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  1. rutuliukas You are missing the point like i said the post or what happened was not about you . We all know you planted the Bombs and this was your Idea, You used this idea and other like it on main. Dht has not got the pk skill to think this up. Its about how he used our friendship and conned me into helping him out just to get to my stuff. As for market and me making GC's. I have made a lot less since I have been dealing with you. A market war is where you raise or lower prices to beat you competitors. Choosing not to sell to your enemy's is just good common sense. Odin does ok and did do before you arrived. Most of his low profit went into prizes for events. Loader mixes for free and guaranty's every thing he makes. Another way of giving back to the server. (refused to mix Dht's speed hax pots from scratch only because the loose of ings would have been to high for me to guaranty a full return) LMAO That was Dht's answer to me when i asked him why he scammed me i though we were friends. He said friends you wouldn't mix my speed hax pots for me I make my real gc in this game by making items and leveling my chars then selling to ncp's (I sold 30 hydro bar to the npc and then 20 to another player only this week) Bigkav at the moment Odin is doing about 100 transactions in 3-4 days and because the server has a small player base the few bots tend to set and keep the player side of market stable Bigkav You are really not very Bright are you (try reading the posts on here) My post in channels was to give the server something to watch not show boating. Also didn't make any difference to the outcome as Dht and beginner had already planned this in advance. One more thing Bigkav you have said in other posts on here about how you don't play this game, either servers anymore so why even post or read the forums of a game you have no interest in? It cant be to share you knowledge with us as you don't even have the brain to actually read these post properly before commenting on them. Most of your comments are just mindless dribble. It just seems to me if these forums are your life. There is a bigger world out there don't waste it as no one respects you or your pointless comments handy
  2. I don't trade with guilds that are banned from using my services <-- handyman : Dont you mean Odin its a Bot message market and pk things: arnt they two of the same . Dont you use market stuff to protect yourself and use for attack? Would you like me to give you loads of ings for some more mines to use against me Lol now he's moaning because i wont trade with him Come on its all part of the fun of being at war with another guild. Its not rocket science just use an alt or get someone to buy/trade for you Handy
  3. I agree with most of the stuff you have said and i dont have a problem with beginer im glad he is here.(he is a hard worker) I dont have a problem with being pked. (I have been the one trying to find changes that will make it easier for us top players to be pked) I dont have a problem with loosing items even NMT its part of the game I have played along side Dht form a long time doing instances together helping each other out. The guild he is in MAD belongs to another freind and ex guildie of mine Segor Dht asked me if i could help him out a fair fight in kf as he put it he wanted to try out different weapons and stuff to see what worked the best with his set up. I didnt go to kf to pk him. I asked him in pm if it was ok if i let the server know so they could watch me and him playing as i put it. During the fight he was hardly even hitting me and i was even harming f/c to give him a hand. then i got the message you have been hit by a bone of death (might be the scyth he was using)and ended up in the underworld I didnt have a problem with that after all that was the point to test all this stuff on me. At that time though i didnt realise it was just some scam he had planned to get my stuff buy killing me with mines on IP I had to remove the ally me and segor had with each others guilds before i could fight with him. A Far as i am concerned we were friends and at his request i helpped him out and he used that to scam me. It dont matter what anyone says I was still scammed and I would suggest even Beginer should be ready for the day Dht turns on him as now he cant be trusted You can make up your own minds I dont really care The main point of this post was to help promote the pk server Beginer he's a new guy and makin a difference over here just after 2 weeks Things like this also gets everyones blood flowing. we just need a few more of you to come and join us. I got plenty more armor to be pked/blown up lmao Handy
