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  1. Need a little help...

    hey all, i've been playing this game for a little while now, its AWESOME!! but ive got a question...how do i mine for food? i know this is probably in the wrong section but i really need to know thanks! ~Tumie
  2. Need a little help...

    Hey hey, how's it going guys? Glad to see a lot of the old crowd still hanging around! =) so, uh, last time i was on, i was surprised to see a bunch of guys considerably shorter than me running around... weird names, too...something like "cakes" or "brownies" and "pixels" or something... So yeah, besides that...what'd i miss? =P
  3. Identify the Altered Photo

    Contest #1 Can you correctly identify the person in the (horribly done, humor me) altered image below? Winner gets a free fur hat (How's that for incentive? )
  4. Anyone like Green Day?

    O_O That's like asking me if I like girls... That's like asking me if I play Eternal Lands... That's like asking me if I'm actually wearing a green day shirt in my avatar... ( <----- ) I've got all of their albums except for one, and a whole poopload of commercially-endorsed merchandise And yeah, one of the best bands ever (arguably "THE" best, but knowing the sh*tload of n00blets around here, this'd turn into a flamewar in mere seconds) So...yeah, they rock
  5. Tired of oldbies?

    A picture is worth a 1,000 MB chatlog. Then: http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/8444/t10jd.jpg Now: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/8631/t31ee.jpg Also Now: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/1989/t20cy.jpg
  6. Eternal Lands: Eternal

    Sweet mother of Entropy...it's Heretik O_O How's it going?
  7. Lord Of The Rings--el Style

