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2013 Zenial scams

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Hopefully this is the last step of a rather embarrassing saga.


I was told today, after selling my character in the heat of the moment in 2013, a lot of my buddies were scammed by the purchaser (SouLLove or Madalinux). Some scammed for HEAPS. This is my faiult - I should have cleared my buddy list.

There's a lot of weird stuff in my storage because the character (renamed Leyl) was banned shortly afterwards, if it's your gear I'd like to give it back to you. Apparently it made it to channel 6, so who's got the ancient chat logs?

There's the chance someone had stopped playing because of this so I need to bring it up. There's a lot of friends who I can't contact directly, so if this is passed along to get my apologies across. it'd be appreciated.




The Real Zenial

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Was scammed by Madalinux but not have logs since that computer was lost.

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