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  1. It's great that you now can use the windows on top feature to mix and chat in console mode, but what irks me is that the windows are also on top if I look at the map, so I can't click anywhere without moving (or removing) open windows. While map-walking you can't mix anyway, so is there any benefit to having the windows on top when looking at the map? If noone comes up with a good reason I'd suggest to change the "windows on top" behaviour to not work while looking at the map Cheers, maj
  2. When I started to play EL ...

    Hi, the intention of this thread is to list one or more things that come to your mind which changed since you started to play EL; things that you couldn't imagine living without, or things that changed the gameplay considerably (e.g. ability to eat toadstools, introduction of CoL, ..). We don't aim for a comprehensive list, just add things that will cause newer players to shake their head - the more drastic and revolutionary, the better When I started to play EL ... - SRs were not stackable (so one training session was limited to ~30 SRs, or mixing on spawn) - Iron plate armor was top notch gear - Monster Magnetism cloak was the most expensive cloak available - Titanium ore was the highest level harvestable That was about 1 1/2 years ago, and SO many things changed since then. I am curious what you will list, especially of things that happened before my time Cheers, maj
  3. If you log out (exit the game), the counters get reset - if the client is not closed (grue) the counters do not get reset. From a player's perspective this is still the same session, I absolutely agree baneazaghal on that point. Edit: too slow, baneazaghal was faster I'd suggest going for the easiest solution (keep KISS in mind) - keep counters unless client exits or "reset counter" button is pressed. This will be the easiest thing to implement AND understand
  4. Counters for session lost during crash

    It would also be cool (at least under some OSes) to have signal handlers in the client to use the "regular" exit_now switch instead of just terminating and losing all config changes and counters.
  5. On a sidenote of this topic: it would be consistent if a session reset with the "reset" button on the session tab would also reset the counters for "This session" on the counters tab. A manual session reset should have the same effect like a "forced" one, IMO.
  6. Voted yes!, and since we're at it - how about implementing signal handlers so that the client exits via the regular exit_now if it receives a TERM or QUIT? This would take care of saving my counters when I need to bail out of the game fast
  7. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    With all that WFT-ing I rather think that you are taking things to heart which were not meant to be offensive in any way. I was polite after you replied completely off-topic, I didn't say a word when you corrected me because I misinterpreted something that I think was worded very misleading (and not important enough to be corrected), and even after all that WTFing I'd still rather hear some constructive criticism than that sarcastic "love you" farewell note from you. But if that's the level at which you want to contribute, you better refrain from turning this into a personal vendetta. Your "against" vote will be considered, I'm sure.
  8. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    I am getting the feeling this is going in circles. Well, after three years of playing you now found out about alt-w, and in a couple of days you were able to get used to it. Joe Average will never find out about alt-w, and trying to tell him about this workaround (and that's what it is, in regards to using alt-w while on the map) is just not the solution. It still isn't a big problem, it never was, but it's a user interface thing, and you shouldn't see that from your point of view as a developer. If you want a nice, easy, intuitive and consistent user interface, you got to jump through hoops sometimes. And wasn't it you who was promoting consistency in the first place?
  9. Current CVS errors