    Back in my hayday...hey hey...day of hey...hey di hi di ho...I had a notebook, which was SUPPOSED to be for school...of course, it ended up becoming my unoffical EL notebook... For quite some time now it has gone missing...I just found it again...wowza but what's in there! -There is no Fork website design/game/cult -Plans for mods (Dark Shadow, EL: Underground (all drow, caves...), QOTA) -3.17 -Trailer ideas -Movie ideas -Story ideas and stories themselves -Doodles (precursors to my avvy) -EL: Dark Shadow scripts, characters, music, and more... -Damn, so that's where my science notes went! -and my personal favorite...a hefty project I began on... Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers... adapted for the EL addict in YOU! Connecting to server... Hi, and welcome to Eternal Lands! If you're new to the game and need help, please read the newbie helper guides on the main website. If you would rather learn by doing, talk to the Tutorial NPC, which is at the start point. In addition to that, you can type #help_me and your question to get a live response if there are helpers online, or for simple questions type /help and your question. GandalF: U shall not pass!!!!!111`poi1yhp BalRogX: ?? Frodo: OMG did n e one see that? Sam: wtf r u talkin about fro? Frodo: 2 guys were just... Frodo: nvm, I'll post on bug reports #Message from Entropy: This is the Two Towers, btw. Frodo: wtf? Sam: how do i eat? =P Frodo: stfu and eat ur bread that elf gave us, ur not a n00b, n00b. Sam: k Sam: mmm tasty =) Welcome to Someplace Familiar! Sam: this looks familiar Frodo: duh...we've been here befor Frodo: this sux Frodo: we need a map There is no map for this place! Frodo: DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! There is no map for this place! There is no map for this place! There is no map for this place! There is no map for this place! There is no map for this place! Resync with server... GoLlUm: gimme free stuff GoLlUm: gimme free stuff GoLlUm: gimme free stuff GoLlUm: gimme free stuff GoLlUm: gimme free stuff GoLlUm: gimme free stuff Frodo: die u n00b You cannot attack players on this map! Frodo: smeg\ GoLlUm: ooouuuuu Sam: omg he's humping me kick him f U r ~ allowed to do that, slave! Frodo: I cant i'm a NH but i think ent's on... GoLlUm: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i sry plz dont Sam: thx frod Frodo: np GoLlUm: ouuuu u have a serp i used to have a serp some guy gave me but i got kild Frodo: lemme guess, it was ur precious? GoLlUm: no it ws a ring...it was part of a quest bt i had to gfive it to sum1 Frodo: o Frodo: and was that ur precious? GoLlUm: shut up i'm not stupid GoLlUm: how do u quit? [PM from Sam: hey, he said he had a ring, maybe that's the one that npc gave us] [PM from Sam: that we were supposed to destroy?] [PM to Sam: seems like it is...] [PM from Sam: don't tell him how to quit...he said he gave it to the guy, maybe he did th quest...] [PM to Sam: ur a genius] Frodo: we'll tell u how to quit if u lead us to the guy u gave ur precious to GoLlUm: u have precious 2????????? GoLlUm: wheee Frodo: ugh, get off of me! yes, but its our precious...u show us to the NPC we tell u how to quit Frodo: deal? GoLlUm: deel. follw me *** Pippen: Merry u afk? Merry: nah, lag Pippen: wtf is up w/learners new bots Pippen: the uruks? Merry: dunno but they drop good gear Merry: so lets follow them Pippen: yay, were so naive Merry: ??? Pippen: oops i mean yessir Uruk7: wait Uruk2: wut? Uruk7 sniffs Uruk2: ?? wasn't me Uruk7: no...sum1 follows us Uruk2: damn, faster u little uruk buckets of smeg! Pippen: holy crap, they talk! Merry: ya...oh crap they must know we're here...lets go Pippen: hang on I gotta drop some stuff... Pippen: ah i have an extra lothlorien leaf, ill dorp that Merry: k lets go *** Aragorn: damn Aragorn: ah, that's a great opening line Aragorn: damn Aragorn: I'm so sexy Aragorn: I'm hotter than orlando bloom Aragorn: Daayyymmmn Legolas: I heard that! Aragorn: smeg...I mean...oh no...learners new bots r leading thos 2 newbs into a pk map Legolas: hang on, wait for gimli Gimli: muthasmeging lag!! harr!!! Legolas: hey gim we gotta go chase uruks now Gimli: harr this be fun Gimli: hang on i'm laggy as hell lemme close something Gimli: k lets rock n roll muthasmegers #Message from Entropy: This is where we have the supercool scene where the camera pans aroudn them. [PM to Entropy: "aroudn"...] [PM from Entropy: stfu] Aragorn: ah that was dramatically sexy Legolas: wtf that wasn't in the notebook?? Aragorn: uh er i meen... Aragorn: Legolas! u modified ur game so u can see further, rite? Legolas: ye...oh damn Aragorn: wat? wat do ur "elf eyes" see? Legolas: they're leading them to Tarsengaard! Aragorn: ...uhh...isn't it Isengard? Legolas: I will kill u. Aragorn: my apologies...isnt' that a PK map wher e the mysterious SaruMom resides? Legolas: ye Legolas: yes* Gimli: harrrrr now wai'm in porman mod Gimli: thiss suzx\ =( Legolas: took u long enuf Legolas: Gim? Gimli has been eaten by a Grue! (He/she lagged out!) Aragorn: lmao *** Warning, you are about to enter a PK map! Welcome to Tarsengaard! SaruMom: hm i feel like being evil Welcome to South Kilaran! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc Tumaros: hey guys! =) ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc 007: hey tum ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc Tumaros: what's going on? o_O ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc 007: n00b -_- just learned how to summon ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc Tumaros: i c. I suppose we should run...monster magnetism hasn't been implimented yet, has it? ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc 007: oh my goodness, you are right. We should most certainly run. ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc ( * ) SaruMom has summoned an orc Tumaros is now 6 ft under! 007 will be pushing up the daisies! Tumaros: oh crap. 007: I don't think we're in EL anymore... Son_of_Theodyn: Pardon me, can you guys direct me to the exit? Tumaros: ... *** #GM from Eomer: Theoden, u here? #GM from WermTung: hey Eomer #GM from Eowyn: hey bro! =) #GM from Eomer: hey sis...I see Theodyn's got his smeging friend on again...wermtung...fitting name #GM from Eowyn: ya, uncle Theo's been kinda sick lately =\ #GM from WermTung: I guess i can tell u now...the guild's mine! #GM from WermTung: *evil laff* #GM from Eomer: why u goddamn little piece of smeg... #GM from WermTung: ho hum. u bore me. *kicked* >=) #GM from Eowyn: NOOOOOOOOOO! #GM from WermTung: hey eo u got a webcam?? ;) #GM from Eowyn: u sick little bastard... *** Aragorn: I'm, to sexy for my cape, to sexy for EL, to s... Legolas: aragorn...in front of you... Aragorn: hm? o look a bag Legolas: wtf out here? Legolas: must be some newbs Aragorn: ya...def...it's a 'lorien leaf. Legolas: the stuff of newbs, fo sho Aragorn: now that i have one of these, i'm even more sexy [PM to Gimli: kill him, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeease!] *** Pippen: dude i think we just found the urukhill Pippen: lookit all these bags! Merry: uh oh...uruks Pippen: wait...their fighting each other? Merry: ya...must be a pk map... Pippen: WHAT?! