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Cape of no more warlock?

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Ok so far to date cape has not broke. Here is a list of what i've fought in it so far.


4 Beaver, 1 Rabbit, 33 Deer, 1 Boar, 8 gargoyle, 8 male gobs, 6 snake, 7 large spider, 1 small spider, 1549 male ogre, 60 troll, 2 female orc, 37 cyclops, 7 leprechaun, 3 armed skele

2 fox, 4 wolf, 1 skunk, 3 brownie, 1 rat, 22 armed orc, 1 phantom warrior, 60 grizzly bear, 5 wood sprite, 2 male orc, 1 feros, 6 fluffy rabbit, 1 fern, and 8 imp.


To the best of my knowledge the info on my kill counter is correct. I'd say prob 98% were made in full tit armor. Sword was used on fluffs, feros, and cycs. Any questions please feel free to forum pm or pm me in game.

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