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  1. Minerva Ownership

    At the moment only me and Cruella have the password and I'm happy with that. I trust Cruella implicitly.
  2. Minerva Ownership

  3. Minerva Ownership

    Well I guess it's time for me to reply. I'm going to try and keep this relatively short and just make a few points which I think are most relevent. 1. When I passed you ownership I said "I doubt I will ever be back back but if myself or any other AoI do return we'd like to have access to her". You say otherwise. On this point it is my word against yours afaik neither of us have logs going back this far. Regardless of this, it was AoI guild bot, I would have had no right to speak for everyone else and give you sole ownership. 2. When we returned we offered to have shared ownership with you which you threw back in our faces basically saying some bullshit about "I have too many skills to share with other people". Considering this bot has always been a shared bot I think you're incredibly selfish to think you have any entitlement to sole ownership. 3. We offered to buy you another bot with money from Minerva's stash which was a very generous offer imo but that also wasn't good enough for you. However, after looking through years of minervas trade log you have already had many millions of gc from her which covers enough to buy several bots for yourself. Also, I find the whole "Oh it would be so much easier for you 3 people with jobs to get another bot between you" laughable. Besides the previously mentioned money you've obtained from Minerva through trades there were also a lot of items on her when we left including nexus removals and tons of bindings etc and if I refer people to http://s1.zetaboards.com/Unofficial_EL_Forums/topic/2307156/1/ you will see that xena's EL life is far from fiscally challenged. 4. We could also go through who actually paid the majority of the money for minerva's blessing and the 3 out of 4 years you didn't pay for. Most of this was paid for from AoI guild funds which i have spreadsheets for that detail every transaction and show quite clearly that you didn't contribute to the guild funds until after Minerva was originally purchased and blessed. 70% of this contribution was myself and evilmangopie. Here are the spreadsheets: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AiEut5y8q5LFcGFpLTBwUkVTVl8xbWR2c3lSLUJiRnc&gid=3 the oldest projects on the right and the newest on the left, minerva was purchased immediately after the 4k moon meds project. Finally, I'm glad this has come out into the open so people can see what a selfish asshole you really are. We were friends for many years and I never expected you to come along and try to claim something that many people have worked on as solely your own. Currently there are 6 people from AoI guild playing, 5 of them are in the same guild and want to continue sharing her and 1 person (you) wants to take her for yourself. Also, since we should probably cover the actual El rules rather that just who said this and that and what is fair. We have held the Minerva EL account password since she was created and you only held it for about a year at which point we still had the password. Currently the only people with the password to her account are myself and Cru which makes us owners of the character. I guess it all boils down to my 1st point and what was said when it was passed to you which we are are in disagreement about and since there are no logs it's your word against mine. So much for keeping this post short....
  4. YUMI Harvesting Service

    gold medal \o/
  5. Rather large storage sale...

    OK, I've been in VotD for a lot of today selling stuff. The list *should* be up to date now but it's damn confusing. ;D I'll be back on tomorrow GMT evening again so catch me then if you want something left on the list, if you are in a bad timezone or whatever for that then forum PM me.
  6. Rather large storage sale...