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN Merry: u and ur bright ideas. Pippen: hey u said to follow them Merry: pip look out Merry: its Merry: an orc Pippen: wait whos that guy Pippen: dressed in white Merry: dunno but he seems 2 have some sort of anti-monster thing... Pippen: MM? Merry: ...o yea... Eomer: ATTACK! Pippen: wtf? Gandalf_the_white: it's war...XrohanX vs. the uruks... Gandalf_the_white: i'll protect j00...follow me n00bbits Merry: Gandalf! u rejoined! =D Gandalf_the_white: WTF ur not supposed to know who i am You see: Gandalf_the_white Gandalf_the_white: oh damn. *** You joined channel 1 [TirasHazor]: NO! YOU CAN NOT PLAY TENNIS ON EL!!!! [Aragorn]: hey guys! =) [Tumaros]: hey ara! [TirasHazor]: hola aragorn [Aerowind]: hey [someguy1]: hi [Eomer]: what's up arag [somegirl2]: hey cutie =] [n00bityn00b]: aragorn wanna play tennis? [TirasHazor]: Sometimes, i wonder why i'm still sane... [Aragorn]: Eomer...me lego an gim have been looking for those 2 noobs [Aragorn]: Merry and pippen...u seen 'em? [TirasHazor]: Topic [Tumaros]: Topic of the town...that's a good restaurant... [Eomer]: i saw them in tarsengaard when we attacked the urukhill... [Aragorn]: attacked? [somegirl2]: aragorn u r sexy [Aragorn]: my loving fans =) [Aerowind]: I'm not ur fan o_O [Aerowind]: hey don't kick me again =( [Eomer]: yea...pretyt brutal battle...just click click click...no one sruvived cept the XrohanX members [i_luv_rohan]: XrohanX r0xx0rz ur s0xx0rs!!! [TirasHazor]: Topic [007]: I heard there was a fork [Tumaros]: WHAT?!?!?!?!! [TirasHazor]: >_< [Aragorn]: damn, hoe u didn't kill them [Aragorn]: *hope [Tumaros]: haha u said hoe [TirasHazor]: i'm not saying it again, tum [Tumaros]: saying what agian? [TirasHazor]: "topic" [Tumaros]: =P ha ha u said it [TirasHazor]: GOD DAMN IT! I QUIT! I QUIT! NO MORE EL! I'M DONE!!! [n00bityn00b]: kin i hav ur stuffs? [Tumaros]: ...haz? [Eomer]: >_< anyway u could check the map, ur pretty high lvl u should survive [Eomer]: u know i think i saw someone go into the forest [Eomer]: u could check there [Aragorn]: hm, thx for the lead [Eomer]: np =) [somegirl2]: bye oh sexiness! [Aragorn]: please, no flash photography [Aerowind]: o_O this is a game... [Aerowind]: STOP KICKIN ME! You left the channel Aragorn poses heroically Gimli: next time we're in kf i will burn u Legolas: c'mon u 2...let's go! *** Welcome to Morcraven Marshlands! Sam: WTF dude, there r rso many puddles on this map Sam: itll take a year to get thru here GoLlUm: feck u wanna give ur precis to th npc or wat Frodo: hes rite [PM from Sam: dude, ur agreenig with a n00b...he is brainwashing u] [PM from Sam: mebbe hes a hacker] [PM to Sam: hey give the newb a chance...we were all noobs once...and he seems to know quite a bit boutr the geography of th game] [PM from Sam: o_O] [PM from Sam: w/e] GoLlUm: k this part is hard to go thru so follow me GoLlUm: an do NOT follw the lites [PM from Sam: ...lites??] [PM from Sam: there r no lites on this map] [PM from Sam: Mr frodo where the hell r u goin] Frodo: pretty water... Frodo: oo look You see a skeleton You see a skeleton You see a skeleton You see: Entropy You see a skeleton You see a skeleton GoLlUm: wiat! Sam: fro get bak here1!11111111111 GoLlUm: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sam: wtf the n00b is killing the skellie Entropy: o_O im not a n00b =D Sam: not u Entropy: ...oh Entropy: update comign soon! Sam: w00tage GoLlUm: uh guyz a lil help here Sam: oh rite Frodo: ahh hes dead Frodo: thx for killign him GoL GoLlUm: np...hang on a sec...dont mov GoLlUm has healed you GoLlUm has healed you GoLlUm has healed you GoLlUm: ther [PM to Sam: wtf mebbe hes not so nooby after al] [PM from Sam: i'm tellin ya hes a hax0r pretending to be a n00b!!! do not gtrrust him!] [PM from Sam: w/e i need to sleep] Sam: g2g Sam: nite guys Frodo: see ya sam GoLlUm: bi Sam: o_O #Message from Moonshadow: Ent's playin strip poker w/Aragorn rite now, so i'll do the scene transition. It is night, and Frodo is looking at his shiny shiny ring =D [PM from Noob1: gimme free stuff] [PM from Noob2: i want sword] [PM from Noob3: how do u eet] [PM from Tumaros: can i play too?] [PM from Noob4: i want shiny shiny] [PM from Noob5: whos aragorn] [PM from Tumaros: ask ent if i can play] [PM from Noob6: whats a moonshadow] [PM from Noob7: u suck] [PM from Noob8: is this a contest?] [PM from Tumaros: pleeeaassseee tell ent aragorn's a friend of mine] [PM from Noob9: how do u PM?] Frodo: so much for privacy o_O GoLlUm: ttthhhhhere isssssss no fffffffffork... Frodo: erm pardon me Frodo: but Frodo: wtf?? GoLlUm: errrrrr i meen my precioussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Frodo: uh...u miss ur ring? GoLlUm: ya GoLlUm: it was shiny =( Frodo: i sry... Frodo: hey gol Frodo: i gotta question GoLlUm: wat Frodo: r u really a n00b? GoLlUm: ... Frodo: #getip Frodo: omg Frodo: its u Frodo: SmEaGoL! GoLlUm: !!!!!!!!!!! [PM from GoLlUm: dude, how did you know it was me? =D] [PM to GoLlUm: ur pathetic attempts at sounding n00by] [PM to GoLlUm: and Tuma told me] [PM from GoLlUm: damn him e_e well dont tell anyone k?] [PM from GoLlUm: everyone thinks I quit, i don't wanna seem like I can't break my EL addiction...] [PM to GoLlUm: erm...k...=\] GoLlUm: wtf u crzy man Frodo: um yes, yes i r crazy. Frodo: waa Frodo: hoo Sam: hey guys...dedided to log back on Frodo: umm...perfect timing sam...look Sam: wtf Sam: what the hell is that? Frodo: its that new creatur Frodo: it looks like...the wraith... GoLlUm: wraith... GoLlUm: wraith on wings! GoLlUm: LMFAO! Frodo: um, not wnting to burst ur bubble but Frodo: were gonna die if it sees us Sam: smeg Sam: RUN #Message from Entropy: OMFG! OUr heros are in danger! =0 [PM to Entropy: "OUr heros"...] [PM from Entropy: STFU! god damn it] *** Welcome to Tarsengaard Aragorn: what the hell kinda name is Tarsengaard Aragorn: 'tis not as sexy a name, as i, a man... Legolas: dude, r u gay? Aragorn: *gasp* u ask ssuch foolish question of the true hero of this adventure Aragorn: not sum stupid half size floaty little crowny things Legolas: dude, thats from fairly oddparents Legolas: i really think ur gay Aragorn: y, u wanna hook up? Legolas: what i would give to have my mod powers back Legolas: if only i hadn't advertized that porno link that guy gave me Aragorn: lmao u suck! Legolas: HE SAID IT WAS FOR HIS smegIN' GUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimli: nnow now chilrdnen Legolas: who u callin children ur like 12 rnt u Gimli: hey legol-ass Gimli: take this Aragorn: wtf?!?! Legolas: um dude ur hitting me for like... Legolas: nothing Aragorn: HE'S NOT EVEN HITTING U OMG LMAO THE DWARF SUX i'm