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Storage Sale

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Any REASONABLE offer will be considered,


Do not post here, just pm me (geritt) in game. (parked at EVTR sto)



128 Small mines

23 Large mines

444 Snares



10k Blueberries

10k Red Currents

61k Tree Mushrooms

8k Mugwort

14k White Chanterelle

10k Poison Ivy

11k Black Rose

23k Nightshade



30 Wolframite



36 Tins bars



1 - Iron Axe

10 - Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Swords

5 - Iron Battle Hammers

5 - Wooden Staffs

12 - Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Swords

1 - Modable Steel 2 Edged Sword



2 - Lightmeters



1 - Black/Purple Striped Baggy Pants

1 - White/Red Striped Baggy Pants


Edited by geritt

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