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  1. very old players

    9 years for me...I've seen most all of you posting in game.. I am usually quietly hiding in the shadows... here's to another <insert age here> years to everyone ..
  2. Speeding up map load

    Very nice.. map ,loading was not 'slow' before but noticeably faster now ... ty
  3. Trying to run latest cvs.. I compile without problem..but segfault while loading game.. here are my compile options..and backtrace... if anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.. I did update to latest cal3d a little bit ago.. running 64 bit Mepis Linux -DLINUX -DELC -DAFK_FIX -DALPHA_ACTORS -DATI_9200_FIX -DAUTO_UPDATE -DCLICKABLE_CONTINENT_MAP -DCOUNTERS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DCXX_MISC -DEYE_CANDY -DFONTS_FIX -DFUZZY_PATHS -DIDLE_FIX -DMASKING -DNEW_ACTOR_ANIMATION -DNEW_ACTOR_SCALE -DNEW_ALPHA -DNEW_FILE_IO -DNEW_LIGHTING -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNOTEPAD -DOGG_VORBIS -DOPTIONS_I18N -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSFX -DSIMPLE_LOD -DSKY_FPV_CURSOR -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SEND_VIDEO_INFO -DZLIB -DZLIBW Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [switching to Thread 46912564559424 (LWP 4828)] 0x0000000004a890c8 in ?? () (gdb) bt #0 0x0000000004a890c8 in ?? () #1 0x00002aaaaba31e64 in CalLoader::loadCoreSkeleton () from /usr/lib/libcal3d.so.11 #2 0x0000000000585a9c in CalCoreModel_ELLoadCoreSkeleton (self=0x4a89050, strFilename=0xb25fb8 "./skeletons/medium.csf") at io/elfilewrapper.cpp:256 #3 0x0000000000418079 in parse_actor_nodes (act=0xb25de0, cfg=0x480ec80, defaults=0x0) at actor_scripts.c:2517 #4 0x0000000000418b7a in parse_actor_script (cfg=0x480ec80) at actor_scripts.c:2701 #5 0x0000000000418c5c in parse_actor_defs (node=0x47fe720) at actor_scripts.c:2729 #6 0x0000000000418c97 in parse_actor_defs (node=0x47b6ce0) at actor_scripts.c:2735 #7 0x0000000000418dbf in read_actor_defs (dir=0x590be5 "actor_defs", index=0x590bd6 "actor_defs.xml") at actor_scripts.c:2765 #8 0x0000000000418e03 in init_actor_defs () at actor_scripts.c:2784 #9 0x0000000000468ecd in init_stuff () at init.c:763 #10 0x000000000047d495 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fffffb224e8) at main.c:288 Thank you very much.
  4. new CAL ok so far but...

    works great! Thank you very much \o/
  5. new CAL ok so far but...

    got new cal3d compiled and installed.. and got past all the errors mentioned above relating to it.. now I am getting the following.. as of 3 am PST 9/13/07 exceptions/extendedexception.cpp: In constructor 'extended_exception::extended_exception(const char*, ...)': exceptions/extendedexception.cpp:20: error: 'va_start' was not declared in this scope exceptions/extendedexception.cpp:22: error: 'va_end' was not declared in this scope using : -DLINUX -DELC -DAFK_FIX -DALPHA_ACTORS -DATI_9200_FIX -DAUTO_UPDATE -DCLICKABLE_CONTINENT_MAP -DCOUNTERS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DEYE_CANDY -DFONTS_FIX -DFUZZY_PATHS -DIDLE_FIX -DMASKING -DNEW_ACTOR_ANIMATION -DNEW_ACTOR_SCALE -DNEW_ALPHA -DNEW_FILE_IO -DNEW_LIGHTING -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNOTEPAD -DOGG_VORBIS -DOPTIONS_I18N -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSFX -DSIMPLE_LOD -DSKY_FPV_CURSOR -DUSE_INLINE -DXX86_64 -DZLIB -DZLIBW -DCXX_MISC -DUSE_SEND_VIDEO_INFO any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you.
  6. Cant read certain forums

    I have the same problem once in a while..it is always on a thread that is at least 2 pages long, usually longer..I just use the 'lo-fi version' option in order to access the last page of those threads.. I havent been able to find anything in common with the threads that cause me problems.. other than they are all multiple pages..but for now the lo-fi option works fine..
  7. Server down or my internet?

