then there wont be a need to be walking to sto to deposit the stuffs that you have harvested..and if bags could tele to u then you wont need to do hydro runs to get the s2es from sto instead just make a hyperbag at sto with all your s2es init and then tele it to u at hydro cave then there be not much of a point to make hydro walks so long and harvestables far from sto might as well just put all harvestables at storage.
  8. Hyperspace Bag Spell

    cuz of this oO
  9. Bronze Armour

  10. Selling Everything!

    ill take the warm fur gloves,deer fur,beaver fur....1k
  11. Random sto sale

    ill buy the emps.. 3.5k?
  12. storage sale

    ill take all beaver and wolf furs
  13. Hopping on to the next guild

    come join Mak
  14. Selling Black drag amour

    SELLING: Black drag plate cuisses greaves Starting price 280k Buy it now: 320k Post here or pm me ingame thx.
  15. BroD - beware !

    hahha just hope your brod gets broken soon
  16. newhope

    ouch :/ but well...iwhy did u walk out of kf when you got poisoned and have no srs/hes to heal yourself? oO
  17. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    tbh i only have bad luck and 0 goodluck....
  18. Storage Sale!

    55k for col ill take the ip rings the moon uni star med also
  19. Selling Black drag amour

    SELLING: Black drag plate,cuisses,greaves Starting price: 280k Buy it now: 330k Accepting: 1 Col 55k
  20. Picture of the new Mule

    by eating grass...
  21. A/D Cap @ 130

    yeah good idea
  22. No drops KF

    I, Private, rank 171 143 a/d, solemnly swear that I will go in KF for at least 30 minutes of each day I actually log in the game (24h day). If I don't do that, may I and all my alts be banned for at least a month!".
  23. The Tahraji Desert NDD Clash

    sign me up too under fighter