    I wont be online much but I will try and come on most days (GMT evening). Please make offers in this thread or by forum PM for each item. It's possible the whole lot may go to one person if I get a decent offer from someone so please don't be annoyed if that happens. Also, someone has first dibs on some undecided items and I havn't had a chance to chat with them yet but should know tomorrow what to remove from the list. Everything must go! Food: 10 Vegetables 8915 Fruits 8835 Toadstool 1 Wine 16 Potion of Feasting 707 Cooked Meat Flowers: 26272 Red Rose 8835 Toadstool 40 Swamp Candles 2426 Lilacs 23631 Tree Mushroom 15239 Poison Ivy 20029 Mullein 8477 Ogre Toes 1540 Blue Star Flower 25064 White Chanterelle 16650 Blue Berries 1686 Blue Lupine 25778 Red Snapdragons 18305 Henbane 17538 Yarrow 15278 Wormwood 13980 Rue 23504 Dandelion 28850 White Asiatic Lilly 686 Valerian 3000 Impatiens 50 Tiger Lilly 7888 Cactus 5874 Chrysanthemum 20860 Poppies 129 Daffodils 4 Black Rose 14196 Nightshade 14180 Tulips 14581 Red Currents Ores: 5010 Cinnabar 3600 Titanium Ore 1 Tin Ore 5362 Silver Ore 39539 Iron Ore 4833 Gold Ore 18 Seridium Ore 6 Matter Conglomerate 7 Hydrogenium Ore Metals: 1 Silver Bar 5666 Steel Bar 7 Titanium Bar 38 Iron Bar 5 Gold Bar Minerals: 9273 Rose Quartz 795 Ruby 2529 Gypsum 1119 Sapphire 61055 41055 Diamond 689 Blue Quartz 19 Emerald 1383 Turqoise 686 Coal 1914 Quartz 114 Sulfur Tools: 145 Arrow/bolt head 294 Pickaxe 68 Leather Gloves 2 Saw 14 Hammer 46 Nail 26 Needle 15 Ring Mold 11 Gemstone hammer & chisel 12 Medallion Mold 2 Scissor 10 Carving Knife 1 Arrow/bolt head mold 524 Gem Sanding Paper 1 Alembic Weapons: 8 Second Hand Titanium Long Sword 19632 Bones 17 16 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 119 Wood Branches 1 Wooden Staff 95 Ice arrows 1 Long Bow 1 Bronze Sword 1 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword 56 Pking bolts 1 Crossbow 122 Fire arrows 10 Iron Sword 143 Training arrows 1 Cutlass 1 Halberd 1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal 1 Used Orc Slayer 1 Eagle Wing 1 Jagged Saber 175 Crossbow training bolts 1 Staff of the mage 2 Iron Battle Hammer 1 Recurve Bow 1 Short Bow 2 Titanium Serpent Sword 1 Frying Pan 1 Dragon Blade Armor: 68 Leather Gloves 6 Leather Pants 1 Ice Dragon Mail 1 Iron Helm 7 Augmented Leather Armor 16 Leather Helm 2 Titanium Chain Mail 2 Padded Leather Armor 1 Titanium Greave 2 Crown of Life 1 Damaged Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Mail 1 Red Dragon Greave 1 Bronze Greave 1 Crown of Mana 1 Titanium Plate Mail 1 Steel Plate Mail 2 Leather Boots 1 Bronze Cuisses 1 Bronze Plate Mail 1 Bronze Shield 1 Ice Dragon Greave 5 Steel Shield 1 Steel Greave 1 Titanium Cuisses 1 Titanium Shield 2 Steel Cuisses 1 Ice Dragon Cuisses Magic: 17 Ring of Emerald Valley 27 Ring of Desert Pines 13 Ring of Portland 9 Rostogol Stone 8 Stars Medallion 2 Make Rare/Fail Indicator 102 Criticals Indicator 1 Instinct Removal Stone 389 A/D Indicator 56 Ring of Damage 1 Make Rare predictor 137 Ring of Disengagement 3 Sun Medallion 2 Ring of Mana Destruction 1 Antisocial removal 6 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction 1 Magic predictor 1 Conjurer Cloak 112 Harvest/Degrade Indicator 2 Harvest predictor 18 Ring of Sedicolis 1 Moon Medallion 2 Ring of Isla Prima 4 Ring of Bethel 1 Medallion of Life 1 Ring of Anitora 2 Ring of Hulda 1 Ring of Iscarlith 1 Ring of Egratia 1 Physique Removal Stone 1 Ring of Naralik 3 Unicorn Medallion 1 Ring of Hurquin 1 Saving Stone 229 Ring of Glacmor Essences: 909 Energy Essence 1844 Health Essence 6615 4615 Air Essence 3 Enriched Death Essence 276 Magic Essence 2658 Fire Essence 776 Earth Essence 7 Enriched Fire Essence 1313 Life Essence 5 Enriched Water Essence 516 Matter Essence 509 Spirit Essence 1064 Death Essence 1 Enriched Life Essence Potions: 15 Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract 198 Potion of Reasoning 15 Wheat - Valerian - Mugwort Extract 15 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract 53 Potion of Manufacturing 162 Potion of Great Healing 16 Potion of Feasting 45 Magic Potion 63 Potion of Evasion 175 Potion of Defense 334 Potion of Attack 43 Potion of Extra Mana 605 Potion of Spirit Restoration 31 Potion of Minor Healing 9 Potion of Vitality 687 Poison Antidote 25 True Sight Potion 130 30 Invisibility Potion 54 Potion of Mana 137 Potion of Coordination 1 Potion of Physique 15 Potion of Wildness 50 Potion of Crafting 113 Potion of Accuracy 2 Potion of Engineering 1 Potion of Speed Hax 679 Creature food Animal: 270 Racoon fur 4617 Raw Meat 19632 Bones 561 Polar Bear Fur 2 Green Snake Skin 197 Cockatrice Feather 74 Skunk fur 40 Armed Orc Summoning Stone 91 Deer Fur 125 Wolf Fur 151 Deer Antlers 179 Leopard fur 342 White rabbit fur 42 Fox Fur 55 Black panther fur 230 Feran Horn 394 Snow Leopard fur 980 Rat tail 143 Hawk Feather 58 Falcon Feather 41 Bear Summoning Stone 16 Tiger Summoning Stone 61 Tiger fur 25 Red Snake Skin 118 Puma Fur 208 Beaver fur 62 White Tiger fur Clothes: 1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat 6 Leather Pants 7 Augmented Leather Armor 2 Padded Leather Armor 1 Conjurer Cloak 1 Cape of passive camouflage 1 Black Robe Skirt 2 Fur Pants 3 Racoon hat 10 Fur Boots 2 Cape of The Unbreakable 2 Skunk hat 5 Body Piercing Cloak 1 Fur Torso 1 Powersaving Cloak 2 Mirror Cloak 1 Silver Tiara 1 Night Visor 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 2 Fur Cloak 1 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants 1 Black Tunic Green Shirt 2 Black Baggy Pants 4 Excavator Cape 2 Leather Boots 1 No More Tears Cape Misc: 1 Wood Logs 805 Mercury 119 Wood Branches 10 High Explosive Mine 35 Mule Glyph 359 Leather 92 Rope 2886 Saltpeter 17331 Ashes 4 Skull key 8659 Yew 1 White Fabric 2730 Bones Powder 1 Snare 5 Invasion Token 4213 Thread 12 Skeleton key 2 Wood Handle 6 Serpent Stone 4 Enrichment Stone 679 Creature food Jewelry: 391 Polished Sapphire 2 Silver Medallion 285 Gold Ring 1 Gold Medallion 34 Polished Ruby 19 Silver Ring Books: 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire 1 Book of Potion of Physique 1 Book of True Sight 1 Book of Accuracy 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal 3 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Book of Iron sword of fire 3 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal 4 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic 1 Book of Steel long sword of fire 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of fire 1 Book of Axe Construction 1 Book of Titanium Axe Construction
  7. Manufacturing strike!

