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  1. Rounder's Competetion !

    YaY for forgetting your vial mold! \o/ This contest was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone that helped in hosting and judging this contest.
  2. Skeptic Perk

    I voted that "I'm afraid to". Personally, I want to take the perk, but I don't (and will not) have $500 to get rid of it if things were to change drastically.
  3. Rounder's Competetion !

    I will be able to participate And thanks for hosting this contest, should be a lot of fun. ~CL
  4. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    Failure and Magic don't do anything yet. From what I've been told, once it is working, a negative failure number is good. EDIT: Please correct me if my above statement is wrong.
  5. Astrology Test part 2

    Increased harv events, Actual: -350 to -368 246 ti ore harvests and 0 events Decreased harv events, Actual -368 to -384 177 ti ore harvests and 0 events
  6. Astrology Test part 2

    1 efe in 1352 fe, actual Make Rare around 416 when I made the efe. 0 ele in 760 le, actual Make Rare between 470-500 during that time. I was wearing artif cape the whole time. EDIT: mis-typed a number, fixed it
  7. The wolfram and great swords

    That wouldn't work. It's not just the top 20, 50 or even 100 manuers that sell manu products. People come to me with ingreds for me to mix all the time. I generally don't have a problem with it unless I later find out they are undercutting on market (or if they are just on my bad side). I won't mix for them again if I find out they are doing that to me or another manuer. Then there are the people that bought something, used it (but didn't degrade the item) and decide to later sell it for less than what they paid. It isn't just top manufacturers that are also sellers.
  8. The wolfram and great swords

    I'll be specific... I buy some wolf bars for 8k each. I make some of them from scratch. I pay 6.5k generally for binding stones. And I sell at a loss. However, it has nothing to do with getting xp from them. Honestly, I can get more xp/gc making leather helms in the manu school. Part of it is the chance at a rare sword, but most of it is because my customers expect me to sell them. I no longer sell training gear except on rare occassions, however, I must sell the great swords, steel plate items and up to keep my customers. As for "Any advices? " yeah, I have some... When you manu, you make your gc from the ingreds you harv/alch yourself, not from your skill at manu so be ready to do a lot of it. For whatever their reasons, someone will always undercut. Just this morning I was hearing about a great sword that was sold for 19k...the npc pays 20k for them. Standard market price of all great swords is (and has been for a long time) 21k. EDIT: I haven't ever paid over 600gc for steel longs. If I calculated it right(and I may not have since I'm quite tired), cost to make if you buy all the ingreds is ~635gc so 650gc would be a fair price.
  9. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Let's see...guild projects: 50 hydro bars from scratch, 50k HE's, 25k SR's and various others I can't remember. Personal projects: I was going to do a reset and buy 16 nexus with hydro bars, but I decided against that when I got to oa 122 and didn't have near enough bars yet. So I've changed that to buying enough coord to train fluff better and then fill my nexus the rest of the way. I need 4 or 6 more coord, can't remember which atm. I have ore for 120 hydro bars and 3 nex removal stones so I'm well on my way for that. Once the coord is done then I need 5 more nexus and I will have all usable nexus.
  10. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    That's nice....however, I asked why people decided to become an all arounder, not a specialist....
  11. How fast r y00?

    Comcast Highspeed Home Service. 6MB connection (it's the powerboost thing that makes it look higher )
  12. selling stuff from my storage \o/

    I'm interested in all this. pm me in game to talk about a price, please.
  13. Server down or my internet?

    I also can not connect to the server again. I was able to reconnect around 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time until around 11:00pm when I logged off for the evening. Mine stops in the same place as yesterday as well. Tracing route to game.eternal-lands.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 5 ms 7 ms 6 ms 2 8 ms * 7 ms 3 18 ms * 8 ms 4 10 ms 12 ms 9 ms 5 10 ms 7 ms 13 ms 6 12 ms 20 ms 8 ms gbr1.st6wa.ip.att.net [] 7 9 ms 11 ms 9 ms 8 11 ms 9 ms 10 ms so-0-0-0.cr2.sea1.us.above.net [] 9 71 ms 67 ms 67 ms so-2-0-0.cr2.ord2.us.above.net [] 10 94 ms 106 ms 91 ms so-0-3-1.mpr1.dca2.us.above.net [] 11 165 ms 158 ms 160 ms so-1-1-0.mpr1.lhr2.uk.above.net [] 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * EDIT: I'm on Comcast Highspeed EDIT2: Washington state
  14. Server down or my internet?

