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  1. Disconnect Client

  2. New feature, equipment swap equlivalent items

    In the server, the terminology isn't about what type of item, but the location only, so Left Hands, Right Hand, Both Hands would be more accurate/ It just happens that Shields are all all flagged as Left Hand.
  3. Server shouldn't be involved with Camera Movement like Arrows ... Kaddy's issue sounds more like a Delay in starting Key Repeat.
  4. IP Storage for everyone.

    I think part of the reason IP storage was limited to low levels in the first place was to help encourage players to leave IP.
  5. New Windows Client Build Process

    Will it still run on Win7?
  6. Not sure if bug or intended

    Based on what I've seen, it's intentional. I think you will have to make a case to Radu for making a change.
  7. Sound code correction suggestion

    Even if the server is giving directional information for that sound, I think it should be possible for it then to be modified based on camera rotation vs player orientation. Just need to have someone look into how the client is handling the sounds in detail.
  8. Currently the Client keeps none of that data, so that would require a shole new subsystem to keep track of the most recent information per Character.
  9. android doesn't run over data only WiFi?

    One possible reason is there are major Cisco VOIP solutions that use port 2000, and I'm not sure about other systems. This isn't the first time I've heard about a cell phone provider block port 2000.
  10. android doesn't run over data only WiFi?

    Sounds like it's the cellphone company doing something. The EL android client doesn't care and doesn't limit it.
  11. Problem with Questlog

    Quest logs are handled client side only, so wqhen you use multiple system each one may get a portion of the log and you will have to open both to see where you are at.
  12. Make all Big Books Makeable

    or much less ACP would be needed. ACP basically helps prevent mass production of these after all.
  13. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I see it as magically transferring the experience. So it's a magic item not an ordinary book. Think about it more ... you write a book and then read it yourself. It obviously isn't a normal book or you wouldn't gain that much exp!
  14. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I've always thought that writing Big Books should remove more exp from the player then the reader gets.
  15. KF 130 cap.

    Unless Radu has changed how the caps work, players who's stats have been lowered by the caps will still have higher MP & EP then others, giving them an advantage still, but not as great as if they hadn't been capped.