    Sorry, but this is never going to work as long as there are rare versions of the items. If the normal versions of items that have rares can be profitable it's only a matter of time until someone gets greedy and mass produces a particular item saturating the market. They then realise they can't sell them all but they need gc back to buy more ingredients so they lower their prices. It's inevitable...
  8. Coordination in Invasions

    I really don't think this would break down community ties in any way because the only time the meters are used are right at the end of invasions when the last monsters are being cleared. There will still be people announcing locations of monsters and coordinating attacks etc during the invasion. Not to mention the people using the meters would still announce when they metered what the result was in channel 6 otherwise everyone would constantly have to check to know if anyone has metered anywhere or not. The people using the command/bot or whatever would be people coming back from being afk and the people just logging in, not the people actively participating. I don't think having people constantly asking where and what adds anything to the community aspect of the game.
  9. Coordination in Invasions

    It sounds to me like a bot would be quite difficult to get working due to problems with who is trusted, whether those trustees are online at the time of the invasion etc etc. Maybe if it is worth the work it would be good to actually have it done server side. So instead of just displaying to the user of an invasion meter information about the map and the monsters there it could add to a log so you can type a command to see when each map was metered and what was there at the time. There could also be a command for moderators who are running invasions to add which maps will be safe in the upcoming invasion. Information stored about the monster locations could be cleared when the total number of invaded monsters reached 0. I know this would mean some extra work for Radu but it would be a much better solution in my opinion.
  10. Invasion Ranks

    I really like this idea, to prevent abuse you could be given a number of points dependant on the strength of the monster. Then you could have ranks for total monsters killed and average difficulty etc (so if you only kill dragons in invasions you'd have a very high average). I think this would not only be fun but also encourage higher level players to fight as high level as they can.
  11. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Well, I've had a lot of people make assumptions about me because of my ingame name but they're all wrong. ;D Jaxx is the online nickname I have been using for 15 years or so, it's based on my first name and surname. Fatboy is a nickname my friends use sometimes, not because I'm fat but because I'm lazy, eat loads but am still a skinny bastard. I would have just stuck with Jaxx but the name was popularised by some 2d beat-em-up game which I don't remember (possibly mortal combat or tekken or something). It was pretty annoying suddenly finding my name was taken on most sites when before that bloody game came out it was fairly unique.
  12. Reduce Window Size of Drop Bags

    I guess I'll give my opinion on it... I prefer the adjustable size one with a scroll bar myself. It would be nice if you can scroll with the mouse wheel anywhere on the window too.
  13. The Bars, the Bars...

    I make seridium bars a lot for crafting and I used to make wolf bars for great swords (I don't bother any more because it's so much cheaper to just buy a great sword). As for the others, I've never made, bronze, tin or copper bars and havn't even bothered reading the books. I don't think they're worth making to sell, they are all very difficult to sell except wolf bars but you'll lose a few k on each one at the prices they go for.
  14. Hair showing

    Sorry I didn't see this before the update but I only just got a universal hood... My hair shows through the back of the cape when sat down but not when standing. Male elf with long white hair. EDIT: ah damn, could someone move this to bug reports pls? I don't know what I was thinking....
  15. OSX update

    Thanks Enly. I've got it running nicely now on ezmerelda's mac with her maps etc.