sexy [PM from Merry: r u guys gonna come "rescue" us or wat?] Aragorn: gentlemen! enuf with the fighting, it is not sexy! I am sexy! Aragorn: tres sexie! Aragorn: mucho sexitero! Legolas: ... Aragorn: to the n00bbits! Welcome to Fangorn Forest! Aragorn: k they're somewhere in this not very sexy forest Legolas: hang on Aragorn: what? Legolas: gotta add teh word "sexy" to my filter list o_O Aragorn: u suck non smeg one Aragorn: I'm, too smeg for the filter, too smeg for EL, to smeg for j00 all i'm smeg Legolas: much better =) Gimli: ther somewher in heer rigte? Legolas: thats what Sir Smeged-up-in-the-head sez... Aragorn: hay dont make fun of gimli like that Gimli: >=( Gandalf_the_White: GOD DAMN IT WILL YOU THREE PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW Aragorn: oh Aragorn: rite Aragorn: umm...oh look...a wizard clad in white Legolas: conveniently we cannot see his name Gimli: o my yes tit its truly odd [PM from Tumaros: hehe u said tit] [PM to Tumaros: o_O do i no u?] Aragorn: it most surely must be SaruMom! Legolas: we could try and attak it but it will be to no avail Legolas: he is mor powerful than us all put togethr Gimli: damn Gandalf_the_White: I am not SaruMom as the pathetic voiceover is trying to have you believe Aragorn: u r rite ur voice is becoming older Aragorn: more sexi Legolas: DAMMIT Aragorn <(^_^)> Gandalf_the_White: stfU and bow decibles [PM from Tumaros: "deciples"...] [PM to Tumaros: must u ALWAYS correk people?] [PM from Tumaros: "correk..."] [PM from Tumaros: hay don't kick me =(] Gandalf_the_White: NOW Gandalf_the_White: yes i hav rejoined EL Gandalf_the_White: even tho BalRogX drove me to quit, i got over my hatred for him Gandalf_the_White: like my new outfit? Aragorn: oh yes Aragorn: it is very [PM from Legolas: u say sexy sexi sects-ee or any stupid thing that sounds like sexy and i will hack into ur computer and fill it with male pr0n] [PM to Aragorn: YAY!!!! =D] Aragorn: seeeexxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gandalf_the_White: n e way thos 2 newbsx u were lookign for, Merry and pipen, theyre safe Aragorn: where r they? Gandalf_the_White: they went with ent Legolas: u mean Tr33beard?? Gandalf_the_White: no...Ent... *** Entropy: and that's how to program a simple MMORPG! Merry: fascinating! Pippen: Merry I'm hungry.. *** Aragorn: = sexy ;) =D Gandalf_the_White: but now that ur here we have a problem Gimli: go smegin figgure...wat now>? Gandalf_the_White: u know SaruMoms "spy" wermtung? Aragorn: non-sexy? yes i kno him Legolas: i don't kno u =\ Gandalf_the_White: he taken control of the guild XrohanX Aragorn: I NEW IT Aragorn: first theo duzn't log on Aragorn: then eomer acts all weird Gandalf_the_White: yes Gandalf_the_White: and we haf to stop them before SaruMom owns the second most jpowerful guild in all of EL~! #Message from Tumaros: dun dun dunnnnnnnn... [PM from Entropy: say goodbye to ur powers next update] #Message from Tumaros: sry ent...meant that as a #help_me =P #Message from Tumaros: oh smeg did i just globallmessag that? [PM from Entropy: banned.] *** [PM from Pippen: i dont trust this gy] [PM from Pippen: I meen wat kind of a name is Entropy] Entropy: a damn good one Pippen: wth?? Merry: hes got uber powers!!! Entropy: -_- Entropy: dont worry, i'll keep j00 safe Entropy: Gandalf_the_White paid me $50 USD Entropy: so believe me Entropy: i WILL keep j00 safe *** GoLlUm: omfg GoLlUm: teh black gate of vermor! Lord_Vermor: hell yea smegers! Lord_Vermor: i pwn joo all w/my oddly intimidating spiky black wall!!!!! Lord_Vermor: umm Lord_Vermor: and ph34r my giant EYE too!!! Lord_Vermor: harr being ebil is r0xx0rz! Lord_Vermor: all ur hobbitz r belong to me!! [PM from Frodo: we get the idea...] Lord_Vermor: HARRG! U shall never defeat me or my ring!!!! i sees j00 all!!!!111 Sam: SO! Sam: this is it, n00b? GoLlUm: ey u wantd the way into vermor GoLlUm: her u go Frodo: jeez orcs everlywher Sam: we cant get past that w/out dying =\ GoLlUm: oh smeg Frodo: what? You see Leftover Extras from the Wizard of Oz Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo 007: hoo ha ha 007: whee i made a cameo =D Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Leftover Extra: oo ee oo Sam: look Sam: th gate Sam: is teh opening Frodo: sam carful weve never been here before Frodo: i think i heard there wer traps on this map Sam: ?? OMFG u found a TRAP!!11111u suck ~Entropy Frodo: sam u smegtard Leftover Extra: SENSING...DISTURBANCE... Leftover Extra: TRAP...SPRUNG...INITIATE SEARCH AND DESTROY ANY HOBBIT-SHAPED OBJECTS SEQUENCE... Sam: frodo help me You fell in a hole! Frodo: im gonna kill whoever made this map Sam: smeg im laggin Sam: we gott ahid esomhw Frodo: sit, mebbe the holes deep enuf that they can't see ur name Sam: ya u ca’t seeit Frodo: i'll hide bakc here Sam: dud egetof fme Leftover Extra: SCANNING LOCATION... Leftover Extra: SCANNING LOCATION... [PM to Sam: dont say n e thign] [PM from Sam: k] Leftover Extra: NO HOBBIT SHAPED OBJECTS DETECTED UNDER FAKE CAMO... Leftover Extra: DAMN IT...INITATE RETURN TO LINE OF LEFTOVER EXTRAS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ SEQUENCE... [PM to sam: their leaving] Sam: k there gone Sam: now stop huggin me and get me outta here Frodo: k k stfu already Frodo: there Sam: o no Sam: the gate Sam: its closing Frodo: because of u Frodo: clumsy smegbuckt Frodo: had to go and get urself stuck Frodo: u know i didn't even ask u to come w/me Frodo: i distincly remember sayin "i'm going to vermor alone" Sam: ya watever Sam: lets go Frodo: u suck Frodo: but at least u make an easier targt than me Frodo: so on 3 Frodo: 1 Frodo: 2 GoLlUm: WTF AR U DOIN Frodo: GoLlUm get out of the way o_O GoLlUm: they catch j00 GoLlUm: they catch j00 Frodo: move it, GoLlUm GoLlUm: DN"T TAKE IT 2 HIM GoLlUm: he wants th preshis Lord_Vermor: o_O no i dont GoLlUm: always hs lookin for ti GoLlUm: **it Lord_Vermor: wtf no! GoLlUm: an prcious is wnting to og bakc to him Sam: uhh...wat? GoLlUm: bt we msnt let him hav it Frodo: hey look over there its a shiny ring GoLlUm: ooo shiny Frodo: ah now i can get thru GoLlUm: NOOO GoLlUm: thrs GoLlUm: thers anothr way Sam: ?! GoLlUm: a secrt passge i...found out about GoLlUm: from a friend Sam: u have friends? Sam: who, gillbates? =P Sol: -_- GoLlUm: n e way i can take u Sam: y didt u take us there befor?? GoLlUm: ...u didn't ask Sam: wtf Sam: he's up to sumthin GoLlUm: smeg no im not GoLlUm strokes frodo GoLlUm: i sry...plz...beliv me Frodo: ah hell why not Sam: uh fro o_O ur beliving him Frodo: he's been honest so far Sam: dude! no! Frodo: shut up Frodo: lets go sme...ah...gollum GoLlUm: yay =D Sam: > *** Aragorn: they think my horse's sexxyyyyy... Gimli: y do i always hav to ride w the elf???? Legolas: wth gimli shut up an enjoy the ride Welcome to Corren! Gandalf_the_White: here we are Gimli: about smegin time Gimli: were the hell r we? Gimli: i can't see much behind this goddamn elf Aragorn: did u not