  4. The warlords on this server just used to dis and tele. Prohibited was the only person who stuck by what he said, but i guess they did'nt scam their mates so i will give you the honor bit for that. Did'nt realise you were about on main at the begining I guess you must of had a different name back then. I started the main server pushing 2 years into the game didnt know you then either (Die.Ca$H,C,O) were main pking guilds when i started then ^v^,pkg started up so who were you and what guild are you refering to as warlords? ' I always carry at least one rost if not more aswell. and i did have one But you can lol as much as you like at me trusting someone i thought i was helping out. But like i have said easy come easy go. Cant change that' so its vengance time lol. For any of you reading this from the main server it just go's to show even new players can effect what is happening on here also, you dont have to be here long to be effective. Beginer has been here about 2 weeks and is already 60 o/a and running a muck WTG. So get yer a$$e$ over here and do the same. Handy
  5. Dht now has top O/A but really bad set up I could have pked him serveral times during the fight but like i said he cant test out his stuff in the underworld. At the moment he is restoring 6 times to my 1 and i guess he was using pots to get that. As for protection there has not been any call for that on here for a long time. Now of course its a different matter I never used to attack Dht or any of the MAD guild. also like i have said i removed the ally today so i could help Dht out. Now it will be a different matter, so dht will need some protection or will be getting through diss rings. He is one of the so called top players i dont need cooldown to beat. I have now red tagged the MAD guild so some pking will be going on in the server also have agreed to restore my manu and craft services for Prohibited. So he will soon be back up to full strength Me and Prohibited are not ally's but Share the same honor and will work together at times for the greater good. or our greater good lol I just hope the server does'nt have two sides again like it did with the so called alliance and the warlords. It needs more factions or single players to make it a great server. Dht and the MAD guild in my eyes are now the new warlords with no honor and plenty of deception. Which ironically is just what this server needs. Also Beginer/Rutuliuks is a great addition to this server and will really spice things up over here Welcome Long live Pk its time to turn up the heat Handy
  6. I have talked to Dht it was a plan to get my stuff The under world perk didnt even know it was out there will look at it. Thanks I got spare pp's to use if there is ever such a thing lol This is the thing with only playing the pk server you are not even awear of all the updates as we dont get them the same time as you guys. Well back in full tit walking the server will just need to get cgisa to color me a new orange cloak lmao Its pk time Handy
  7. I dont know you and this is not about you it was Dht that asked me to help him out you just helpped him out lol And players dying and players getting good drops is good publiciy for the server. I have learned my lesson the hard way (dont help a mate when they ask) Like i said its Dht that i feel scammed me not you. you were not the one asking for some help Yes PaulB you are right take the perks and take the chance (normaly i would carry 2-3 rosto's on me at all times so the one perk does not effect my items) but Dht knew the only way for it to work would be to get me into kf. lesson learned Handy
  8. Ok i dont want this to turn into a flame thread Dht asked me to help him out so i did as a friend to test his weapons and pots against me. I could have killed him at anytime, but he cant test weapons in the underworld. It was a pre meditated plot just to get my stuff from me PK=Player killer But helping a mate out is not pking You plotted to use my frienship thinking i was helping you out just to get my stuff. I even had to remove the ally we had lol I call that SCAMMING Its the pk server and scamming is legal on here so that is that just mean's you is a bad man and not to be trusted. The mad guild is now the bad guild on this server I'm not crying over spilt picals. I think it is all quiet funny But i was scammed and thats my point Now got to go get some more armour out of my storage Handy
  9. 5 serpent stones auction

