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  1. Traitors Row

    I'm concerned this might cause some people to cheat just to be immortalized that way! There are many troublemakers that just want attention!
  2. Gatherer Perk

    Direct to storage would be a very different more expensive Perk if it was added.
  3. Completed Quest List

    The proper way to do this is for the server to handle it, which means you'll need to hear from Radu
  4. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    The destination is NULL, you'll have to go backwards to see why.
  5. Better pathfinding/Control

    Other-Life implemented the autowalking enhancement in the server, but if the monster moves as you approach you may still need to click on it again.
  6. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Since double slicking a button isn't the norm, what about also changing it to "<<" as a hint a double click is needed or some other special marking?
  7. What happens if the Party Leader Grues or logs out? The next step is to think about worst case scenarios like that and try to address them.
  8. I don't know if the Android is setup to allow connecting through my Proxy, but my proxy is setup to accept it.
  9. Disconnect Client

  10. New feature, equipment swap equlivalent items

    In the server, the terminology isn't about what type of item, but the location only, so Left Hands, Right Hand, Both Hands would be more accurate/ It just happens that Shields are all all flagged as Left Hand.
  11. Server shouldn't be involved with Camera Movement like Arrows ... Kaddy's issue sounds more like a Delay in starting Key Repeat.
  12. IP Storage for everyone.

    I think part of the reason IP storage was limited to low levels in the first place was to help encourage players to leave IP.
  13. New Windows Client Build Process

    Will it still run on Win7?
  14. Not sure if bug or intended

    Based on what I've seen, it's intentional. I think you will have to make a case to Radu for making a change.
  15. Sound code correction suggestion

    Even if the server is giving directional information for that sound, I think it should be possible for it then to be modified based on camera rotation vs player orientation. Just need to have someone look into how the client is handling the sounds in detail.