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  1. Rent-A-Ant

    I like the ants it will be great to see them back.It will be great to be able to come back to play.11 more months before I can come back as often as I would like too.waiting for Kindergarten to start..probably be able to donate to the cause in the next couple months.
  2. Missing since pk server transfer.Charactors

    Sorry bkc told me why thier missing off the list.That they have to sign in to be posted back on the list.My son says he thinks I changed dans pass.So if I dont figure it out in a few weeks will have to password recovery.
  3. I have one alt that Im not able to sign on with Danmleczu.I know his pass was the same as my Nomercy alt.I bought Danmleczu about 2 years ago for 300,00 k with main gold on my charactor Calla.Hes also not on the pk top 100 harvester list I know he was higher then Nomercy in Harv.Also Lexi Charactors are all missing on the pk lists.Minkoh.Which was bought the same time as Nickolah and Nomercy.Runifucan was bought 2 days later.Maxi and Roxi are missing also she traded rosto for them.She is stuck in bed for 6 to 8 weeks and does not have a laptop.She has had surgery on her leg which she not allowed to set down.She will make contact as soon as she is able to be able to sit with her leg down.pls help assist usIf it Helps on the pk top 50 pots Minkoh was only 2 to 3 player rankings below Nickolah.Runifucan was on top 50 tailoring.Danmleczu I looked at previous posts in player bought was sept 18 2011.I gave Lexi back Minkoh and Runifucan Dec 26 2012..Thank you Nickolah AKA Calla. .
  4. Player Bought

    Minkoh and Runifucan have been given back to their original owner Lexi.Merry Christmas Lexi.Now you just need real internet.
  5. Player Bought

    Notice Nickolahs house.Nickolah Minkoh runifucan Nomercy Santacluas dodgey Kittin Newest alt today is danmleczu was bought today by Nickolah actually My char on main Calla bought him.Minkoh is Minkoh though my cousin.I do use her to do a wine run occasionally and mix pot if I have a bad day and canned in need.I think danmleczu will be a good alt for Minkoh though.when Bkc gets on he'll be guild tagged.Ok back to getting ready for church.
  6. Hey guys im back

    Welcome Back Handy.
  7. Spam Rules server alot

    Ok Spam will still Rule.I found I was the last player standing.I had the whole game to myself
  8. We are not gone for good

    Ok were back not all comps are set up and going but have a house internet access still have to work on my own computer and reassemble my desk. nickolah
  9. We are not gone for good

    my comps still down with the reformat disks still in storage but wifi dial up wouldnt be able to play very well the vacation rental nice but in the middle of nowhere but has a hot tub and been 70 to 75 degrees outside so enjoying it while it lasts but were all about tired of vacation rentals and cant wait to be ina permenant home.Miss you all.Starting to get bored with recreational time we will all be glad to come back. Nickolah ps tried a few times to oe in and say hi but not much success when on i seen piper though
  10. We are not gone for good

    Well thought ide be back but my comp wont load and formate disks are in storage.My comp worked for one day left it on went up and it was sitting there on load up and never go to the icon page.was so ticked becuase i didnt keep the disks with me thought well its only a couple weeks nothing will hapeen to need a reload.so now there barried in one of 3 storage units. so now theres 5 people to one comp.so I will be back in a couple weeks or might use this comp from time to time.I m toatly upset at my computer. Nickolah
  11. We are not gone for good

    Hey all in a diffrent vacation home has wi fi so we will be here off and on this next two weeks then hopefully our home will be ready for us to move in .But in the middle of nowhere but in a beautiful home.Relaxing place the other house was booked so we ended up in a great place.the only bad part is the well doesnt handle all out showers and laundry other then that we all like it. Ill probably see you all later today.dependin how tired I am. Nickolah
  12. We are not gone for good

