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    Dasdfadf, asdfdsf....werersdf asjkfjdsf ? skjdfkj....asdfasdf!
  1. Sellig Binding Stone!

  2. Yes, I agree to participate Game/Forum Name: Atlantis Sex: Male
  3. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    If it is allowed, would have to completely redesign the economy to slow down production, in my opinion.
  4. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Yes. Too many tasks in EL are simply dull where you just have to wait for something else to happen. Waiting while harvesting, waiting to walk across a huge map, waiting for that creature to respawn, waiting for cooldown, the list goes on and on. It is simply not as much fun to only play one character because half the time you are not actually doing anything besides waiting. Playing on main server, I find I HAVE to be reading the forums, watching youtube, looking at facebook...something for me to actually do while I wait. Playing PK server, there is always something to do between 2 characters. So unless these waiting problems are fixed, I think removing it is a good idea. Major disadvantages: - If you are kept busy, forums/channels/#gm etc all less active. - Annoyance of the fact that half the people you meet will be so-and-so's alt. - Overcrowding, especially at harvesting places. - Resources produced a lot faster. - Everything can be done by one person, little reason to interact, looses MMORPG feel I think multiplaying should be illegal, but ONLY if these waiting problems can be addressed.
  5. Who the hell are you?

    Main Server: Atlantis PK Server: Atlantis, Hermes, Aeschylus
  6. Optional change to Pathfinding

    With different walking speeds coming into the game, it would be interesting if you could walk faster on paths than on grass
  7. Whose been in the most guilds?

    lol from the very beginning lets see.. RICH Dao AID EG HUSL Dark CA$H Silk -EF- ^v^ *O* ^O^ EDF (TC) ^v^ again =Hc= \A/ DiE!
  8. The Chim Project

    Basically, its pointless. At the end of the day, there will be a tradeoff. Either a. Everyone will level easier, therefore there will be no benefit to making them more trainable. b. Something else will be changed that compensates for the easier leveling.
  9. The Greatest EL Player

    sorry wrong quote :S
  10. Snake Skin Boots

    dumb sexy
  11. ban

    I'm ready for unban now
  12. ban

    Ok, figured out why No, will not do that (used inappropriate language) again. Made a mistake, and I am sorry.
  13. ban

    Why am I banned?
  14. Bike Race

    i biked from savannah, georgia to santa monica, california. it hurt after but it was fun