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  1. Lifting Temporary Ban

    Hi, Radu banned me 2 days ago for joining newbie invasion with high a/d. I took my lesson and won't do it again. He gave me a 3 days ban. Can you please lift the ban 1 day earlier. I will work overtime at Sunday and Monday. Only time for me to play is tomorrow in this week. Here's the screenie: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/4462/bannedol.jpg for your consideration.
  2. Remove Brod, make NMT Breakable?

    Voted for 2. Why are you seeing this from pvp side not from pve side. I dont want my nmt to be breakable.
  3. City building

    I agree some parts of this and some parts not. If we think it as a public office we simply need a Mayor, a Chief of Guards(or Commander) and a Chief Justice(Judge) to prevent the abuse of the powers they got. Mayor is in charge of city management. Decides who will build a house or another building. Does the other things The_piper described for Architect(accepts changes to buildings, keeps an eye on how the city develops). Also the treasurer(Chief of Market) of the city. Controls the city treasure. If city wants a tavern, general shop, blacksmith, storage, pk arena it will be paid from city treasure. Mayor should be elected by the citizens for 2 months(for example) Chooses a Vice Mayor to do his job while he's not available. Chief of Guards Other duties: Identify the criminals(bagjumpers, naughty summoners, all kinds of trouble makers) and report them to Chief Justice as suspected people of town. Elected by citizens for a certain time. Chooses a deputy to help themselves. Chief of Justice A suspected character will wait with limited rights (or in prison) until CJ decides if the person is guilty or not. Then decides the punisment (if possible cant enter the city, cant use city storage, make pkable) Can't decide a punishment without a Guard's report. (I have no idea how can you limit this) In my opinion Chief Justice should be like Moderators elected by citizens for a certain time. If the Chief of Guards report something about Mayor, CJ can also punish Mayor. In this system Mayor has the most of the power but can be removed by only a Guard's report and Judge's decision together. Guards cant be removed until new one selected but only have right to report. And CJ(Judge) cant be removed until new one selected but only decides things about players not the city and cant use the power without report. We need Judges to watch out Mayor and we need Guards to watch out Judges. We need all three together to watch out citizens. Each city will have their own rules and own punishments. In some cities summoning high level monsters at certain places can be illegal but for others it's everyones right to summon anything. Everyone pays a certain amount of tax(1000-10000gc for a week) We still have old cities for the ones dont have or dont want to pay the money. Some of my sugestions can be improved and some of them may need new codes (new kind of moderator-cant use powers without report). Thats all what i can think of right now. p.s.: I didnt think all of them by myself. They're from RL and other games as well.
  4. yo windows pros help me out ;o

    The problem is about active desktop. To remove the shadow; right click desktop - properties - desktop - customize desktop - web then delete all active desktop elements. it should be look like this; btw windows help is really crap about these subjects.
  5. PK Contest adjustments

    i think it was all out war. and cyprom made that one too. the teams were really balanced. i was 40-45 a/d that time and it was even fun with that levels. i dont remember how did we managed to make the teams balanced though.
  6. Lithuania guild

    i think the idea is to gather people speak lithuanian language.
  7. EU Expansion

    ....ill write something tomorrow. i hope..( mods can delete this)
  8. Buying all ubber defense or attack items

    have you ever heard "irl rich" peoples an "EL shop" terms. and if you re reading forums you should know she buys items and sells ingame (like bronze armor)
  9. http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/01/07/mars.life.ap/index.html i just loved the title. pure american style.
  10. If you had 84 pp to spend in pc what should you do

    empi can you give the link to it? edit: thanks..
  11. No Drop Day

    thanks to GWAR guild for fun at WSC arena
  12. I was banned 4 multiplaying

    lol. at least he is creative.
  13. Artwork Updates

    the red dragon looks awesome. i think it will be stronger than giants. with: fire damage(coming from his mouth with beautiful animations) wing attack claw attack. i will willingly die against it
  14. Client test, PRE RC

    probably he meant sdl.dll look above i explained what to do.
  15. Client test, PRE RC

    Rename the file you downloaded. copy-past it to your Eternal Lands folder. Then double click to run it.
  16. teh_mita

    he also pmed me with same sh*t. then logged off.
  17. I got Banned

    lol still "your brother" after all these posts. please make a search with the word brother in bans section. bad brothers. they are all bad brothers.
  18. guild list

    From when do people have to level their skill in this game? You can still play the game without leveling any skills Or am i wrong?
  19. Blacksky9

    carry a dis ring. disangage with home key. if he attacks you use the ring
  20. Guild Policies on war commands

    Guild name: Dao Guild short name: Dao Declared Policy: No Interguild wars accepted Reason: Neutral guild
  21. jerry1

    cloudo also bjed another person then left Dao. He's not in Dao anymore. If you pm me in game we can discuss about your loss.
  22. Total war between guilds

    Fun?? how can it be fun when pp, who choose NOT to kill another person, are forced to watch other people slaughter eachother? This isnt MU, or Guildwars, or any other game that revolves around fighting and killing eachother! This is Eternal Lands..where people are encouraged to WORK together..all ages, all classes, all religions, all colours! By God..we just worked together to get the Global Warning System up..and now we are being encouraged to turn against eachother..now we are being forced to watch people kill eachother? No! Killing of another citizen of this World should be done in seperate places..so we all have the freedom to go see and join that if we choose..and those who choose not too, should be not forced to watch it.. Jez well.. i always like to watch fights in EL and i also fight sometimes. im in a peaceful guild but that doesnt mean we cant pk. fighting with animals and monsters is ok but fighting with people is slaughter. i dont get it
  23. Total war between guilds

    i voted yes for this idea. probably my guild (Dao) will never use this feature but i liked the idea. brings more fun to game :|
  24. Changing the Ila Prima tavern color

    i voted yes for the horse suggestion someone made. what was the real question?
  25. Buyable nexuses

    i voted no. i have my char over a year and made a plan about puting pps to nexus i need then after leveling a/d put some other to p/c. so why should i suffer for this. why not selling p/c. everone choose their own way and now you say mine's wrong. how could i know you would change such a critical part of the game?