just SEE THE NAME? Aragorn: look in ur log Gim: wha...ohhh corren Gim: harr harrharrharharhahr =P Gim: k so now wat????? Gandalf_the_White: guess whos here Legolas: omfg Pyderz is back??!!!!! =D =D Gandalf_the_White: no Gandalf_the_White: damn thatd be gr8 tho Gandalf_the_White: no im talking bout theoden Aragorn: ur kidding Aragorn: theo the somewhat-sexy himself?! Gandalf_the_White: dont get ur hopes up Gandalf_the_White: its not the same theo u know Gandalf_the_White: not since wermtung hax0rd into his account Gandalf_the_White: now he just spews out nonsens Gandalf_the_White: nonsense** Gandalf_the_White: so basically Gandalf_the_White: dont look for his traditional "beer and women" welcome Aragorn: dammit Giml: ahh his women wernt hairy enuf n e wyas Legolas: Gandalf can i push him off my horse? *** Eowyn: ha dum de dum Eowyn: skipping through the fooorrreessst... Eowyn: whee =) #Message from Son_of_Theoden: I would just like to let you all know that, since I have no more than a two minute role in the movie, I have decided to quit EL. Goodbye everyone =( Eowyn: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WemTung: o hey eowyn WermTung: sumthing wrong? Eowyn: r u Eowyn: like Eowyn: blind Eowyn: that guy was our onl hope of winning back xrohanx Eowyn: and now its in the hands of smelly little snakes like u WemTung: so how about that webcam, eh? You have been poisoned by WemTung's words! Eowyn: damn u Eowyn: now i need to go and see aragorn for the first time Eowyn: in his traditionally sexy way #Message from Slayton: Contest! Be the first person to find the fallen flag of XrohanX, win a date with Orlando Bloom! Legolas: finally, some recognition =) #Message from Slayton: Sorry...I meant Viggo Mortensen. Go! Aragorn: in ur FACE, pointy-eared LOSER! Gimli: how cum no one evr mentions me =( Legolas: because u smell and u r short Gimli: well i have me hairy women to go bak 2 ;) Legolas: iccckkkk Aragorn: hey guys look at wat i found! #Message from Slayton: OMFG, Aragorn wins!!!! thanks for playing and be sure to vote for EL on mpogd.com [PM to Slayton: uh dude that ended like a year ago] #Message from Tumaros: pay no attention to Slayton, he's a little behind the times [PM from Entropy: say goodbye to your powers next update] [PM to Entropy: ...is ther even gonna be another update?] #Message from Entropy: We will be updating the servers for a pest...er...i mean...bug change. Plus the introduction of a few new LOTR-specific creatures Please log off and return in 1-2 minutes. Welcome to Eternal Lands! If you're new to the game and need help, please read the newbie helper guides on the main website. If you would rather learn by doing, talk to the Tutorial NPC, which is at the start point. In addition to that, you can type #help_me and your question to get a live response if there are helpers online, or for simple questions type /help and your question. Legolas: now, where were we? Aragorn: hay, whos that sexy little smeg up there? =) Eowyn: omg omg omg omg can i get ur autograph!???!?! Legolas slaps his forehead Legolas: gimme a freakin' break. Gimli: arr don't beat urself up, elf Gimli: u'll get a break someday Gimli: besides, she's not hairy enuf Legolas punches himself for 7 hp. Aragorn: he wtf Aragorn: hey* Aragorn: shes gon =( Gandalf_the_White: k now that i've unignored u guys, get off ur horses and follow me Gimli: smeger!!!! Legolas: hm thats a good idea Legolas: #ingore Aragorn Legolas: smeg =O RohanWarrior: halt RohanWarrior: remove ur weapons guys RohanWarrior: u mite poke sum1s eyes out Legolas: gah, another great idea Gimli: wtf put that thing down Legolas Gandalf_the_White: remov wepons??? y? RohanWarrior: wermtung e.e 'nuff said Gandalf_the_White: o...well...ok Aragorn: there u go...but...i'm stil sexy Gimli: i feel naked Legolas: =P Gimli: **naked men Gimli: harrrrrrr harrrrrrr >_< RohanWarrior: um dude RohanWarrior: ur staff =P Gandalf_the_White: o ur kidding Gandalf_the_White: cmon...its a STICK...what am i gonna do, cast a spell? ;P RohanWarrior: ehh...w/e Welcome to the House of XrohanX! Theoden: XJ@*!)$4714716116666111010a;iwhgaWHIEOIHAbhw836193[7]0020029484apboih*gpo WermTung: .//initatecommand/c69/317/disp:"There is no Fork"/enddisp/send=0.2s// Theoden: There is no Fork Legolas: I'd like to vote for "hacker"... Gandalf_the_White_the_Whitedalf: hey Theo Gimli: wheres the booze =P WermTung: .//emotionstring/emotion="hatred"/targetplayer="Gandalf_the_White"/send=0.1ms Aragorn: o_O that wasnt obvious Theoden: Why should I welcome you: "Gandalf_the_White" ? WermTung: ya...exactly...y the hell r u here? WermTung: cant u see WermTung: u r clearly not welcum here Gandalf_the_White_the: ahh stfu Gandalf_the_White_the: ph34r my staff WermTung: WTF u smegers i told u to take his STAFF DAMN U ALL WermTung: U ALL SUXORZ WermTung: KILZ HIM BE4 HE KILLZ US!!!!! Legolas: die, wermtung You cannot move, you are under attack! Aragorn: hes mine You cannot move, you are under attack! Gimli: u both sux =P You cannot move, you are under attack! Gimli: lmao Gandalf_the_White: Theoden whats up my bro =) Theoden: 011010101120586syntax error///"BAD COMMAND"828gyapwh#2387There%is%no%Fork%pwioheg Gandalf_the_White: time for me to unleash the first ever Gandalf_the_White: EL ANTI-VIRUS PROGRMA!!! Gandalf_the_White: ***program Gimli: kinda ruins the moment =\ WermTung: .//transfercontrol/transto=player/playername="SaruMom"// WermTung: ;P Theoden: lol Theoden: u have no power here wizzy Gandalf_the_White: wizzy Gandalf_the_White: damn Gandalf_the_White: it must be sarumom controlling him now Gandalf_the_White: well then Gandalf_the_White: uber time Theoden: agghhh393805098b7bbww8y3hh9hswh;rejajw;wbihb98hn/33/282822389b0a98317 Eowyn: omfg wats he doing?!?!? Aragorn: wait... Aragorn grabs Eowyn Eowyn: omfg he touched me =D Eowyn: can u sign my forhead? =) =) Legolas cries Gimli: I'm tellin ya shes not hairy enuf [PM from SaruMom: Gandalf_the_White, if u try to remove the hax0ring, theoden gets locked out ] [PM to SaruMom: ya ya watever u suck] Theoden: 01101010101010101XROHANX IS MINE0101010101010101101010110317 Theoden: AAAAAaggghgggohhhhhhh... Eowyn: wtf id u do?? Theoden: o hey guys =) Theoden: dam i haven't been here in a wile...someone hacked into my name i guess Gandalf_the_White: o_O Theoden: waat =P Theoden: hey RohanWarrior, u still got my sword? =) RohanWarrior: ... RohanWarrior: um ya actually RohanWarrior: here...trade RohanWarrior wants to trade with you. Click the trade button and then click on him/her to accept. Theoden: thankee =D Theoden: so um anyone know who hacked in? Gandalf_the_White: ur "loyal servant" wermtung WermTung: um...hehe... Wermtung has been kicked from XrohanX! #GM from Theoden: Well...i'm back =) #GM from I_luv_rohan: WB!!!! =) #GM from LoyalSupporter: hail Theoden #GM from Theoden: so how has Son_of_Theoden been doing running the guild? =) #GM from RohanWarrior: umm...he quit EL a little while ago #GM from