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  1. Server down?

    That traceroute's largely pointless. The server itself (the physical box) is up, hence the reason it responds to pings. The EL server software has crashed, thus the inability to connect to the game.
  2. Help crash the test server

    Part of the problem is we are jump up several years on the version of 3rd party scripting engine and the are known to be a little buggy. We've already had to make three patches in their stuff for it to run this well. Two of the patches we found documented, we have to check for the most recent one and see if they have found it before. So, we can't do functional testing on a limited scope we have to test the entire script engine for hidden bugs, and if there is a memory pointer problem, that might show up anywhere in the server. I was talking about functional testing through client simulation.
  3. Help crash the test server

    I'll PM you, so as to not derail this thread.
  4. Help crash the test server

    Ever think of functional testing, Entropy? Probably would've highlighted this without the need for relying on people (in the first instance).
  5. el_notifyer

    There are many versions of scripts like this. In my opinion, it would be better to implement such a feature as part of EL's sound system. You might want to wonder over to this thread and discuss it there.
  6. Halo 3

    blah...blah...f-cking...blah...iPhone...blah...blah...blah...Halo 3...blah...blah...blah
  7. New Cal3D DevPak

    These are both available via http://el.beplacid.net/dev/win-libs/. The previous Cal3D DevPak is named 'Cal3D.DevPak.old' for now. The DLL is also available. Are you sure the Windows compilation guide is still using the old domain? If so, a client will get a straight 404 error, so the change needs to happen sooner rather than later please.
  8. Timer timestamp for chat

    Splitting it up and organising things makes a lot of sense. Right now, running multiple characters can be troublesome (especially when chat_log comes into play). Well given I've logged into EL with 7 characters on my old linux box, and the list of files that grum gave. I can see it could get crazy. Exactly.
  9. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    It would've been better to include such an option, because those who didn't agree with either can't vote, or make non-representative choice. If you had included one, you could've got a greater idea of who has voted (and thus better figures as to the size of the audience this affects).
  10. strange

    That is uber! Bloody dangerous, but damn cool.
  11. PK fight declaration thread

    Nah, he would've only increased your bans.
  12. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    Force? Hmm, who's forcing you to follow community rules? That's right, no-one.And politics? Well, of course. Pretty much any social interaction will have some level of politics. When we're talking about what's expected/accepted social behaviour, how can you expect to not have politics come into play? No, these options allow people who do not agree with either of the options to still vote and voice their opinion. It's a basic point of a voting system. Polls are already misleading and misrepresentative enough, without restricting the audience because you're not doing multiple polls! I get the distinct impression you're "running on empty", "digging yourself a hole" and other awesome Englishisms. Basically, I think you're arguing purely for argument's sake. You're barely even on topic, so get over it! Seriously, why does every discussion on these forums have to turn into a bitch fight or "i'm holier than thou" situation? There is no right or wrong here people, just his & her's opinion.
  13. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    The poll question bugs me: "If someone actively searched for your hyperbag then intentionally opened it without your permission and took the things you left there, would you consider that bagjumping?" Does it actually mean "If someone found your bag without knowing the exact coordinates or being given specific directions by the owner; are they a bag jumper?"? If so, then I would regard that as not bagjumping. If you were to give someone the exact coordinates, and they went to find it and stole the contents, then yes, I would regard this as bagjumping. Simply finding a bag (unless you gave directions such as "it's near the tree on map X, on the eastern side" - which would technically be definite directions) on a map without knowing a bag is actually there (i.e., without prior knowledge) is pure luck. This isn't bag jumping, it's finders-keepers. I think people need to start remembering that this is a game, and to stop taking it so bloody seriously.
  14. telekinetic portal in crystal cave

    Hallucinogens are not to be taken regularly!
  15. telekinetic portal in crystal cave

    Silly map makers
  16. Weird CPU usage since last week

    This behaviour is totally expected. EL has always taken ~100% CPU usage when in game-mode (that is, non-console view).
  17. WoW

    That is really, really, sad.
  18. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Bookmarks and links like your sig?? ;-) ROFL Thanks
  19. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    Got any good reasons for that? #Edit - The people who don't want this to affect them should be able to have the option to not have this, or alot of people will quit. That is absolutely absurd! This means you'll turn it on and off when it suits you, thus totally ruining the intention. Do you ask your teacher to turn off the exams because you're scared or might find them hard?
  20. That's a configuration issue. Check you haven't b0rked your actor definition files and ensure data_dir in ~/.elc/el.ini is set correctly.
  21. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Glad it could help. Bear in mind it was not just me who wrote the documentation I have recently moved servers, so please update your bookmarks to point to the following hostname: - wiki.beplacid.net/ The base of any Wiki URL will now be: - wiki.beplacid.net/articles/ So please ensure you have the correct hostname and URI (including '/articles/')! Cheers, Placid
  22. Color text for bots

    NO! There is too much spam already on #3 from bots, without the awful possibility of multicoloured messages.
  23. WoW

    I'd be very surprised if their bureaucracy didn't involve the same procedures regardless of the bug. As majestyk explains well above, the issue is the size of the company. I to have worked in large and small companies as a contractor, and the layers of bureaucracy do not only vary in their size, but in their usefulness. The company I work for at present has a very large site that is visited by thousands daily. There are at least three departments/layers I can think of that a new feature goes through (business department, product authority [approval/denial of feature/fix], my immediate manager) before it reaches me. Each having their say on what goes ahead, and more importantly - when it happens. And of course, they most certainly do have automated patching for their servers, but this requires personnel on both sides of the servers. An interesting topic, anyhow.
  24. WoW

    I would've thought the only real difference between you and Blizzard is the mountain of bureaucracy they have to go through to get an update signed off and released. Not to mention the fact that their update affects thousands of servers.
  25. Enable the FEATURE 'X86_64' and set PLATFORM to -march=athlon64 in make.defaults/make.conf.