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  1. Modified clients

    Due to the large number of problems we have with modified clients that have modified maps and such , during the testing period after the update you are NOT authorised to use any other clients than official released ones. If you are caught using modified clients your character will be locked/wiped/banned. Unmodified CVS clients are allowed to server. That means NO on so called cvs + patches compiled clients (eq big zoom), no minimap modifications, no custom modifications to maps. If you are using such clients , redownload the game and install the official version. Faster you report bugs the faster game reaches the stable form. But do understand that we CAN'T fix a map if you modify it and get stucked. And instead of helping you are slowing down the debugging and testing. When the test period is over ANY custom clients that wishes to connect to the main server HAVE to get prior permision to do so from Entropy or developers. Tests can be carried out on the test server and not on the main server. If for a reason you can't connect to the game with the official client please contact developers (Entropy , Learner , Wytter , Grum or Mihaim) as soon as possible to explain why. Permissions may be given in special cases. Regards, Development team
  2. ATI problems linux.

    Video card: ATI Radeon 9200PRO 5960 (AGP) Old client works well New client behaves weird: http://el.tfm.ro/bugs/ati_weird.jpg Objects are ok. If i change the video card to any nvidia chipset works . So bad files or missing objects are out of the question. Ideeas ?
  3. Top 50 Bug

    Top Players for EL software is no longer maintained.
  4. zaer locked .

    rules 3 , 5 , 25 , 26 Place KF . Log sequence follows: ZaeR: fucking cheat ...... (*) chaoogie summoned a Black Bear MoJo kicked the bucket. ZaeR: ffs [PM to Lumen: since i'm not playing i'm in a bad mood] TheAmbassador was liberated the american way. ZaeR: he owe amabassador rosdt now ZaeR: fucking shit ZaeR: ... ............ ZaeR: hmm i cant win in pk ;/ ZaeR: i think i cheat man Arigorn: lol ZaeR: seems like best thing Seal: plx no kill mihaim Seal: slm ............ ZaeR: gonna cheat again mihain?
  5. Changes: - Random Days added ( Read general chat for more details ) - 1 new storage in c1 - some storage locations moved Fixes: - Summoning fix ( again ) Seconds restart today: - 2 bug fixes regarding the random days - #day command added
  6. First step

    Moved to general chat. It didn't belong in greetings.
  7. My summoned pets dont move any more ?

    Confirmed. My fault . Forgot an option when i compiled the server . Will be ok on the next server restart.
  8. Update 15-12-2005

    Things added: - 1 new NPC - Some magical items are now available in the game ( verry expensive ) Changes: - NPC fixes ( Mira name and options ) - Some monsters minor tunning
  9. scarr banned

    Breaking rule 26 while on parol.
  10. This is mainly a bug fix update : -> Summoning fix -> Character was not saved under certain condition fix Things changed: -> radon damage was lowered -> 2 items were re-tuned Things added: -> 4 brand new npc's
  11. Major changes: * Items cooldown Bug Fixes: * Attacking in pk areas in the first 5 seconds is now fixed * Spell casting when entering a pk area has the 5 second rule also * Lots of other minor bug fixes Some new items were added. Will be revealed at the right time.
  12. Sapientia locked for macroing ( Srs near raven )
  13. Items cooldown test

    Fixed Dis ring was a kind of food.
  14. update 11-09-2005

    This is a bug fix update due to the crash. Things changes / fixed : * New players starts with full food level * Rename channel 5 "Role Playing" * Faster then normal casting bug fix * Iron Shield Price fixed ( well ... it will be fixed on next restart ) * Invadeing monsters drops fixed * Lots of map bug fixes * Some monsters drops were re-adjusted.
  15. PowerWarrior

    I read your "Click Here For More Info". The final answer if NO. This thread is now closed.
  16. PowerWarrior

    You think you deserve a "second" chance. In fact that would be 3 or 4th chance you would get. And i belive that you don't deserve any more chances.
  17. PowerWarrior

    No i didn't forgot and yes i saw your post. Here is the answer: Short answer: "No". You may stop here or read further. Long answer: Repeat after me: "Saying sorry doesn't make it right" . If you really think that you can acuse anyone of something and throw **** at people , get banned and then come back and say "look i will never do it again" , you are wrong. I have absolutely no reason to trust a word you say. I warned you in the past without any atitude change. Moreover your post takes me to this logic: "if someone else was unbanned i should try to". From my part this subject is closed and i do not intend to reopen it. Have a nice day.
  18. Damocles Locked

    Custom client usage , lieing to mods, usage of #goto For more infos read: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18068 Ban will expire on 29 Oct 2005
  19. Damocles Locked

  20. Stats showing

    Please discuss here about the new stats showing / hideing in forums. For more details read this : http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19308
  21. Stats showing

    Repeat after me: RPG not FPS Hmmmm. Ok.
  22. Stats showing

    Fixed. Sorry about that. Copy / paste error.
  23. Stats showing

    The request from that player to #set_privacy off for 5 minutes ... Check him and accept him or not. #set_privacy is NOT enabled by default and can be turned off with ONE simple command. This is why #3 is for. For trading. Instead of direct trading it makes more sense to me to have the tradings done in #3. It's good for RP'ing. Mods have ways to check macroers don't worry about that. Then don't use it ? Noone forces you to set privacy ....
  24. Stats showing

    Admins have ways to check for that.
  25. Stats showing

    Nah. The top50 will work in the future. Without specifieing the level. Only position in top.