Theoden: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Eowyn: South Kilaran was attacked by the ~WiLdMeN~ guild, Theoden ForgottenChild: how do u eat??? Theoden: damn, everythings falling apart =/ Gandalf_the_White: r u kidding?! Gandalf_the_White: these guys ar alied w/SaruMom Gandalf_the_White: who in turn is allied, thru fear, w/Lord_Vermor [PM from Lord_Vermor: ph34r my evil eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] [PM from Lord_Vermor: dam i luv being the big bad guy =D] Gandalf_the_White: i think we should call a battle Gandalf_the_White: hes smart but hes weak wen hes alone Aragorn: and w/the amont of riders u have, they can distract him Aragorn: while i Aragorn: in my sexy way Aragorn: become the hero and kill him myself Aragorn: =) Theoden: their all offline =/ Theoden: ehh, the guild is falling apart as it is Theoden: y risk open war? Aragorn: wake up and smell the mead Aragorn: open war is upon u, weather ud risk it or not Eowyn: damn thats a sexy line =) Eowyn: u should put it in evry trailer and preview =) Theoden: aragorn Theoden: r u the head of XrohanX? Theoden: ...thats wat i thought Gimli burps Gimli: ;D Gandalf_the_White: so wth are we doing then? Theoden: ... Gimli: WTF...NORDCARN? Theoden is smegged up beyond hlp Gimli: ***hepl Gimli: DAMMIT i cant even type i'ma so angryg Aragorn: apparently it s "wats best for xrohanx" Aragorn: it is their stronghold tho Aragorn: helped save them many times Gandalf_the_White: ehh Gandalf_the_White: there arnt many safe places on that map Gandalf_the_White: if they make it into the fort their screwed Gandalf_the_White: i just hope he knows what hes getting into Gandalf_the_White: smeged-up as u are, he's gonna need ur strength, arag Aragorn: =P i know...i've known it all a long...told u i was the real hero...told j00 told j00 Gandalf_the_White: n e way i have 2 go Gandalf_the_White: gotta go visit my family for xmas =P Gandalf_the_White: which sux =( Gandalf_the_White: i should be back in abot 5 days...i'll get on as early as i can...if ur stil fighting maybe i can get a few friends together to help =) Aragorn: sweet =) have fun Aragorn: cya Gandalf_the_White: l8r Eowyn: hey sexy =) Aragorn: yessss? Eowyn: wanna spar? Aragorn: pfft k i'll be sure to go naked so i don't hurt u Eowyn: as much as i would like that Eowyn: dont Aragorn: ...ooookay o_O Aragorn: go ahed Aragorn: WTH????!!?! You failed to flee! You failed to flee! OMG aragorn fled (chase after him, the dirty bastard!) Aragorn: wow Aragorn: ur...good! Aragorn: u almost pwnd me! Eowyn: almost? Aragorn: w/e e.e there leaving for nordcarn Aragorn: lets go #Help request from rebootedrock: hey guys! =) #Help request from rebootedrock: where's everyone going? #Help request from TirasHazor: members of XrohanX are goin to nordcarn #Help request from TirasHazor: apparently theres gonna be a battle #Help request from rebootedrock: smeg i'm in xrohanx #Help request from n00bityn00b: how do u play tennis? #Help request from rebootedrock: whers nordcarn? #Help request from TirasHazor: god i hate him -_- #Help request from rebootedrock: ?? wtf did i do? #Help request from TirasHazor: not u #Help request from Learner: >_< #Help request from Learner: stop abusing #help_me! #Help request from rebootedrock: sry...but how do u get to nordcarn? #Help request from Learner: y dont u just follow xrohanx out of corren?? #Help request from rebootedrock: o...ya #Help request from rebootedrock: ... #Help request from Learner: what now? #Help request from rebootedrock: wheres corren? *** SaruMom: so they're leaving for nordcarn? WermTung: ya WermTung: wait...it gets beter WermTung: to get there, they have to pass thru South Kilaran WermTung: SaruMom: hmm >=) ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! ( * ) SaruMom has summoned a Chimerian Wolf rider! SaruMom: ride to south kilaran! *** GoLlUm: can u fish on tihs game? Sam: NO u smeged up n00b-ass smeger head!!!!!! Frodo: y do u do that? Sam: ?? Frodo: ur always callin him names Frodo: y? Sam: i call 'em as i see em Sam: and wen i see him i almost cry at how n00by he is Sam: i've said it be4 and i'll say it agin Sam: hes a h4x0r Frodo: STFU ok?? god ur so stupid Sam: O_O Frodo: ...wtf...i didnt type that Sam: hum de dum *cough*hacker*cough* SmEaGoL: they both logged off for the night... GoLlUm: finally GoLlUm: gah i want that ring SmEaGoL: when i gave to the npc he gave me stuff i dreamed of having... SmEaGoL: and then...poof. SmEaGoL: hacker stole it all SmEaGoL: thats when i turned to my life of hacking. GoLlUm: a new side in u bgan to develp GoLlUm: or shold i say, a "newb" side GoLlUm: ur little facade SmEaGoL: but...i don't need to hax0r frodo or sam GoLlUm: wtf hell yea GoLlUm: they'll cheat u, hurt u, lie...scam u till u bleed. GoLlUm: just like everyone else SmEaGoL: but...frodos so cool...he wouldn't scam me =) GoLlUm: pfft GoLlUm: u dnt have n e friends GoLlUm: no one likes j00 >=( SmEaGoL: #ignor GoLlUm -_- GoLlUm: u r a liar GoLlUm: and a thief SmEaGoL: =) nope GoLlUm: N00b-killer SmEaGoL: ='( go 'way GoLlUm: WTF SMEG NO!!!! LMAO!!!! SmEaGoL: no, rly...i h8 j00 =/ GoLlUm: were would u be w/out me??? *hacker*hacker* GoLlUm: i saved us. it was me GoLlUm: we got our stuff back, and more...becuz of MEEE SmEaGoL: u no wat SmEaGoL: now that i hav frodo SmEaGoL: i dont need to do any more hacking SmEaGoL: i dont...need u SmEaGoL: any more =) GoLlUm: ...wth?? SmEaGoL: leave now SmEaGoL: and never come back =) GoLlUm: hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SmEaGoL: leave now and never come back =D GoLlUm: grrr You cannot attack other players on this map! SmEaGoL: LEAVE NOW U LITTLE smegERHEAD...AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!! SmEaGoL: .. SmEaGoL: omg SmEaGoL: he logged off =D SmEaGoL: I"M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roja: O_O skitzo-freeeeeeaaaaaaak! #Message from Tumaros: Coming up next is my favorite scene...often reenacted by me and my friends for its sheer...hilarity =D #Message from Tumaros: so w/out further ado allow me to present to j00 all..."Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit"...or as some of us call it..."The Po-ta-toes Scene!!" [PM from Entropy: wats ur address] [PM to Entropy: IP or IRL?] [PM from Entropy: ur home address] [PM to Entropy: umm...may i ask y u want it?] [PM from Entropy: so I can kill you] Once again leaving off with Ent...threatening me...as usual This time I went a bit more in-depth, writing it as I watched the movie side-by-side...still only...what...1/2 way thru? The rest is a lot of fighting, tho, so more like...60-70% done =) Oh and be sure to check out the post for Fellowship of the Ring, which should be appearing soon...'specially if ur a fan of this! =D
  8. I don't care what you say, this is the best thing you're gonna read all week. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [EL Edition, 12.26.04]
  9. The Ocean Strider's Voyage

