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  1. 25k diamonds

  2. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  3. 200k iron ore for sale

    Still have some for sale.
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5 batches of 10k diamonds please
  5. a/p protection spell

    Wow, sorry, it's too late here, guess I missed that topic
  6. a/p protection spell

    Ok, there was some pk this evening, what we noticed is that we should have some protection against ranging because, atm, it's just too powerful. 2 Rangers were dealing close to like 130 damage per second, and person would have to diss after few seconds, the damage was too high and often that sometimes you would just die because of the 2 seconds rule between spells. Top a/d people like ata/ulubatli/andy/incubus and rest died in seconds due to high damage from 2 rangers. There should be some protection like, maybe Anti AP pots, where you'd spend 900k gc and negate the effect of AP pots (another gc sink that would probably lots of people use) or maybe some spell/item. Picture below should show you how ebul ranging is:
  7. Update 190 preliminary test

    Hello, I have problems with my textures: I have tried this more than 10 times, still same result. I did a clean install of EL, deleted 3d objects/maps/tiles folder, then extracted alpha folder into EL folder, and textures are still messed up, even deleted EL folder in My documents, didn't change a thing. I have Windows 7 Professional, I even tried running under XP/vista compatibility mode, but that didn't help at all. Edit - tried test server also, its the same.
  8. storage sale

    23k for the vials?
  9. Reset session counters dosn't work

    Works for me on Win 7. Same build.
  10. 200k iron ore for sale

    Lowered to 3.5 gc each.
  11. 200k iron ore for sale

    Buy as many as you want.
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to buy 10k sulfur, will buy more if possible
  13. selling some stuff

    500k jsoc
  14. selling some stuff

    400k life drain shield.