    I'm back on. Comcast ISP.
  15. Counters and Pass times

    Highest on mine is just over 400k iron ore. All of the following are around 200k each, coal, silver, sulfur, blue star flowers. I pass the time in a lot of ways. Chatting, skype, reading books, forums, checking email, balance my check book, smack my mouse against my DVD burner that doesn't work anymore :/ etc.
  16. Server down or my internet?

    Mine stops here as well. Washington state, Crapcast Comcast is my ISP. I also can't get to yahoo.com, times out as well. All other sites have worked that I tried. (On a side note, I'm basically computer illiterate, how do I get the output of the tracert to goto a file or whatever so I can copy/paste it? Windows XP)
  17. Recycling Skill

    First off, yes, I did several searches and I know this topic has been brought up in the past. However, the threads that I read were mostly geared towards making this part of manufacturing and I propose that it be a skill of its own. I also found this thread but it deals with adding a third state (broken) to steel/ti plates and great swords so it’s also different. Now, a warning, this is a long post and I tend to ramble so please read everything before you comment. My idea is to add recycling as a separate skill. Both new and degraded (used/second hand) items could be recycled. A new item would yield more materials than a degraded one. Here is an example: To manu a titanium chain requires the following: 3 Leathers 14 Titanium Bars 6 Threads 10 Fire Essences 1 Enriched Fire Essence Recycling a new titanium chain would yield: 2 Leather 12 Titanium Bars 4 Thread And would need 10 Fire Essence plus a tool (recycling hammer, tongs or similar) that would be bought from NPC. Yup, that’s correct, you wouldn’t get the EFE back. However, like with rare makes of steel/ti plates, great swords, essences, etc. there would be rare recycles in which you would get all materials back. This would only pertain to items in new condition, not used/degraded/second hand items. Recycling a second hand (used/degraded) titanium chain would yield: 1 Leather 10 Titanium Bars 2 Thread You would still need the same tool but perhaps only 8 Fire Essence for this one. It is damaged in some way, so you wouldn’t be able to get as much back as if the chain were freshly made, and certainly not be able to get all the ingredients back. As for knowledge, it would need a full range of books. Knowledge of General Recycling Generic Headgear Recycling Leather Helm Recycling Iron Helm Recycling Steel Helm Recycling Titanium Helm Recycling Etc. as an example. How about Nexus? Well, it could go along the lines of Artificial Nexus, however, why not have a new Nexus? *gasp* Perhaps call it Material. Artificial is becoming so widely used that it makes it too easy to be an all arounder, IMO. A new Nexus would help spread it out more. Recommended Level: How about setting the rec. level at the same or just a bit higher than the rec. level to manu the item? Sounds fair to me. If you critical fail then you lose the item, just like a critical fail when making something. How might this skill impact the economy? As I see it, there probably would be a decrease in the Tankel/Heavybeard money sink. However, the sales of the books and new tool could help to balance that to an extent. I’m not sure how much gc they pull out of the game, so I don’t know if the book/tool sales would balance that or not. Some people would still choose to try and fix degraded items instead of recycle them, I would think. Opinions on this? Personally, I don’t think this would cause a problem with the sale of bars. In general I find that I can’t buy enough bars to fill my needs most of the time. As for leather and thread as a sink, that could be an issue as well since you would be getting some of them back. I’m sure I have forgotten some aspects of outlining a skill so fire away and point out what I missed. If you don’t like the idea, or certain parts of it, please offer constructive criticism. ie. Please give a reason(s) why you don’t like something and if possible, offer alternatives. Also, if you do like it, please state why. If this idea has been completely shot down before and stated that it will not be added as a skill then please lock this thread. I tried to search extensively and found no such statements, nor did I find anything similar to my outline. I’m sorry if it has been suggested this way and I missed it.
  18. Recycling Skill

