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Cabal Online

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This is the game that has diverted my attention from Eternal Lands. Anyone else play it? I'm on the American version, venus server, go by the name of Karendar. I'm a lvl 43 Force Archer, for those that have played Everquest or any mmorpg really it's a mix of ranger/archer and cleric. For a free game, the graphics are stunning. Also has a nice soundtrack. (Unless I am mistaken, they have their own band that produces the music). Any problems of being kos'ed are easily solved as you can pk the perpetrator (for a price). I'll include some screenshot's later.


American Version

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I've been using multiple ways to play the Asian version. I got bored of the American version after doing the whole, "Get to level 50 in 2 days" thing. I managed to do it! I have no life ^_^


I'll return to the English one when it reaches Episode 2 and raises the cap.

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