    A hooded figure made his way towards the docks, his ragged, torn cloak serving as his only disguise at the fog-layered shipyard. After a few quick inspections of the area, mentally preparing himself for the bold maneuver that stood before him, the elf drew out his bow, notching an arrow with the deepest regret. With one last look at the steadfast dwarvish sentry before the grand ship. "Too long..." he muttered to himself, bending forward in the bush where he hid. "Too long have I been trapped here, all because of those damned dwarves and their gambling...every time I come near here, they always throw me back on that frozen wasteland of an island..." He steadied the now-tense bow on his knee, cocking his head to the side for a better view of the dwarf. "...But not this time." He released the arrow and watched as it flew, unnervingly slowly it seemed, directly at the side of the guard's head. Within a few moments, the missle found its target, and the dwarf fell to the ground, impaled, and dead. The caped elf wasted no time as he darted from the bush, bounding over the dwarf and scurrying aboard the pride of the captain's fleet loomed before him, the water below shimmering in the last of the light. Before long, he managed to find a half-filled storage compartment, and, with a great sigh, he flew in, closing and locking the door behind him. After finding a seat on an overturned barrel that reeked of rotting fish, the elf finally lowered his hood, and stared into the darkness in silence. After these many years of torture and depression, he found himself consumed by eagerness... Tumaros Treesoar was coming home. [~ My roleplay-esque way of saying, "Hell yes, count me in ]
  10. Eternal Toon

