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  1. Bigger Buddy List

    The real limiting factor is the Server and how Radu assigns the maximum number of Buddies at compile time, which applies to every player & mob possible in the game, instead of allocating on demand as needed. So even a Beaver on IP has all that possible Buddy information allocated though it will never use it!
  2. He's been much busier with Client Updates then playing from what I've seen.
  3. In cases of emergencies or Radu asking nicely, I'm still around to help fix bugs in the EL server. Most of the time I just make sure EL keeps running as well as it's Forums since I have other things on my mind. But, any server changes I make I do still send to Radu so he still controls the EL server code.
  4. Keep in mind that many 'bugs' are server side, since the server handles all the important logic, and the Client is mostly an interface to the server and to display 3D images. Even changing a map or map objects requires the server is using the same map & objects or you end up adding bugs.
  5. No Sound Alert on Death

    Have you looked to see if it maybe messages from the server itself are handled differently from chat messages? Maybe some messages are just bypassing the logic used to trigger sounds? Yes, another likely aspect is the order of the packets vs the tport to the UW.
  6. Reduce afk mob harvesting

    The only place the server tracks if you have a Perk is that flag! So wearing and item with the same Perk and then removing it you lose the Perk without getting any PP back! Basically Radu would have to rewrite how he's tracking Perks.
  7. Agreed it looks like a bug. My other comment was more to get people to think more about actually playing and discussing it. Just a personal opinion and not trying to dictate anything. Sometimes interesting discussions come up from disagree or having an opposing viewpoint given.
  8. Personally, I've never liked Ranging lock being an option, with or without auto-disable. You need to watch what your are doing, not just click on the mobs and expect the ranging lock to prevent you from attacking!
  9. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    That one is a long known server issue Radu would need to fix.
  10. That beaver obviously is alone, so should have masked up!
  11. The beaver needs to be wearing a mask as well!
  12. Traitors Row

    I'm concerned this might cause some people to cheat just to be immortalized that way! There are many troublemakers that just want attention!
  13. Gatherer Perk

    Direct to storage would be a very different more expensive Perk if it was added.
  14. Completed Quest List

    The proper way to do this is for the server to handle it, which means you'll need to hear from Radu
  15. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    The destination is NULL, you'll have to go backwards to see why.