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  1. The Recent Invasion

    Yeah I was really happy that I got healed by the great Shamara when I got out of underworld So they did deserve goodies I also had a lot of fun with the invasion, twas truly great! It only made me forget to look at the RL clock and went to bed waaaaaaayyyyy too late but it was worth it!
  2. Methinks there was a reason why I only posted the last part of the lyrics
  3. Kinda sums it up for me ;-)
  4. New bike

  5. New bike

    Yes, I will remind all teh people of your cool bike once more!
  6. New bike

    Aaaawwwww But I bet you have some really terrible full-body piccy of me somewhere still? Yes? No?
  7. New bike

    Hehehe. Go bother Mo about it, I bet she has some horrible picture of me somewhere
  8. New bike

    LOL Hehe I posted a piccy of myself in "Post A Pic Of Ur Self" Of course I gained a 'little' weight since that piccy was taken rofl
  9. New bike

    Yay I shall stalk teh sMooMs Well, I'll try on a weekend or sth Weekdays I work till 19:00 so I'm usually eating dinner @ 20:00
  10. New bike

    OMG he buys a 550 euro bike and stands on teh wheel!1!! Tis really kewl. Maybe I'll see that live sumtime? If I ride past Kardinge at the right time on a nice day?
  11. Troubles in White Stone Tavern

    You're saying this to Cho_yun, but I so ran ahead of everything too And wasn't it *me* who tried to rush everyone? (via #6) Sorry about that, just my impatient little old me again Well, at least I'll be better prepared next time...
  12. Troubles in White Stone Tavern

    Great event I would love to see more of these!!!!!1! Ahhhh real gool ole roleplaying
  13. GM Family Reunion

    Hey, fun! Myself; GM of The Seamstresses' Guild, will be there if it's 7pm on a weekend. Weekdays I'm working at that time.
  14. Hi there, This afternoon I created a new guild for myself and I had only set the name and the tag when I walked out to PL storage and found that some guildtags were already coloured For example; CA$H was light yellow, JusT was red, ^v^ was red, PL was red and maybe others that I just didn't see/notice yet. Is this a bug? Or was there another guild (destroyed)with this tag and/or name recently? (The Seamstresses' Guild, tag: SG) Maybe I got the unwanted tag colours from that previous guild?
  15. new armor

    W00t Looking teh gorgeous
  16. Southpark

    ROFLOL!! I think that would even be censored here
  17. Lord of the flies day

    I voted yes of course :-) It will be an exciting new day I think
  18. Happy Birthday EL

    Yaaaaay \o/ Happy birthday EL Keep up the good work (this means everyone, players/mods/devs *everyone*)
  19. fill me up

    Hummm yes, for storage you can change the quantity into whatever you want so if your emu = 180 you change one of the quantities to 180 and be done untill the day you get more phys or coord... For the NPC's at which you buy... there actually is another topic about that going on
  20. bep - i have had enough ok ?

    Klikspaan = Tattletale
  21. Happy 18th Birthday Scarr

    Happy birthday Scarr WORSE !!!one!!~ He can drive now Are ya gonna get your license Scarr? Please tell me when you do so I can stay safely inside my house untill I see you're online Heeheee and you're allowed to drink beerenburg in bars now to come to think of it Don't drink and drive
  22. Your Desk

    Same here so no way
  23. What is the Internet for?

    Gross! I hate men LMAO
  24. EaterOfSouls

    Uh now who's the outlaw? (confused)