    There seems to be some kind of problem... I can access any other part of the web without problem.. and have tried 2 different computers..regular server and test server.. dsl and dialup .. nothing works at the moment.. so somewhere out there , there is a glitch in the matrix Neo..... usually it doesnt last too long....so maybe catch up on forum postings..or sort through your old screenshots..or try to recite all the NPCs in game in alphabetical order.... *crosses fingers for short game interruption*
  8. doh! sorry about that .. my brain is on summer vacation...
  9. I noticed that I could no longer see cloaks after using the new actor_defs files ... I only checked human_male.xml since.. I am.. but : <snip> <cape> <mesh>./meshes/cape1_medium.cmf</mesh> </cape> <cape group="cape2"> <mesh>./meshes/cape2_medium.cmf</mesh> </cape> should have an extra 'm' on each 'medium' cloaks are now visible again for me.. when I have a spare minute I will check the other files.. thanks for the great work..now if I could only get some quieter leather boots....
  10. error for me as of 8-7-07 22:00 PST

    yes all are working fine now... Thank you for your patience..
  11. error for me as of 8-7-07 22:00 PST

    Hmmmm, I'm not sure about this, but you could try puttiing #include <SDL> before the include for SDL_active. I've noticed a few people have had other issues with parts of SDL being declared without the base. That worked.. don't know why I had to do the extra include.. I also had to do that in sky.c and then had to include stdlib.h in weather,c .. down to one error for now.. io/zipfilesystem.cpp: In member function 'int zip_file_system::get_uint32_from_pos(Uint8*&) const': io/zipfilesystem.cpp:119: error: 'SDL_SwapLE32' was not declared in this scope io/zipfilesystem.cpp: In member function 'int zip_file_system::get_uint16_from_pos(Uint8*&) const': io/zipfilesystem.cpp:129: error: 'SDL_SwapLE16' was not declared in this scope make: *** [io/zipfilesystem.o] Error 1 but... not using NEW_FILE_IO cleared that up and everything compiled.. I will try to sort through that after some sleep.. Thank you very much
  12. I am running Mepis x86_64 linux... compiling latest cvs (as of 8/7/07 22:00PST).. ran into 2 problems.. first was : elwindows.c: In function 'hide_window': elwindows.c:1171: error: 'items_win' undeclared (first use in this function) elwindows.c:1171: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once elwindows.c:1171: error: for each function it appears in.) make: *** [elwindows.o] Error 1 I noticed an 'original' elwindows.c so I tried that.. 1st problem solved (I haven't looked for the difference in files yet) now I get : In file included from shadows.c:5: /usr/include/SDL/SDL_active.h:51: error: syntax error before 'SDL_GetAppState' /usr/include/SDL/SDL_active.h:51: warning: type defaults to 'int' in declaration of 'SDL_GetAppState' /usr/include/SDL/SDL_active.h:51: warning: data definition has no type or storage class make: *** [shadows.o] Error 1 I haven't made any changes to system files (i.e. SDL).. and this is the first time I have run into this error.. any advice would be welcome... Thank you very much.
  13. God Mode'd Mortos should not PK anymore

    .<-you_______________________________________________________________ the point->. perhaps... mostly I was trying to be polite ...... whining pkers remind me of drunks who proclaim themselves king of the world..till they pass out somewhere.. I did not comment on Aces behavior because its not my place to do so.. it is after all ..your decision in the end.. what I was trying to express is my wonder at the swiftness and venomnous of the postings here.. pk points did not even exist until a short while ago..and I failed to see the huge importance of people dying to mortos.. ..if that is of such importance to people that they would act so.. then I can only feel sorry for them....I enjoy this game...very much...but would I lose sleep over the fact that mortos killed me and I lost points?..perhaps they could look at it as being pk'ed by the ultimate pk'er....
  14. God Mode'd Mortos should not PK anymore

    I thought a while about posting...I rarely do.. but after reading this thread I am struck by a few things.. isnt the whole point of invasions to have fun?.. to challenge the invaders and test yourself?..to take a risk?...I won't go into whether Acelon got caught up in the heat of the moment or not.. but I don't understand why people are upset over dying...any top level pker or fighter will probably have many rostos..if not.. I would have given the people complaining one..just to stop this unneedfully lengthy thread..if u have no risk or fear of dying..if you are that skilled then why take part in invasions..?.. go find a yeti spawn or something...or slap each other around a bit.. I guess what I am missing is.. 'what is the big deal?' it was an invasion.. you died..get over it....I have met some pkers and fighters that I respect.. some that are friends..and some that think they are an elite group that can do whatever they like..much as with every 'group' of players here...I guess as trite as it sounds... 'can't we all just get along?' .. how about considering this an error in communications..a learning experience..I come to this world to relax..have fun..and avoid drama....there is plenty of that in the real world...
  15. question about floating xp pts

    compiling latest cvs (as of ~ 11:30 pm PST 6/29) took care of it .. I also noticed that zoom range is back to where it was before I got the floating xp change.. so perhaps they were related.. in any case... ty all for the quick replys and for all the work updating and enhancing EL.