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  1. IP Banned

    Yea i had to use a VPN to bypass the failed password block. Not sure if this is against rule 4 as I wasn't actually banned for breaking the rules. If it it my apologies in advance. How long does the auto-ban last for too many failed password attempts? Thanks for the support by the way.
  2. IP Banned

    Ok, would it be possible to have the IP reinstated, possibly whitelisted for the character Mermorn?
  3. IP Banned

    My IP was banned and I didn't break any rules. My character name is Mermorn. Could someone please check into this?
  4. Pure Warrior Build

    Hi, What would be a good build for a "pure warrior" skills wise. So far I have attack/defense/physique/coordination (12,12,8,12). I also have level 16 harvesting and level 8 alchemy. I want to be a pure warrior but, has the means to be self reliant(able to create what he needs like armor and weapons). Mermorn