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  1. 621 Sulfur

    49 Mortar & Pestle

    686 Pickaxe

    1 Hammer

    30 Needle

    9 Gemstone hammer & chise

    l1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword

    1 Titanium Plate Mail

    1 Titanium Cuisses

    64 Leather Boots

    1 Titanium Shield

    2230 Magic Essence

    2253 Energy Essence

    384 Air Essence

    326 Life Essence

    10299 Raw Meat

    15 White Tiger fur

    1 Fast Regeneration Cape

    1 Body Piercing Cloak

    112 Thread

    49 Silver Ring



  2. Why would you want to go into an instance to face mufossa for the only thing to happen is him to 3 hit 1 person, turn, 3 hit the next person, turn so on so forth.


    That sounds incredibly fun to me... *Sarcasm*


    Korrode makes a very valid point. How often (besides the first 2 weeks after being implimented) will people take the time to sort out even teams and the teams actually be sort of even? How often will a group of friends all be online at the same time to be able to form teams?

  3. Because Korrode's idea allows for any easy way to pk with different people. A random queue allows easy access for a fun time. I mean as much as you hate it Ent, people are lazy. They will be a lot more prone to click a button to queue without having to find friends online that are not already doing something. If you don't have friends, queue and you'll find some. I mean there is no doubt that both systems will be used, but the random queue would be used much more.


    And Aislinn and I did read your suggestion. You didn't read her comment. She's not saying that there is not anything different, she's saying that there's not ENOUGH different from the basic pk system that we already have. One of the few differences really would be that the pk instance would provide a different style of pk such as capture the flag etc (which could also be established in random queue). As it stands, I can ig a guild, talk trash enough to get the into pk with my guild vs their guild and have what your suggesting to a degree.


    And ffs, the problem with "omfg i wanna go with my friends" could be easily fixed in a random queue if you code it where people in the same guild are queued as a "team". If the instance is a 3v3 and more than 3 people queue in the same guild, make it where the first three enter and the others stay in queue line.

  4. First choice for me would be to see both ingame since as was pointed out, they are totally different and each has a different goal. We're comparing apples and oranges here.


    However, in my opinion, Entropy's idea isn't different enough from a basic "pk guild vs pk guild" event in KF [where basically the power team(s) have already been formed (pk guilds)] from what we have now to warrant choosing it over Korrode's as an only option.



    I agree 100% with this statement.


    I hope that those who want random teams realize that there will be no way in hell to exclude 'dirty players' from instances. And I don't only mean in your team, I mean against your team too. If Korrode's idea gets implemented, then someone constantly starts broding people left and right, I will perma ban anyone who complains to me about it (or who will say that they won't go to instances anymore until the problem is solved).

    Mage skirt/cotu easily fixes this problem.

  5. If you a grouped with someone you can't trust what's the worst thats going to happen? Can't think of anything to be honest because you don't drop anything for anyone to bagjump. Only thing they would do is die on purpose.


    I agree with Korrodes idea for purposes mentioned in the other thread.


    To solve the mufo problem, just make it where the random queue tries to even out the sum of combat skills within a particular range. Example: Group anyone from 130-170 a/d together. However, the teams would be randomized but in a way that would evenly distribute combat levels.


    An NPC that you have to talk to to teleport in will make the feature less desirable to use. I mean just be real, people are lazy. They would much rather click a button on the bottom of the toolbar to queue. And Korrode's point is right, if they don't click accept within a certain amount of time, just pass the spot to the next person in the queue line. Plus if someone was queued for an instance, most likely, they won't be harvesting or such because they will need to have their gear ready incase the queue spot comes open. So really, you don't have to worry with that. In my opinion, the feature will be used much more if its not an npc but a toolbar button.

  6. If players are afk when the queue is ready, make a ready check like Korrode said. A window pops up similar to the one that pops up when you finish a daily and you can click accept to go into the instance.


    A bot would be an ok suggestion, however, it would be more widely used if you did not have to walk to a specific place and queue. It would be better also, whenever you enter an instance, you get teled to a random map. Say there are 3-4 maps just for pk instance. It chooses one at random that is not already in use.


    Here is what I see right now as a problem:

    1. The modified suggestion is nothing like the original posted suggestion. I've seen multiple people both here and ingame (and make note: none of them in channel 6) who would love the random factor and would try it in that scenario. But what will happen is, the modified suggestion gets put in, and people don't bother with it, and then you get angry that you put all this work in and people don't use it.


    2. I personally would try the instance as proposed originally, short and random queue. I have NO interest in a long drawn out organized and planned version of what we already have in pk. It is a given that very quickly players will figure out which combinations for each instance level will produce a power-team. All the planning and strategy in the world won't make it any more fun to have to fight those teams every blasted time and lose. Even if there ended up being 2 or 3, that still is no fun. You can go get an easy death now by the same handful of people every time you walk into the map. Why code extra for more of the same?


    Also I disagree with the assessment that people want the random queue because they're lazy. Reasons for wanting it have already been outlined in this thread and none of them imply lazy.

    I agree 100%. It seems to me all that your doing now is making it to where you have to go to an npc to enter kf and you get a small reward in the end. That sucks imo, no different from whats already ingame.


    Someone mentioned about teams dominating the pk instance. In my opinion, we have enough domination of pk by players as it is, why would we want this? It would be tons more fun to switch the teams up so everyone gets a chance to win. Don't make this a one sided instance from the start. Random queuing fixes this.


    As I said before, if you wanted to mix the ideas where if a team wanted to go together, make it where the queue will sort all guild members into the same team. Everyone else is distributed evenly between the other teams. If you have to organize your own team, the only time anyone will ever use this is if their whole team is online. Whats the point of that? Make it where anytime anyone gets bored, they can random queue and go pk.


    The only strategy that I would have in a 30-60 minute long pk instance is on how to not fall asleep at the computer O.o I have no desire to stay that long.

  8. In my opinion, I would rather have random queuing as well. As people use the system and start to pk, the strategy will fall into place with teams even when chose at random. And if a team has no rangers then that just means that they have an extra fighter to attack the ranger. It really will even itself out.


    If a fight takes 30 minutes, people are going to get bored of it quick imo. That would be too long and drawn out. Maybe an occasional long match would be ok but not often.


    You could integrate both ideas into one. Make it where if two people are in the same guild, they get queued together into the same team. So if a team wanted to be together they still could, while other people could random queue.


    Just in my own personal opinion, if you have to create your own team etc, i won't use the system as much as if it had random queuing.


    Also, would be nice if the npc was in a highly used map or better yet, a window queue on the toolbar.