    Does also happen on march=pentium4, default cvs make.conf options enabled.
  10. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    I agree it's not a big problem (it never was), but: And 95% of the time the spot you want to click on the map is covered when having storage, inventory and mix window open, therefore it renders the map pretty useless in that configuration. This is more a question of principles if double alt-d works; I am pretty sure that only a minority of EL users know about that shortcut, but it will lessen the effort for those who know considerably.
  11. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    Actually, the functionality has been there all along. It's ALT+W to turn on and off. Very simple, which is why I didn't code the extra (see below). IMO those are quite different things: 1) Alt-W: toggle windows on top setting on/off 2) Alt-D: (hide)/close all open windows - one-shot, no toggling, not reversible When having the map window open, pressing either of those two happens to have the same effect (windows vanishing from the map). In every other case, they obviously have a very different meaning. The culprit is that you still have to know (and press) either of those key combinations when looking at the map, which is probably not what the user expects. Regardless of that it would be cool if windows which were closed with Alt-D would appear again if you press Alt-D again
  12. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    Actually it's not ctrl-D, it's ALT-D to make windows vanish. And with a second ALT-D windows should appear again, using another key combination would be a waste of valuable shortcuts
  13. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    You are right, mixing the functionality is a bit inconsistent, but I don't think it would hurt too much in that case - if you put out your map, you lose focus on other things, and can continue once you put it down. I think players would understand that since it's close enough to reality. But nevertheless, I like the double-CTRL-D a lot. And since it would both cure my itch AND be consistent, I am all for it. Might be a tad harder to implement than just adding an if - didn't look into it, but might require storing the windows which were open and their positions ...
  14. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    ... I don't think that misses the point. In fact, it's a direct answer - he gave a use for using windows while looking at the map. There is no benefit you wouldn't have when NOT having the map open at that time, therefore not really reasons why the windows should be on top. It's not a suggestion to add some item/day/monster/skill/whatever - it is related to something which was introduced in the last client update, and I had hoped that the developer who implemented it would spot it here more easily. But this certainly is a question of interpretation, and maybe it is wrong here, but the discussion if or if not is definitely off topic. I'd be much more interested in your opinion to the initial question
  15. When I started to play EL ...

    lmao, I love that!
  16. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    This misses the point, the question was "is there a use for having the other windows on top while having the map open". You are talking about map-walking in general, and map-walking does not require you to have the map open all the time. Open map, select target, close map, that's 3 seconds without the other windows, and you still have the rest of the walk for changing equipment, mixing, chatting etc.
  17. When I started to play EL ...

    lol, that's a classic one too - "640K [RAM] ought to be enough for anybody.". Good that it's also the ability to change one's attitude what constitutes great minds. This is an interesting part of the story, maybe entropy himself can talk about a couple of things which were intended (or implemented) very differently from how they work now?
  18. When I started to play EL ...

    Uhm, well, that's a surprise indeed. Good that the continents moved a bit and the climate is now more friendly on IP.
  19. Specific Bot market channel?

    A bot specific channel would be cool, then I could finally unignore them again. The list currently contains 62 bots (which did advertise on #3), and it's increasing every other week...
  20. External Event Sounds Script

    That just seems wrong to me. Sound effects belong into the client - they are a part of the game after all (and one that has been neglected too long, while we're at it). It would still be possible to make things extendable and configurable, but at least there would be something in the client, for all users, without the need for external utilities.
  21. The Minimap

    The right alt key (Alt-Gr) is used for example on german keyboard layouts to access special characters like '@'. I tried with the CVS version of yesterday, starting from "most zoomed out" it worked, but out of those 4 zoom levels only 2 worked for me - when zooming in further, most of the minimap went black, only leaving a small rectangle where the map was shown (but with the right zoom level). When I moved the minimap, the map below that rectangle moved too - kinda like doing a selection in gimp, then moving the background layer below that selection. I hope this is understandable, if not I'll supply screenshots Pressing any button on the minimap didn't change that, changing maps didn't change it, closing and opening the minimap didn't change anything either. :-/ Would be cool IMO if you could also reserve a color for your map markers - just a colored dot, and when you mouse-over that dot it shows the "label" of the mark you made. Would that be possible? Cheers, maj
  22. The Minimap

    OK, I know this is a bit off-topic and not the input you asked for, but although alt+m might be the "obvious" shortcut for the minimap this is also one of the shortcuts which is taken by most window managers to minimize windows. How about alt+p, or ctrl-m? It doesn't need to be a good mnemonic, people will adapt - and if the minimap is good enough they won't switch it off anyway Cheers, maj
  23. Old Laptop Works, New PC Does Not [SOLVED]

    I set FPS cap to 20, and I think the game runs fine (neither slow nor jerky). Anyway, nice hardware specs, I am jealous. Cheers, maj
  24. EL Bumper Stickers

    "Keep back, I lag" This one is great, if I ever order at zazzle I'll surely include one of those.