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  1. Is the server down ?

    are you using this "players online" http://game.eternal-lands.com/online_players.htm or the old one?
  2. Pesnja is a thief

    ----- off topic------ Yeah definitely enemies.. you can check here http://dao.5.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=592
  3. PK contest for the next weekend

    thanks to lucy for sucking the fun...
  4. PK contest for the next weekend

    umm.. pk contest?? anyone??
  5. Poll: Mozzila or Internet Explorer

    i voted for firefox. i use it with these extensions All-in-One Gestures, Flashgot, Fasterfox, Gmail Notifier, Download statusbar, Flashblock(i like this most), VideoDownloader...
  6. nirvana anyone

    nuuuuuu i listen them for 10 years (my first bought cd was nirvana unplugged) and i still listen them.. NIRVANA ruuuleezzzzz:))))
  7. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    darn i missed it. wtg anti and many thanks to alobar for uploading the video for us
  8. Huge storage sale

    edit: oops sorry..i cant buy them now
  9. New idea

    what if 3-4 evils kill all the unicorns together everyday. there will be no more unicorn for 1 day or probably 6 hours generally liked the idea
  10. Something wrong with the Taverns

    We can start with only 1 tavern (maybe in C2) to try it. If it goes well more taverns can be added.I also liked the idea of no weapons no armors.
  11. What is the highest creature you can kill?

    hmm.. probably we have same stats.
  12. Pking Contest Video

    i saw cyprom at all out war. he died many times and most of them was just for fun
  13. Pluto : no longer a planet

    good news for pluto http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid...15&from=rss
  14. Automatic quickspell generator

    the site is really useful. thanks for making it
  15. quickspell icons

    #19 is for life drain #20 is for magic immunity
  16. gimli14

    this kind of spelling reminded me mikejones50 aka jamesladd i dont want to accuse him but still comes to mind
  17. steel helm of mana

    ok i beleive Gizz but still want to see it.
  18. steel helm of mana

    so wheres the picture of this helm clicked with eye icon.
  19. Wolfmom and Beanmaster get married!

    For the people who will attend the wedding be at PL (50,190) at least 15 mins before the wedding. A Dao member will meet you there and show you how to go Dao map. Wedding will be at backyard wedding place. Wedding is in an hour For those who ask the dress code: No weapons, No shields, No head armor...
  20. Wolfmom and Beanmaster get married!

    yeah all EL is our guild map
  21. No More Tears Cloak

    lol jow. this is not ebay. you cant get it when you hold the auction
  22. No more tears Cloak

    for how much?
  23. Buying COL

    bought one.
  24. Day of Joule

    no delays during day