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I have this mild burning sensation...

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A MILD regeneration boost within a small radius of the fire, less than FR,

so as to not cheapen the FR cloak & perk, but just enough to make fires more fun.


When there's no fire actually burning, there's no regeneration boost.

Like 'single-click meat', firepits sorta lose their FUNction after awhile.


I think this would make people more inclined to light up those cool fire graphics and gather around

casting spells, eating toads, cookin meat, *looks over at entropy* getting caught in invasions...



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Perhaps add another function to this. Attracting cold blooded creatures. Not in wild amounts, but in the same way invasion creatures are attacted to nearby 'targets'.

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I'm all for this. It makes items and interactable objects in EL (wait a sec...isn't this the ONLY interactable object of this type in the game?), anyway, I'm all for this. Of course since FR is +3, normal food is +1, then a fire would have to be +2 if it has to be lower than FR.


I personally wouldn't want to complicate things with Raytrays idea, I don't think it can be done easily anyway

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