  10. 5 serpent stones auction

  11. 5 serpent stones auction

    60k gc
  12. 5 serpent stones auction

    ok 50kgc for the 5 Handy
  13. BINDING auction

    90kgc Handy
  14. BINDING auction

    80kgc Handy
  15. BINDING auction

    ok 70kgc Have also set odin to buy them at this price now if know one else bids you can get your gc before catching me online Handy
  16. After talking to some of you and using your ideas we have come up with this. It would be a good way to test if these new changes would work also it would make the arena's useful as they are not used on the pk server Only in the arena's (1) Pvp exp (This will get players in the arena's also will help with leveling as suggested by mains players also would increase pk on the server as pvp'ers will be venerable) (2) cooldown (COOLDOWN back to tactical Pking, but only in the arena's this should please most players on the server and we get the best of both worlds (3) some rosto free (by making some of the arena's so rosto's don't work this will bring back Old school Pking which some players want. Would suggest making the NC arena one of them will bring excitement to HOS perk)
  17. Binding stone

    No problems I also had more to offer but the thing with auctions is the way you bid and how often I also would have given you the option to manu the stone into i nice item for you. But at your level the gc is also attractive. Handy
  18. Binding stone

    I thought this was an auction if you wanted private bits you should have posted. What happened to the couple of days ?????? If we have auctions i think they should be aheard to. If not what is the point of posting Handy
  19. Binding stone

  20. ok I got a response from Ent "I can't read the whole thread, just make a post on the things everyone agrees on and give me the link." So we will have to decide in game what we all want come to a final decision and i will make a post for ent K Handy Thanks for all your suggestions you have made, all players Pk server and Main server. Now its time to get a proposal together that a high majority of the Pk server will agree on and post a link for Ent Handy
  21. buying some st00f

    I will buy your acc pot book also can make all your rings Forum pm me what rings you actualy want and price for the acc book Handy
  22. Token system I don’t know if it has been mentioned in other posts or am I just off my rocker or not J I have got this idea from playing other games Scrap the shop as we know it and go over to a token system 3 ways of getting tokens 1 in game with game play 2 buy trading in game cold coins (can be done in the tavern replace the platinum coin) This will also be a good gold coin money sink 3 with $$ from Ent (the more you but the bigger discount) 4 Put the shop in the game to spend your tokens at. (50 tokens for 10 rosto, 300 tokens for thermal serp etc) All the above can be tweaked Advantages Ent would not have to go through tonnes of emails each day Ent would not have to keep logging in and trading with players all day Players could get their purchases straight away and not have to wait for Ent Token buying for $$ can be implemented in the programme so $$ purchases can be instant. Disadvantages I guess a loads of reprogramming (I don’t have a clue about programming) Also Daily Chance Each day you get an amulet which gives you a free go on a roulette wheel (you might win 5000 gold coins or 5k sulphur. Or even a pic axe (again can be tweaked) Also make amulets buyable with Token/$$. Players play games not just for what they get from game play but also what the game gives to them. Mafia wars is a free game that earns tonnes of $$ from their token system and Evony is a free game that has over 50 server with their amulet system Just some idea's Handyman
  23. Thanks Bkc maybe now its time to here from Radu To see what he would be prepared to change and also what ideas he might have Two things i think all of us agree we don't want to loose on the Pk server is the no cooldown on fruit and veg also legal multi-play Also It was suggested that maybe just in certain area's like pk arena's or certain maps. This would make leveling A/D faster but would also leave the player more vulnerable to being Pked Handy
  24. We have our own unofficial blog page at the moment that segor set up for us but good idea's thanks Elf_Ninja will have to look into those promoting idea's Would be much easier if we had our own Loggin screen to save having to change the exe file Also if we could convince Ent to make the first char free and then pay for alts it would give new players immediate access to the game and not have to wait for Ent to process the request Thanks again Handy
  25. This might get someone to attack you but its imposible to pk anyone if you have reached the 100 A/D cap I have come up with different ideas and so have other people but the cooldown idea came from mains players and they are right with no cooldown on pots and rings Pk is useless. I tested something the other day Gave a mate the EL link and told him to make an account on the PK server just to see how hard it is First he rang me and said I have done it: He had d/loaded the game and got an account on the main server not the Pk server I told him to go back to the main page and click on the Pk server in the left hand column under game not d/loads. He rang again saying he found the Pk server bit and read the rules and other posts went back to the main page clicked on the shop button to pay for an account only to find it had a Paypal button. I don't have Paypal he said. Then I tried to tell him what he needed to do how to change the exe so he could even access the Pk server. He basically though I was taking the pi$$ and said no wonder the server is empty. This proves it, as it stands now, our only new player base comes from the main server. So either listen to what they say they would want to join or find ways to get new players that have never played EL before. And that gos back to my original suggestion about having our own button along side the mains EL one and promoting both servers together Handy