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Ode to the badoran #2

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Ballad of the baddo (based on a true story)

The guild sent forth a raiding party.

a band of noobs all hale and hearty,

from Seridia to Idoloran,

to hunt the mighty badoran.


On landing on c2 at night,

afraid of Lenny's vicious bite,

broke out the disengagement rings,

and bows and bolts and swords and things.


And venturing into the shadow,

looking for the lurking baddo,

hours passed while ego's shrunk,

on finding just one lonely skunk.


Then suddenly up piped one brave fighter,

yelled 'i've just found the little blighter',

and so coverged the excited crew,

not really sure what next to do.


But when they gathered around the creature,

common sense did hardly feature,

when one bright spark with arrow alas,

shot the baddo in the ass.


Then having got the brute's attention,

learned the hard way his pretension,

when swallowed in a single bite,

without hardly giving any fight.


The erstwhile comrade's bag was found,

deposited upon the ground,

the helm belonging to the fool

all covered in the baddo's stool.


Then another hero from the hoard,

attacked the baddo with a sword,

the error only to compound,

his death bag ending on the ground.


The remaining warriors bitched and whined,

and tried their strategy to refine,

to come up with a cunning plan,

to kill that erksome badoran.


So hiding behind a graveyard fence,

the remaining few with common sense,

full of hope and some persistance,

ranged the creature from a distance


But after many arrows wasted,

and victory remained untasted,

decided to abort the hunt,

and try a more appealling stunt


So given that their plan unravelled,

back to Killeran Field they travelled,

taking all their bows and arrows,

the pk weenies to shoot and harrow.


But all the young ones were in bed,

and Killeran Field quite nearly dead,

save one old pro half afk,

farming trolls that came his way


So taking matters at their leisure,

they shot him simply for good measure,

and lolled when at last he finally fell,

his cheating ass hauled off to hell.


And finally to this tales conclusion,

just in case there's some illusion,

that chasing baddo is worth the time

or wasting arrows ain't a crime.


In truth your time is better spent,

in things that don't get armor bent,

or expensive crossbows lost or broken

just to get an instance token.


Or whatever baddo's finally yield,

when lying dead upon the field.

So noobs beware and heed this rhyme.

Just stay home and save your time.

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