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guessing new steps

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She stopped right next to him, her fur almost touching. He could feel the warmth of her body. But she won't notice him. Too close, she is too close to be reached. He must wait. What will she do next? Where would she go? Behind that rock? Among the trees, getting lost? Then he must follow. Or would she lie for a while in that small clearing, under the light of the Moons and his eyes? She moved her big weight on the other foot, pushing him slightly, then she started to move away. Is she playing? She lingers on every step like she knows that he can only watch her. It is too soon to follow. Too soon to be raising the bow. In his breath getting colder and colder he can feel the distance between them increasing. He is used with this coldness. The times when she chose to spend a little time in his company were so few. And for a few moments, of the bear only the shape remained, with the shadows waving around the large hips. He could not hunt her, whom he loved. He wanted to be fair and since she had someone, and since she refused him from the start... he even acted against his interest in being with her. Principles... But there were others more daring, who wanted less than love, less than the best in her than her nature, skilled at getting smiles and caresses, and other things more intimate most likely, from women, who may not have seen Heaven in their first love. And she must have been... bored? Not knowing herself beyond that... The bear had reached firing distance. She steps to the right. No, she doesn't go anywere. She turned her head to look at him, For him to see her better. The arrow was shot. A miss. He aims again, she moves out of distance, he follows, the hunting goes on in the dark...

How to pursue a woman's attentions without love? The goddess is silent. As time passes more, more love seems like something out of this world. And the sparks he can strike up of his own mortal heart only lit his smile for such a short time. How distant a world it must be, how very distant a star that he came from, for his soul to be stretched so. So that easily he can forget his own and then rediscover himself, after a while, as if by a miracle... He may already have felt all that he could have felt, already known all that could have been known. And now, he is still here so that, unknowingly, he may bring love to a woman, some woman... guided only by signs of her happiness. And then, if there can be no woman, perhaps, there will be some way to express this love, that he may not know more of, or again, to the whole world. Even a new way, a new form of art. And he will keep trying to find it, that way to be all that he can be. The goddess is smiling. Elandria is, of the past, and Aluwen is of the present, and Zarin too, of the future, all one, and all in his heart, silently. In the footsteps of the bear, following, looking for her shape to form out of the dark, in that stretching forward out of just being alive, and out of that something that he has not yet become, into this world that is yet incomplete, or new, always new, he must strive to bring beauty and joy, until the end of his time. And knowing that he has done so, there will be no place for regret. He would go to the gods as light as a feather, for his faith had been part of that which belongs to no man and lives on...

But for the moment, and for the next, as before, the great things of concern may be hidden, and thus he must be a Sun unto buds, a bow unto beasts, a lone. Yet also from moment to moment, and maybe only this way, there is hope that he'll reach, deep, into the heart of the world and that then, around his rays having attained perfection, he will see life gathered into a blossom like those that Nature can draw, or into a fruit that quenches a thirst which cannot be named, or perhaps, into another soul like his own...

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