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  1. Exploring for secrets.

    I like the orignal idea very much
  2. Pesnja is a thief

    I have talked to Jason for a while now and got to know him. I have done jobs for him also. He does not seem like that person that would not completely let the other person understand him. I cant believe that a gulid member would do something to the guild master like that . That is crazy if u ask me. I dont know but i think Jason is right on this one.
  3. Guild DoA Recruiting

    The guild Death on Arrival is now recruiting new members. We take anyone with a level of 20 and are glad to accept anyone. We will check backgrounds though. Pls Pm Inf0 Duece or Kidberg if u are interested in joining DoA Thanks Kidberg
  4. I think they both sound great. It would be good to have something that maybe new people can afford and still have the bigger things like the CoL and CoM. I like the ideas
  5. New charging for bots clarification.

    I think that this is good in a way. If it is going to help better the game then why are we complaining? Its for our benefit. If u cant afford $20 then dont have a bot.
  6. Monster rally points

    Sounds like a great idea to me
  7. to pkg and all my other el friends

    Quimbly, You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will miss you and I hope that RL goes well. Kidberg