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  1. cant logg into my char

    some of the stuff on malakai did origanate from The Handyman char but i was not the owner of malakai back then i gave alot of stuff away to the malakai's owner at that time aswell as most of the Thor guild benefitted fom Handymans wealth i gave alot of stuff to alot of people and some as much and 500kgc each so in doing this have i also broken the rules with my fellow guildies and friends of EL i also sold alot of things cheap to other friends also the Bot Thor was loaded with item from Handymans inventory and given away to my old guild The owner of malakai has recently let me have access to this char and also dosent hardly play el and said i just aswell keep on using it and do with it as i see fit so if in doing this i have broken the rules then i am sorry like i said radu was ok with me using this char and any of the items that were given to the malakai char was transfered weeks ago like i said when i was not the owner so i guess if this still classes me as a cheat then this really is the end of el for me also reading down the list most people who are banned for multy play are just banned for a short time then have there highest char unbanned after a while so if i am still classed as using multy play how would this work with me as i dont own handyman anymore and malakai is the only char i have access to
  2. Today's Invasion

    Just wanted to say ty i had a great time There were only a few of us left in the end killing the last of the mountain chims and ty to the guys that had my back went through about 400 he's in the end no sure how many srs best invasion sinse the Tg magic school well down all those that organised it Cant wait till the next Handyman Thor
  3. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    Going back to charming animals maybe this could have an advantage in fighting by charming your opponent or make you dis easier this could give you a slight edge on fighting . In a similar way to reading books on fighting helps The higher the charm the more effective the ability Or another way the summons won’t attack a certain level in charm Handyman
  4. Consolidating the bots location

    I can understand the idea of using the market places and it seem a great idea But I would like to keep my Bot where is it Because the whole Idea of putting Thor Bot where it is in NC (141,10) Was to bring much needed resources to an area that didn’t have many at that time It is run at a low profit and has a high turn over and has built up a good regular customers base. For both normal players and those with the anti social perk. The main benefit with somewhere like WSC would be being close to Mira where you could run feasting pots from Mira to your Bot and sell to people with anti social perk. At a slightly higher price (IF THIS IS ALLOUD). But like others have said it too far from a storage to attract much custom I Think THOR works so well because its near a storage as like Charn is in DP. Its easier just to nip out the storage and buy from a Bot then go back, than it is to travel some distance to get your ings. If there was a storage in WSC this would liven the place up and would then be a great place to Have a Bot . And as the WS map is so big maybe this is a good idea. (two storages on one map)
  5. Lottery - Week of 2007-01-15

    I guess Jaclaw won this week if so gratz Can anyone tell me where winners get posted officaly Ty Handyman
  6. Etland Etland scams again

    Yeh i know we all fed up of this name in here but just to keep you up to date. Etland promised one of my youger guildies some iron if he paid up first lol yeh maybe his own fault but etland did not come up with iron. and then today bought an item from another member for 25k but changed the amout to 2.5k at the last moment. so double check if you do trade and deffinatly do pay up front Also denies who the Gm of SAK is saying i dont know lol had to remind etland it was ummm let me think oh yeh Etland Handyman .
  7. guild storage ?

    Hi I’m Handyman GM of Thor I don’t know if this is the right place to post this I have tried emailing ENT But my question aren’t being answered and I am getting accused of making fun of them I'm not I want to know where I stand (1) My guild works a lot together gathering ings and has mixing events we need somewhere to Keep these items I.E like guild storage/ Bank (not a Bot). more like a guild char that has been registered with Ent and paid for the password would be given to a select few from the guild to activate when members need to donate or to remove ings. The guild char would need access to storage So what I need to know is this possible or is this against the rules? If it is possible then how do I go about registering it? If it’s not possible then what are the alternatives? (2) Thor guild does have a Trade Bot. I am trying to find out who I need to get permission from to visit NPC’s. it says in Roja’s rule section 9. Commerce bots have to be stationary, with a few exceptions (such as going to the storage every once in a while, or some bots going to resupply, if an exception is made in their case) If using rings would Thor Bot be allowed to visit NPC in Melinis to stock up on Vials twice a week? Ok thanks for your time I do apologise if my emails were confusing I hope this is clearer Ty handyman
  8. guild storage ?

    Ok got a response from ENT Its not what i really wanted to here but at least we know where we stand now Ents reply Bots can't be used as a guild storage in the sense that they use their own storage NPC for that. In fact, bots have to be away from a storage, and access the storage only once a week. I have posted this reply so everyone that has been following this can now understand the ruling on guild storages Ty Ent for your time and patients with me Handyman
  9. guild storage ?

    As a guild the other day we mined 45k of coal in 2 hours which was going to be towards making Steel bars for guild projects Even if i paid to double bless Yet another Bot the emu will soon be taken up As are next thing we want to mine as a guild is 75k of iron ore which works out at 300,000 emu A guild storage would need infinit emu the same as a chars storage is I have pmed the following to Ent via forum message service like it suggested in the rules section lets see what they to say about it. And if they say NO then we have heads of each section/skill in are guild so they will have to hold the ings mined or harvested and issue them out to members during mixing days copy of PM Message sent (1) my Name is (Handyman) (2) Guild storage Name (ThorStore) (3) What it will be used for (To be activated if and when needed and to store guilds GC, and any donations from guild members. also any ings gathered or collected buy guild members for guild projects) We have found it Hard trying to understand the rules on this so i post the following 1. Guild-storage is declared an paid $20 for 2. Guild-storage remains stationary (i.e. at one, declared storage) 3. As the Char remains stationary, there's no muling. 4. Bot isn't in a range of any harvestable item (i.e. he is sitting in closed storage). 5. Bot speaks only on gm (no channel rules needed) 6. Bot skills are constant. (4) location (either Votd or Dp storage your chioce as both out of reach of havestable items and in frienly maps) If this is aproved i can send you the $20 Via Paypal Thank You Handyman
  10. guild storage ?