    Okay, here is a little insight into what made me think of this. I understand that most new items wouldn't be recycled. But some would. Ti long, iron chain etc. This would more so be used for degraded/second hand stuff. I, personally, really dislike taking things to Tankel/Heavybeard because they break my stuff so often. Anymore, when I degrade a CoL I have one person I PM and then sell it to him. I use the gc to get any ingreds I don't already have and then have another made because I don't even want to try my luck with Tankel. If one had the option to recycle that CoL then some people would do it, I think. When it comes to new items, as in iron chain, they aren't even made to any measurable degree. You can buy one from the NPC for 200gc iirc and it cost more than twice that to make it. If you could recycle it then perhaps it would be made. I dunno, maybe some recipe tweaking would help with getting things made to an extent and excess out of the game. I had read about some interest on having something like this and it sounded like a good idea to me. So, during my hours of driving I just tried to brainstorm. I don't think that getting some bars back would be terrible for the raw materials industry, 'cause as I said previously, I can rarely ever buy enough to meet my needs as it is. Also note, I suggested a new Nexus be needed for this. With how 'precious' our pickpoints are to us, I think a lot of people would choose not to 'waste' more on this skill. I doubt every manuer would also be a recycler just so they could tear apart their own stuff and make something else. Anyways, guess what sounded good to me doesn't to most everyone else. We can just let the idea die.
  19. Recycling Skill

    @sadarar: I used ti chain as an example to illustrate that EFE would not be recycled. If you had a degraded one and didn't want to risk taking it to Tankel and paying him to break it completely then you could choose to goto a Recycler and get 'something' for it. And I still fail to see how having a very low chance of getting an EFE back from a ti long would increase the cost of all other swords as Chosen mentioned. As for a new route of EFE into the game, well, you would be getting rid of EFE by recycling degraded items that required EFE to make them if you chose not to goto Tankel/Heavybeard and pay them to break it. And again, as for why you would recycle a new item, iron chain and iron shield are basically useless to make. If you manu them and then have a recycler tear it apart and give you back some bars then you are partially on your way to make another, or something else for that matter. Trik pays 100gc for an iron chain but it costs ~535gc to make one, no wonder it isn't made. Not to mention, selling items to Trik adds gc to the game, if some items were recycled instead then it would cut the amount added down to some extent. Anyways, perhaps there isn't much call for this. Oh well, it gave me something to think about while I was at work this morning
  20. Recycling Skill

    @Ermabwed: As we discussed shortly in game, I had thought of adding it to an existing skill but with all the things that could be recycled that would make for one huge amount of things to be done under one skill. And as far as putting it in Engineering, there are still things that haven't been put in yet for that skill. It will fill out in time. Mines, traps, barricades, etc. @Robotbob: As ttlanhil mentioned, there are things like ti long that many people have just sitting in storage. This would be a way to get rid of the excess. It would also give a reason to make some items that currently aren't made much for xp, such as iron chain mail and Iron shield. Most players don't use them and Trik doesn't pay anywhere near what it costs to make them so most players skip making them all together. If they got back more value of ingreds then Trik pays for them then people might make them more instead of them being just another item that isn't made. @Chosen: Perhaps I'm missing something, but how would ti long giving an EFE back make all other swords cost more? I mean, manuers don't make ti longs because they require an EFE to make, but are common drops. So common, that many people have an excess stock of them in storage because NPC doesn't buy them. And as I stated, they wouldn't give back an EFE unless it was a rare recycle in which case you would get all ingreds back.
  21. Recycling Skill

    I am 99% sure that Entropy stated that Repair will not be part of Engineering but may be added under another skill at a later time. If I can find the thread or where I saw it, I will post the link. EDIT: I just did a few searches and I can't find a post about it. Perhaps I am remembering wrong.
  22. Do you know your blades?

    You scored: 11 / 25 Total points: 110 The average score for this quiz: 9 / 25 I did guess on some of the ones I got right though
  23. SRS

    Just over 98k for me.
  24. Selling a lot of items of my storage

  25. The true recomended skills

    It is correct that at the rec level you have a 50% chance at success. That doesn't however mean that you will crit fail 50% of the time. IIRC, every fail has a 1/3 chance of being a crit fail. With that said, personally, I'm comfortable mixing something when I am 30 levels over rec. That may just be my personal preferance, but it seems that I have much less fails once I hit 30 over.