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Selling or Auctioning Magic Nexus Removal Stone.

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Ode to a Stone


If your life has turned out tragic,


Cuz you put PPs on magic.


Then I think you'll find,


You're probably not alone.


The solution though is easy,


Just give me a great big wad of gc,


And i'll give you a dusty 'maj' removal stone. [n.b. this line does not imply the stone is free..]


BIN: ~950Kgc


Auction to start at 875Kgc with increments of 10Kgc and will end one week from today unless it has been sold beforehand.



Gold coins only please.


I reserve the right to refuse bids from certain players/guilds, to withdraw it from sale and to write more odes.



Thank you and good luck.



Edited by ElvishPresley

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Auction closed. Stone sold in game to an unnamed buyer. Thanks again :)

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