    yeh that what i am trying to get clear Looter just checked rule 4 in bot rules section Which says 4. Trade bots cannot be in range of any storage. Ok so thats trade bots Guild storage is not a trade bot so hopefully that should be ok to be fixed at a storage ok meen time i am going to set up a new char called ThorStore and train it so it has 1 level at 20 so it can be in Thor and able to #Gm This will be The guild storage So please dont ban me for Having an ALT AS soon as this is set up i will pm ENT or EMail to register Ty Handyman
  11. Etland Etland scams again

    Dont forget the tit armour and even a bronze plate she was selling Didnt know you could even get that yet. Maybe just a rich kid that can buy from El or may be someones Alt who knows All i do know is my guild wont have any more dealings with her unless its in pk land Handyman
  12. Hi Guys n Gals Thor is a rapidly expanding guild Well structured We have heads sections and now assistants of every section/skill as well Because of the way we are structured members get all the advice and experience they need to help them progress rapidly through their selected skills. We often work together having fun and we all get on well and work hard as a guild. We are a friendly peaceful guild and have many friends and allies We are not a PK guild and we have strict rules about this We don’t attack guilds or players unless they attack us first then its ok to retaliate We can only attack those guilds that are red tagged to us (enemies) Most of these have chosen to be an enemy rather than have a friendly co existence. All heads of section also have a seat on the guild council so most of the decisions are made as a guild rather then By just one person. If you are interested in joining THOR you will need to post on are forum and have at least 3 skills of 20 and above. Good luck Forum link http://s8.invisionfree.com/Heroes_of_Redemption/ Ty Handyman Thor
  13. guild storage ?

    Ok aislinn ty for the link but that just gos on to another debate does not answer the questions I just need my questions answered Yes no and you need to do this is what I am after. I Know guild storage chars are governed by same rules as bots (but I don’t want to mule or even move my guild storage but it will need to be at a storage to work otherwise it wont be able to carry anything) I declared the guild storage when I first started my guild nothing was done about it and I received no emails So I don’t know where to go from this All I need is someone official to say Right Dean you can do this or cant do that It just seems know one wants to give you a straight answer And I don’t mind paying I just want to get it sorted Handyman
  14. guild storage ?

    Guys I appreciate the info but I don’t want this getting off topic My Bot THOR is not in reach of storage and I’m ok with that I just wanted to know if I am aloud to take it to Melisis NPC’s twice a week to stock up on Vials If I need to get permission from Ent Then please Ent can I have permission (I have 2 members with nearly 1000 emu so we could run vials but the price would be higher on the Bot) BUT MY MAIN QUESTION I need answered was the first on my post GUILD STORAGE Even the Mod's don’t seem to have a clue about this ( I don’t want that to sound like a dig its just I have been trying to sort this for weeks) Most guilds train up an ALT the use it as guild storage (to hold ings from guild events or members donations and guilds GC) Then a member signs in to the ALT when ever it’s needed to hand out ings or to be donated to. I have been told all guild storages have to be paid for So this is what I am trying to do, hence my questions. So what I need to know is this possible or is this against the rules using an alt as guild storage? If it is possible then how do I go about registering and paying it? If it’s not possible then what are the alternatives? Thanks again Handyman
  15. ^v^ is recruiting!

    Good luck guys Handyman Thor
  16. Misunderstood.

    Mufossa Keep up the good work Mufo Handyman Thor
  17. misunderstood

    He also tried the same with me and now he is on my Kills list then came back with Bears lol He must be getting desperate lol
  18. WARNING: Current Scam

    Well they are still being sent out i recieved one in Thors email acount Thu, 21 Dec 2006 16:45: this is the date they sent email Just keeping you informed Handy
  19. pogo62 summons armed orc to kill me

    Umm!!! Are you going to post every time you loose a fight? Who will it be about tomorrow? If you go into Pk area’s you must expect to loose items or Rostos or learn to diss and tele. El has made life easier for Chars under 60’s A/D to train now. But you still can loose Items so if you don’t learn the above then maybe instead of trainer as a Pker maybe Alchemy would be a better profession. Handy
  20. A New Day

    I dont Know if this has been mentioned before But what about a double your EMU day It would be good for mining and makin some pots and other stuff what do you think?
  21. JJBOY is a SCAMMER

    Hi guys my ingame name is Handyman got to change the Deano thing lol. I have had a good talk with jjboy told him a few home truths and shown him the era of his ways. He says he doesn't want a bad name and wants to be a good player. I have told him only he can change . But it will be a long time before people trust him again.. So watch this space even as we speak he is healing people on IP
  22. Pkerguy scammed me too.

    I am GM of Thor an if i thought for one moment a member of Thor was Bagjumping or scaming another player then i would treat this very seriously but at the end of the day there is no real proof either way. And i dont think this warents being on the outlaw forum as the person who placed it here says they are not even sure if he did it . These things happen time and time again in this game i have had many a bags taken. but so many times people put the blame on others with out proof. This is entitled "PKerguy scammed me to" then the person who placed the add says they are not fully shore he did it. now where is the sense in that. If you are that botherd by your lost items then i will personaly replace them but these forums are serious places and you clearly should'nt pass blame on someone when your not even shore he did it. We have talked in PM and it Does seem like you are just out to get PKerguy ty Handyman
  23. Guild Rank System

    Nice job Orick I think the #cm for higher guild members is a great idea. And maybe if showing members ranks might be a problem then what about it only being visible to rank 15 and over . Will certainly make my job easier seeing what rank my members are without having to keep typing in guild commands Handyman