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  1. Crafting daily quest(s)

    Idea is simple, and I don't claim to be its only author, I'm sure that others suggested that before. I will just give few additional details. Like any other daily quests, once a day you can go to NPC, call it craft master, there you choose 1 from crafting (item making) skills. NPC tells you what item(s) you need to make IN FRONT OF HIM and gives you ingredients for them (or pay FAIR after). For that you get extra experience in skill you have choosen as reward. Minimal requirements: You have to have at least level 20 in chosen skill and some required nexuses. (Example for manufacturing is at least artificial nexus = 2) As with others daily quests, with higher skill level and higher nexuses you can get harder to make items (based on recomended level) with bigger reward. No items with rare ingredients, that would just kill idea.
  2. Crafting daily quest(s)

    In my opinion just bringing item won't make it crafting daily. Sure you can make mines for eng daily but you can just buy them from someone and never need knowledge or nexus to make it yourself.
  3. 30.12.0049 at 3.00 (EL time) on channel 3333 there will be auctioned 1 human nexus removal stone. Some people aren't alowed to bidding on, and theirs presence on auction will be ignored. If you are not sure whether you are that person PM me, and you will know. And sold. Grats to buyer.
  4. Plague Bearer: Invasion-based event (10/12/2016)

    Great idea. It created nice story- hunting for special boss to stop invasion. Simple and effective. From your recent invasions this one I liked best, it was exacly that kind of events that are missing, and I'm hungry for more. Great job
  5. Crafting update?

    I think that's is great. More items made by players is a way that could revive entire economy. Sure, on every mixing skill are items that are worth making by players (like medallions mentioned by Aquila) but if you look from other side, many items aren't worth making, and reason for that very often is NPC blocked price. I also agree that changing recipe is safest way to do it, in some items changing NPC price could work too, but I think that will bring more unpredictable effects, then changing recipe. In short I totally agree with Ungoliant, and I would liek to see that happening starting from crafting and moving to other mixing skills, so people can have decent profit not only from fighting.
  6. Book of Book writing

    Bug still exist. Happened to me today. Progress bar says 100% complete, but I can't read another book. You have to click to see exac time left.
  7. I was there, I liked it. A feedback: Time limit gives an objective to invasion puts some presure on fighters, is not only about who will kill more monsters and get more gc, it starts to force a team work, which is not common in invasions. Mixed caps creates a new sets of problems with interpretation of rule 27. With Vanyel we changed few PMs about that, and I belive rules should be reviewed for those kind of invasions if it's suppose to force cooperation between ranges. Problems to consider: 1. Upper cap fighter healing lower cap fighter. 2. Summons of upper level fighter. 3. Sharing resources (in map) between upper and lover level fighters. 4. Sharing informations (scouting) from upper level fighter to lover level one.
  8. Defend the Fort

