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  1. Chain Armors

    this was discussed a while ago before ranging was even implemented iirc, for a while chain armors had missile protection. (I think it ended up being lumped in with armor but I'm not sure). This (very old) thread is what i was thinking of, it has a lot of info about what kind of armor should protect against what.
  2. pk action on the pk server

    actually had some action on the pk server today, i had fun fighting u guys if anyone else has any SS please post em!
  3. make it like it was in PK server beta, everywhere PK (with IP/UW as the only exceptions). Edit: explanation: I was reading over the thread in which Radu originally unveiled the concept of a PK server, and this seems to fit closer with his original vision of what the server would be (and also what got people excited about it in the beginning).
  4. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    It seems that the main concern is about abuse is copying the same character a lot of times. I had originally suggested that once a character is copied, that character may not be copied again for a set amount of time (2-3 months or so), I don't know how much work would be involved in that though. If this were the case, as long as the character copy was paid for each time, the character was under the skill cap, etc.. I don't really see an issue. the option of making it a character move rather than a copy seems rather pointless to me. I doubt that would bring in enough new players to make it worth while.
  5. PK arenas change

    This gets my vote, I personally don't think that changing arenas again will end up making a difference. Time better spent on other things.
  6. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Requiem = Yes *I won't personally be using this as I don't really have any main server characters.
  7. Another idea to add people

    Handy makes a very good point. There's not much point in being the best at what you do, when your competition is five other players. As far as copying the same character multiple times, I do not see to much of a problem, they are paying for each copy. Perhaps limiting copies by time, IE: you must wait one month (for example) after copying a character, before you are allowed to copy it again.
  8. Another idea to add people

    I was just thinking of something along those lines the other day. It could very possibly increase the PK server population, however it also has the potential to backfire badly. Either way it would entirely change the way the PK server operates, making it more of a child entity to the main server, and less of a server in its own right. Granted, that might not be a bad thing. I'm on the fence with this one.
  9. Auction for Cutty

  10. I Was asked to make this post

    Welcome back handy! I personally think that the current rate of rare stones/essences is okay as it is, the only problem is that some people have a slight tendency towards hoarding some of these items. Though not in any great quantities, over a small population it still makes a difference.
  11. The PK clash of the year

    I should be able to be there. Also a bit more specifics on what's allowed and what's not would be great!
  12. Attribute Removal Stones

    No, it seemingly only supports people who bought high level chars, and I don't think they need any extra support. Imo we currently get enough stones on the server to support the occasional "uh oh I spent a PP in the wrong spot". Otherwise there's reset Of course I was never a large fan of the stones even on main, but that's just me. P.S. Kit come back!
  13. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    Fighting is fairly easy to understand, and still would be with this implemented. you still point-click-kick. It would make it more complex to 'master' though, which I don't think is necessarily bad. Whether or not the books idea is really pertinent to the topic and would actually serve to even the playing field, I'm not sure, but I still like it.
  14. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    It seems in the end most imbalance issues come back to GC buying/selling.
  15. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    Easy................ just cap how many books can be read. If thats is joined to Radu's modifier idea you could have the following (at a very basic level) Combat Mastery: Each player can only read one of the following and Reading the book would half the negative modifier for PvP and maybe give a plus modifier of say 5% for PvE Book of Great swords (would not include bronze swords,this will always recieve the full negative modifier for PvP) Book of Armour mastery Book of Elemental Sword mastery ( therm/ice/fire serp/s2e etc ) Book of Magic Swords ( Jsoc/Osmn etc) Book of Specials ( Som, Bod, Dragonblade etc ). Now if the system wanted to be Deeper, reading the book could open up other books to read along the chosen path ie: Armour Mastery Path Pre-Req : Reading Book of Armour mastery Book of Red Dragon Armour Book of Ice Dragon Armour Book of Steel Plate Book of Shields (non magical types) Book of life drain shield Book of Tit plate of Freezing Book of Uber def greaves etc etc etc Players would also be capped on how many books within a certain path they could read (eg can only read 2 books) Imo Mastery Paths + Radu's proposed idea + maybe new Mastery path perks would help do away with the standard cookie cutter PK builds and items and make each players set up more varied actually, I really like this idea! EDIT: additional paths to give utility to less-used weapons would be really nice. EDIT2: The 'Paths' also have the potential to be used for more skills than just combat.