    Hey all we got delayed by 3 days after computer tear down so three days behind our schedule and have to go back for another load.We didnt relize how much space our tvs would take up or they would have been packed up first.As it was to take all the animals with there wasnt room for all the dogs to be in kennals and mine we left out of kennal and we ended up covered in white fur.My poor dog behaves really well loose but gets nervouse and sheds worse then any cat.Were out of the mountain pass now.Feeling pretty well.We were almost ready to go but had ended up with last minute manditory apointments. Then ran out of tralior space and had to get another.Then ran out of trailor space and had to have relitives store some other stuff for us.well guess i'll go down for breakfast since the others are not up yet.take care all of you dont know exactly when i ll have internet connection yet.I'll be back soon as possoble. Nickolah aka Calla
  13. We are not gone for good

    Ok news update ill be here a few more days then we planned so a few extra days.then will be gone for a little while. Nickolah
  14. We are not gone for good

    Minkoh Nomercy runifucan paulb=kittin on main of coarse myself Nickolah we will be on a short term rl adventure.WE are moving.Also durring this process Ive been referred to a hospitail that specializes in my medicail condition.So going to take this as part of a vacation.To try to enjoy some rl experiences before they start stabbing me again.When I return i will have to play by a scheadule so I can have treatments at the right time of day has to be the same time each day.also I will probably going to some sort of physicail theropy a couple times a week.Good news is I havent seen a whale in like 12 years .Or picked up a sand dollar.Some of you probably never have done this before in your life I have and I miss it.So going to play on the beach a little more while I still can.Might be a few months from now might be years from now where I wont be able too.Going to experience some things Ive been missing out on .Minkohs is a good friend and is going to be working on theropy right beside me.My goal is stay able to move around enough to be able to build a sand castle at least once with Baby.Miss you all and be thinking of everyone here.Ill come back I always do.Oh when we come back Spam Will rule the pk server In guild population. When I get back I will probably be working on Buying another character not from my house will be bringing in fresh new player from the real world about a month or two after I come back.Another spam recruit.She also has a house full so if she likes more spammers.So you all need to get some out of game players to come over and start playing.Pretty sad when a Supply guild rulez pk server.So get busy guys.Dont want to come back to an empty server.I'll be lonely.Well bkc will be here until they pull the plug.So Spam be last man standing.Ok server cant go down with out a fight.So dont let us non pk guilds be the last players standing.Go recruit from the real world If you have too.Hope to see you all and your friends here when I come back.see yall and take good care of the server while were gone. Nickolah
  15. The only thing I would be upset about is if they did a one time charge to get to c2.I already paid to play here i can understand if they got their first charactor for free to be charged for being able to use c2.I just wouldnt think it very fair for those of us who already paid to play here.Also if i couldnt interact with my alt becuase thats why I came here to begine with.That would mean I couldnt do any trade with most of my guild.Since most of them live in the same house. Then I would be like why on earth did I pay to play here.Most people i talk to about pk server is its not their thing they like to run around with no risk involved.Their afraid of loosintg what they ve worked for.We also dont have the cool clothes which are being worked on right now.The rare items cant be bought to make most of the cool armor.Maybe if their was more store items buyable to make the better armor.Also the horses and the mule gliphes would be cool too. Were harvesting and working our buts off to make the items that you can get from day to day on main.Main is also experiencing its getting around problem due to all the guild bots that are there.I remember the day when everyone was complaining about the main server and wanted this one so they could have most areas pk.With no attachments no cool down.Well I played main when they added cool down it I hated it.It turned it into a whole diffrent game.If those of us that wanted what we payed for to stay the same it would be nice if we could get grandfather cluased in.We know that would not happen.To much programing work.If we want everything the same as main take the pk sever and make a copy of main.Pretty soon they ll be here and get pked and grumble get mad and leave.Oh my they got my pic ax and the coal I just harvested oh my take me about 10 mins to recover and harvest it all again.Just take us a little longer to make them really cool items you all been wanting.So if you get the ones that dont want to pk tell them to come and join spam or one of the other supply guilds.Most of them are afraid of loosing a pic ax or would forget and run around in their expensive clothing.As for all you that are here I like playing with ya you all keep the language pretty clean and are an enjoyable to the game.Your all more honerable then most of the main .I had more bad experiences on main then here. Nickolah