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Selling storage

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Hey, updating old thread with new items :) PM in EL to STX :) Thanks.

(49K) honey 
(11400) tit ore 
(40K) turqoise 

(2) JS 
(16) scythe
(30) halberd 
(1) HoA 
(1) recurve bow 
(1) staff of protection
(1) crown of mana 
(1) nmt cape 
(2) joule stone  ONE LEFT
(4) summoner stone
(3) nexus transfr
(1) magic day 
(3) nobel 
(200) rd scale 
(1) half cooldown
(2) faster respawn 
(2) stakhanov 
(3) nonstop 
(2500) falcon feather 
(650) leopard fur 
(12) giant summoning stone 
(4700) cockatrice feather 
(8) LBD summoning stone 
(380) snow leopard
(180k) bones 130k LEFT 30K left
(1400) bear fur 
(2000) raccoon fur 
(1100) white rabbit fur 
(840) white tiger fur
(33) orange 
(10k) CF 
(180) invasion tokens 
(15) pears 
(33) bananas 
(17) enrichment stone 
(16) DCR 
(24) binding stones 
(1) reasoning removal 

(1) titanium plate mail of freezing 
(1) ice serp 
(1) magic serp 
(1) tit short sword of fire

(1) power hungry removal 
(2) power saving removal
(1) mirror skin removal 
(1) careful guy removal 
(2) custom cape 
(1) red royal cape

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29213 Polished Sapphire
9546 Silver Medallion
137 Gold Ring
553 Silver Ring


gimmie a price    here or ingame

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