    Finally something is going on. I wish your idea goes better then mine. I don't really like PK in Eternal lands, mostly because it's terrible unbalanced and simple boring but I will join assuming it will be at reasonable time for european citizen.
  9. Primary that idea was brought at chan 6, but some people asked me to start it on forum too, so here it is: Like title sais this is idea of invasion events that are with objective that team need to met in this invasion. Very similar thing Vanyel tryed to do in his topic http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60298. If team complete task there will be reward, if not invasion will be cleared and shame on you blue message brought. Reward: I think most people go to invasion to have some profit, to have a chance to get an invasion drop items, gc, some extra exp, and even if not a story require to some sort of reward for fulfilling the objective. Reward should be a gc amount based on invasion range with amount that matters for people in that range and maybe a rare invasion items in amount 1 per team member like Item giver, exp giver or invasion token. Idea is to make people want go to that kind a event. Team leader: In this invasion there has to be leader, a one person that will lead others, plan actions, split tasks etc. Team leader has to be appointed by other members before invasion starts, and after invasion he will get all reward to redistribute it among his team members. Monsters: Exac monsters of course depend on invasion range but in general the amount will set greater challange then a strenght of monsters. In classical invasion most profit usually come from killing boss, but in this idea there is a reward that has to cover that, so bosses aren't nessesary, they can be there to give extra chalange to avoid them while protecting VIP or to kill it fast while healing VIP at same time. I will focus on 2 diferent kind of objective based on defend the VIP 1. Guarding a caravan. In this invasion team has to guide a VIP through invaded map (or maps). Monsters are all over the place so team leader (who is also guide of o VIP) has to chose a path to bring VIP from one place to another, other team members job is to defend both guide and VIP by killing monsters near them, heal when they are wounded, scouts area around etc. There is ofcourse a time limit to perform that task. What is needed: A VIP character, a AI controled bot with at least following instruction: - Appoint a leader (Mod only) Before invasion starts mod appoint 1 person to be VIP guide and leader of team. That person and only that person can give VIP instructions - Follow me - VIP is trying to be as close to guide as is posible, whenever guide move, VIP will move as well - Stop - VIP stops and won't move untill given Follow me command again 2. Defend the fort In this invasion VIP stands still in middle of some defended area (like fort, mountain pass, other side of bridge etc). Monsters are attacking team trying to get to VIP. If VIP is dead, team lose and all remaining monsters are cleared and shame on you blue msg posted. If Team kill all monsters before VIP dies there is a reward, same as in first example. As in first example team has to appoint a leader before invasion starts. He will plan defence, chose place for his warriors, decide when to go to kill marauders etc, and after invasion he will redistribute reward among his team members. Monster in this invasion are spawned far from fort, in and are ordered to go to designated palce. Monsters are spawned with smaller waves with delay in few locations so they can go by different path. That's create a siege event when team really defend fort agains assaults. What is needed: A AI controled character that will stay in chosen place, no commands needed. A different monsters behavior, instead moving random monsters have to go to place where a VIP is and try attack him. Asorted thoughts: Above i posted some tools (changes in game code) that are needed, I don't think that those changes are hard to implement. Many similar working code is arleady in game. Invasion with that changes will work and looks beter, but both of examples can be started even today with additional work from people in game. VIP there is just a general term in can be whatever fits for story, so it can be caravan with resources to city, it can be merchant that need guards, or Ambassador of a foreign country posibilities are endless. Thank you for reading, I know it was long. If you have any comments feel free to post them, especially if it is desire to participate n that kind of event. And if there are not clear things or more details needed, ask here or PM me in game.
  10. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    Got specifics? I think I answered all questions, or maybe answer was in this topic, but maybe I missed. Ask them again and I will answer here so they won't be lost. OK lets say what I posted is confusing. Sorry for that. Revi is right radu agreed to test when I get team. And I'm gathering a team. I don't see problem gathering team via forum, and I don't see problem if someone who likes my idea to ask for that invasion aswell. And I said that in first post of this topic under Asorted thoughts.
  11. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    Just to clear it NPC was never mine idea. Radu called VIP NPC so maybe that where confusion came from. In my idea it's an AI controled bot so no change in game code is needed, and bot code solve all problems you stated. Also is not that this will be totally new code for bots. Guard bots, pet bots seems to similar functions to what is needed. As for preparations yes that's right. But is it that much more preparation then people do before instance for example? Most of invasions seems to be asked for, so if people ask for that kind of invasions that I proposed, that means they are ready for it. What you called impractical there is exacly that kind of interactions that seems to lack. DIscussing strategy, position, gear appointing leader, makes that team realistic, fun, creates an event type invasion. Additional work from someone to supervise it it will be needed to at first, but then again if that idea will be liked by people then why programers couldn't make it automated? After all there are already automated invasions in EL. That was going to be another step in my idea, but I wanted to go small at first to see how people like idea in first place, and I think poll is saying a lot about that.
  12. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    Radu agrees to do that kind of invasions if there will be a team, so if you want to see that gather a team and ask for that. Preferable when I'm on so I can see it and advice how it should be done. And if you are close to my a/d PM me and lets form a team.
