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Don't trust rimini

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I asked ingame for help to carry some of my stuff over to a storage since I was stupid enough to reset whilst carrying stuff and couldn't move.

I offered a 1K compensation for help and was greeted by 'rimini' who wanted to help.

I traded some stuff to him so he could help me mule it back to storage. He seemed really keen to and I had a slight suspicion he would do a runner, so I traded him real worthless stuff, just to see what he would do. As my suspicions confirmed, he logged off straight away. I waited for 10 minutes and he didn't log back on, so this..thing, should NOT be trusted.


True it was my stupidity for not storing items in storage before resetting, and for trusting a complete stranger. But I like to give chances, because that is how new friendships are forged.

I don't care about the items I lost, main concern is that there is yet, another untrustworthy player out there.


Be careful!



[MoTioNKI11a @ 3]: Need some help carrying stuff..will pay 1K

[00:56:55] You deleted Viper from your buddy list

[00:56:56] [PM from rimini: where and what]

[00:57:20] [PM to rimini: ip to a storage..i reset and forgot to empty inv before resetting]

[00:57:59] [PM from rimini: okay omw]

[00:58:00] #Hint: Items are usually cheaper if you buy them from players than from store, and you can usually sell them for a better price to other players than to stores/NPCs.

[00:58:06] Guild Herbalists of the Emerald Blade has 62 members. The guild URL is: http://herb.guildportal.com

General info: We welcome players who are new to the game. Our guild is honorable and does not tolerate bagjumpers, scammers, malicious PK, or begging in our midst.

[00:58:06] Joining the guild: Now accepting players of all levels. Send a PM to Basil, Dreamyn, Erurainon, Adokas, or Zilding for more details.

[00:58:09] [PM from rimini: to beam?]

[00:58:13] [PM to rimini: yep]

[00:58:32] rimini: hi

[00:58:36] MoTioNKI11a: hey

[00:58:42] MoTioNKI11a: howhats your emu

[00:58:45] [Odanus @ 3]: Buying 12 steel chains

[00:58:55] MoTioNKI11a: whats*

[00:58:58] rimini: 600

[00:59:03] MoTioNKI11a: tk cool

[00:59:04] Can't trade, you or the other guy has a higher carrying capacity than normal.

[00:59:11] Can't trade, you or the other guy has a higher carrying capacity than normal.

[00:59:18] MoTioNKI11a: I cant trade

[00:59:21] rimini: make bahg

[00:59:22] Can't trade, you or the other guy has a higher carrying capacity than normal.

[00:59:34] [_KiLLeR_GuY_ @ 3]: buying ring of irinveron pm me plz

[00:59:59] [PM to rimini: votd sto]

[01:00:41] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village

[01:00:56] Welcome to Desert Pines!

[01:01:02] #Hint: Read the game manual, and the beginners guide on www.eternal-lands.com! It can save you hours, or even days of trouble!

[01:01:03] Welcome to the Mynadar, Valley of the Dwarves!

[01:02:16] [Odanus @ 3]: buying 12 steel chains and haidir passes pm me

[01:02:20] [GrimzReaper @ 3]: Pc iron bars

[01:02:26] No player is in the game with the name of rimini

[01:02:28] [Demitry @ 3]: 49

[01:02:33] MoTioNKI11a: hah

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I'm sorry that happened, sadly I'm at work or I would have done it for free.

Thank you, I appreciate your helpfulness :)

In what guild is rimini in?

No guild, he is guildless

I will track him, find him and kill him.

Thanks old friend :D I will come and join you

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