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  1. KF 130 cap.

    Unless Radu has changed how the caps work, players who's stats have been lowered by the caps will still have higher MP & EP then others, giving them an advantage still, but not as great as if they hadn't been capped.
  2. Neno hunting rules and bans

    ref: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61004-alts-ban/&do=findComment&comment=592667 ... and then you continue here with trying to ask or argue about what rule has been broken. Since you still haven't been paying attention to that info, locking this topic and you can wait to hear from Radu
  3. alts ban

    If Radu booted you, he is the only one that can cite anything ... and a valid answer from him is "your chars pissed me off", doesn't even have to be a posted printed rule.he is God and you listen to what he demands.
  4. Log-off @ min/max

    There is also a FullScreen setting available on th Video settings which requires a restart, There are technical reasons why changing the resolution requires a restart.
  5. EL on the raspberry pi

    If I remember correctly, servers,lst is only grabbed from the working directory that the program starts from.
  6. Guild Stone

    I think the descriptions should be clear that only Guildies that are currently online get exp. Less paperwork for Radu and lowers abuse.
  7. New client binaries for testing

    Maybe consider renaming Fonts to Fonts/Sizing to help?
  8. Mobs that can range players

    Yes, a horde of invaded mobs ranging players would be great!
  9. Haidir quest does not complete.

    The issue is that Ranging is not actually melee as to how the server works & thinks.
  10. Issues like that just means the server would have to track restrictions, name history, and other factors.
  11. My web pages (such as the TOP 100 players) has a Donate Button/link at the bottom or you can contact me privately and I can give you details as well.
  12. Seems reasonable. Have it cost 100K gc per use which goes to Darrock's storage. Nah, the GC poofs instead of going to any players or mods.
  13. efe...fire arrows

    Start mass mixing FE to get your EFE's cheaper
  14. server box

    Settings->Chat includes settings for whether Server Messages should be treate4d separately or not. Following Darrocks suggestion will get you back to seeing all the channels at once, or you change the current channel and filtering by clicking the other boxes.
  15. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    Not just an offline server, but your own server or your own game.