    Ah...been a long time since I saw these... Classic Now make another, slayve (heh, slayve, slave + slayton...)
  11. Whats the hardest you have hit a monster/player

    2 with fists on a tree, but then I died...
  12. what the hell is pleteretherhter?

    I thought it was the sound of someone bashing their keyboard, making a bunch of random keys appear to test out the AFK message... ...oh.
  13. Monster Magnetist Strike

    MM not working 100% of the time? Okay...hold up... I'm not normally one to complain (hah) but...er...without MM, I've lost almost all of my will to explore...which means less surprises and glory of discovering new things...which comes up to about 75% of the reason I play (the other 25% being roleplaying, chatting, and...um...socializing) ... In other words...what the hell?
  14. Whats your favorite map?

    Treesoar Village.
  15. Pwnage

    Why...why did it have to be so @!$#@% hard to get here... >_< AAAHAHAHAHA eat that LOSERS!!!! http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/5287/untitled10zg.jpg booyeah
  16. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Did anyone else happen to catch Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" video on VH1 just barely? Talk about deep...and anti-war...'course, it is Green Day...but wow... And secondly, once you do see the video...for people who know the whole album's story... Are they making a movie? And if so...is that Jesus of Suburbia and Whatshername? If you're totally confused, don't bother posting, please...thanks
  17. Start of the EL Green Party

    Blame the ants! They shall be our Downfall! As the local representative, mayor, merchant, artisan, inkeeper, resident, and Village Idiot of Treesoar Village, I offer the following statement: "It's not my fault. Now buy a mug o' ale, yeh stinkin' dwarf, or get out."
  18. Everyone, please PREPARE for update

    ...wow, hell did freeze over... j/k Anyway, hope I can manage to stay up late tonight...5 hour download ahead. Sweet.
  19. Update Coming!

    *gets out his English -> American-Hick English translation book* ...eh? Anyway I probably won't make it if its that early, unless i can kill some certain people between tonight and 3:30 tomorrow...
  20. Mother Nature's Revenge

    Well, in case you haven't noticed my signature yet... #Message from God: Our newest member is Ant_317 ! Mother Nature: ...That's it... Anyway after showing it to Learner... Call it coincidence, I call it revenge
  21. Update Info

  22. Expedition to Irilion

    Hey... Jormane [close friend of mine IRL] and I were talking on the phone a few minutes ago, and we were really interested in turning this into a full-out roleplay in the RP forums...but to make it easier and leave more room for creativity, perhaps the boat could blow off course. or something like that..nothing against this expedition to Ir...Il...um, the other place...but that way we dont have to rely on the actual in-game environment, and, again, be more creative... [...copying to roleplay tomorrow morning ] ~Tumie
  23. MTV VMAs

    I am a happy Green Day Fan MTV's Video Music awards... Best Rock Video AND Viewer's Choice AND Teh Almighty Video of the Year = Green Day Besides that, that was a pretty stunning VMA, comments? thoughts? anti-rap flames?
  24. It doesn't have to be an event to RP ;)

    Psst...Treesoar Village...
  25. The Gnome Bawwel Theme

    I actually did this a little while ago and finally found a decent site to host it... And before I show you this, I would like to dedicate it to Tanyia, for her (unkowing) inspiration... ...and to the Gnome in each of us :axeman_rune: [except me, i'm an elf ] Oh, and this picture had a lot to do with it : And now, without further ado... Allow me to present... The Gnome Bawwel Theme! http://home.ripway.com/2005-8/391953/Gnome...meREALLYLOW.wav (^ Right-click, "Save Target As...", etc.) And for those who cant understand my digitally-altered-and-slightly-lowered voice... The Gnome Bawwel Theme By Tumaros Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale A tale of the Gnome Bawwel It's like a home only for a gnome And it seems to fit quite well The gnomes are a peaceful dwarvish race Great craftsmen and tailors Four tiny gnomes set out one day For a three hour tour... (A three hour tour...) The weather started getting rough The tiny gnomes were tossed If not for the courage of a fearless dwarf The midgets would be lost... (The midgets would be lost!) The gnomes had found refuge in this Abandoned brandy keg... With Tanyia And Hazor too The garden gnome, and the swine... And Moonshadow (FRUKAS!) Now watch the gnomes inside their homes HERE IN THE GNOME BAWWEL!