  13. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Lucky Punch Arena would like to invites You all to a night of AFG (Animal Fights Game) fights. Time and place: Planned at saturday 20th august 20.00 (8pm) UTC+01:00 time, at Lucky Punch Arena in White Stone City. Due to circumstances time and place can change, notice will be posted here and on chan 6 in game. Small change: Due to technical dificulties at Arena, contest will be held by Theatre in White Stone City instead. What is needed to watch: Nothing:), just show up. What is needed to take part in fights: PM me ingame or leave mercator msg, that you want to participate, i will get back to you. For each duel: 1 set of summon rabbit ings, 2 spider summoning stones, 2 Bear summoning stones, 1 Tiger summoning stones will be needed. Not nessesary, but helpfull items: extra rabbit summon ings, some diss rings and ttr essences in case of some problems. Arena is PK so don't take any vaulable stuff, Lucky Punch Arena doesn't take responsibility of your death and loosing items. Will there be reward: Of course. Winner of fights will get at least 25,000 gold coins. If more people will like to participate, extra rewards might be set. How many fights will be there: That depends on how many people will like to participate. At least one. How long event will take: Each duel should last 10-15mins. AFG rules: AFG is a simple game of summoned animal fights. There are 5 type of animals ant (to small to see ), rabbit, spider, bear, tiger. Every player have set of 7 cards: 1 ant, 1 rabbit, 2 spiders, 2 bears, 1 Tiger. Each card can be placed only once on arena. There are 7 rounds on each duel and every round has 2 phases. Phase 1 preparation: Every player chooses 2 cards, and both shown them to oponent at same time. Phase 2 fight: Every player chose 1 from his previously shown cards and place it on table. Cards summon animals and animals start fight. Player whose animal win, that means is last animal standing, will get 1 point. After 7 rounds player who got most points is the winner. Only summoned animals are allowed to fight, and no other help like spells/mines etc is alowed. Charm atribute, summoning skill level in this case in consider a "luck factor". Stronger animal should always win with weaker one, but luck and unpredictability is also a part of game. This should be obvious but to be sure: no one else can influence fight in any way, hopefully there will be moderator to ensure that, and there will be consequences for those who not obey.
  14. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Event went well. Thank you all who decided to play. Gratulations for winners, especially to Knorax first champion of AFG. Also thank you all who decide too watch it was very nice to see that crowd.
  15. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Ant card is just a "no action card", and it's purpose is to have 5 animals with strenghts that can be put in line, so stronger animal should always win with weaker, even when character summoning weaker animal is much stronger summoner then the one with stronger animal. And according to my tests that how it is. Instead of summoning stones there could be just imaginary cards, but then there would be nothing to see for spectators. Tigers are same strenght animal so in ideal situation it should be a draw, but that is impossible, so yes in that case luck will be a big factor and stronger summoner will have an advantage, but try to look at this not like "summoning event", look at this like "a game that uses summoned animals to visualize effects".
  16. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    @Diealot Yes, you are right there most of answers to your questions will be "people will do it/figure it out" or "moderator will do it". It would be much better that it would be done automaticly, that is right, but that would be need many work possible even difficult work. That's why I didn't suggested that. In basic idea it can be done right now, even without special tools I pointed, and those special tools are rather simple. It will still be like normal invasion started by and controled by moderator, with some extra work (like put vip in place, spawn monsters in waves, only little more work then modeators usually do). I wanted to start with small steps, rather then revolution from start, if that will work then I think it will be more motivation to create a fully automated invasion, not only this but all, just by exploring GIWS idea more. As for asking moderators I did that, asked 1 moderator directly, talked with Radu, asked moderators in general, but I won't be pushing anyone to do anything, I think that will do only damage. If someone is interested I will be more then happy to discuss details in private to help organize, to guide while doing it etc. I have pretty detailed vision of that, but there are things I can't do without moderator or Radu. In general just treat it like normal invasion where instead of just killing monsters you have a objective to defend 1 character, it is simple as that. Below I will post more detailed example of invasion. Maybe that picture will help answer questions. Blue msg: Black sails has been seen near Sedicolis shores. Pirates! Mayor of Sedicolis is looking for brave men to defend city. 100 cap defend the fort invasion. Then anyone who want participate gather in Sedicolis tavern, where there already is moderator starting this invasion and put VIP (a 60-70 a/d character armed with no drop items, maybe with some extra will for higher hp then normal). People who gathered there have 20 mins to chose a leader and then 10 mins to finial preparation and tactic discusions. Blue msg: Mayor of Sedicolis made agreement with X (name of leader), he will lead defenders of Sedicolis. Then a VIP is placed somwhere inside Sedicolis City, and invasions starts. Monsters are spawned in grass area mostly few little closer to fort and invasions starts. How many monsters? 500 for start, maybe another 500 later. Team is fighting. If They manage to kill all enemies and not loosing VIP invasion ends, VIP trades X reward and Blue msg: Brave defenders lead by X defeated pirates invasion. Grateful people of Sedicolis celebrates!! X shares reward among his fighters, and that's it. If however VIP dies invasion is ended, all remain monsters are cleared and blue msg: Mercenaries lead by X, lost. Pirates looted Sedicolis, many citizens died. Mayor refused to pay reward and banish mercenaries from city.
  17. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    @Blue_dragon Monsters is supose to attack only in defend the fort version where VIP not move at all, and here yes ideally is monsters to attack in waves from random dirrections. In guard version monsters are spawned like in normal invasion and just move random lika they usually do, no need for waves here. Number of monsters need to be adjust of course you have point there. In my idea of guard version I thought of very large map like Idaloran. Even 3k monsters are not crowded there and with random movement that will be unpredictable chalange that will force to scout and adjust too dynamic situation, that is exacly my idea. Time invasion last is easy adjusted by number of monsters. In Guard version it is time limit to perform task, it can be 2h for example, no problem there. Same goes for defend the fort version. For example 4 waves of 100-150 monsters every 30 mins, so a total of 2-3h will create a both interesting event and won't block map for ages. Someone going late for invasion that is some inconvenience, but I deliberately omit it, and leave it for team leader to decide, If leader thinks additional fighterer will help and will follow commands, there is no reason for him to split with more players then starting number. All that can be done within game, and that was exacly why in idea I forced a leader person. @Ranculos Stats are determined by invasion range. I think VIP should be like player in 1-2 ranges lower then invasion fighters. It could have more HP (Material points) around 300-500 so he can last a little. In general Vip should have stats that even easiest monster in range could kill him. I think those few commands I posted are enough, but if more commands will make it better then why not.
  18. Unrest in Draia (a series of invasion based events)

    I think that is very good idea. Making a invasion with purpose/objective is a way to go. I can't wait to see it and read feedback after. For now I'm :icon13: