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  1. Hoarding poll

    2-5 stones, sold teh rest coz well, i like gc better, 3.2 million gc atm so... we can say i'm hoarding gc maybe ^^ but i prolly will get rid of that ;)
  2. Mini Harv Events

    Umm, that was the gross income, not the net. The net is probably 2/3 of that, depending on your luck, skill, tactics, free spawns, and so on. But obviously a fighter has to work MUCH harder than a harvester, and spend much more money than a harvester, so it seems reasonable for them to be able to get more money at higher levels, no? though there is a difference inside the "high level" category : 120 a/d and less don't make so much money compared to 130 a/d's though there is only 10 levels difference, because a 120 can't go to yetis... so he will only get about the same money someone in 80's-100's would get even if he has 20-30 levels more...
  3. Storage Clear Out !

    kk just sold em anyway come on people, its almost overrrrrr some clothes, capes, weapons and some armor left gogo (see the list for what's left )
  4. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    1.2k / hour ? lol thats shit low, i think i get at least 3-4k/hour on chims ^^ i have to try again to figure out maybe its a bit less... but i know 1 load = about 1-1.2 million xp. i get like 300k/h and 16/20k so yes at least 3-4k/hour according to my calculations.
  5. Mini Harv Events

    there are too many, i counted 82 harvest events on 3500 toads (there were more though, ingame chatlog didn't go back far enough for me to count everything so, i think its more like about 100 on 3500) ^^
  6. Gold membership

    no flee / xp would be pro ^^
  7. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    i get 15-20k with 300 he/100 sr or so and 1 million xp on chims. i get 5 million xp with 300 he/100 sr on feros. and 20k+ gc i think it's decent enough ;> if u don't make money on your training it's because you are too weak for the monster you are fighting imo.
  8. Mini Harv Events

    /radu I buy 50k silver ore pl0x
  9. Mini Harv Events

    goldfarmers are there because you people buy thats all. edit : u start playing, u see u have tons of GC u don't need, so u get.. well what can i do with it, then u realize some people want to buy it so you sell it.
  10. Mini Harv Events

    It is annoying but as it was pointed out, this is independent of astro. This means that all people are equally affected. There is no disadvantage imposed on a particular group of people. Also people will adjust. They always eventually do. or quit ;> people will adjust, price will go higher as harvesting gets annoying, but i don't care, i can pay, i have enough money in store.
  11. Mini Harv Events

    You found 2 coins. You stopped harvesting. [TommyKnocker @ 4]: 4 events for 70 toads i think i will double the price You gained 6 extra harvesting exp. You stopped harvesting. [TommyKnocker @ 4]: 5 events on 88 now You gained 11 extra harvesting exp. You stopped harvesting. [TommyKnocker @ 4]: 6 events 100 toads now, this is insane -_-' You gained 9 extra harvesting exp. You stopped harvesting. [TommyKnocker @ 4]: 7 events 118 lmao wtf You gained 12 extra harvesting exp. You stopped harvesting. [TommyKnocker @ 4]: wee 130 toads 8 events This is to prevent from AFK harvesting, to fight against gold farmers so people will buy from shop instead of buying from players. But this penalizes people not selling gold and "regular players" too. I agree with ermabwed, this is annoying, i also think it will not help against gold farmers. The biggest goldfarmers are fighters, not harvesters. Do not forget this.
  12. Special Weapons

    i buy col pm me ingame : tommyknocker edit : u already know my ingame name though
  13. Storage Clear Out !

    holar buying bronze @ 9.2k ea and binding stones @ 8.5k ea so... you are wrong. I can tarde you armor + 1k for ingreds if you like i get even more gc ;> My price is ingred cost -1k gc = cheap
  14. Mare Bulungiu

    Damn SleepyDragon, so many people to kill 1 I will post screenie when i get home, it dropped 116k gc I think
  15. Cost of death poll... what are you willing to risk?

    No point imo, i think people in NCA will have a "pk rost" anyway so if i kill them i won't get any drop (but maybe the satisfaction of making them lose 8k )
  16. Empty vials & rings & storage!

    600k vials - 3 million gc, if u wanna make them
  17. Storage Clear Out !

    fox is sold, rest is ok @ others i will pm u ingame or try to catch me for trade :> edit : i will add the tools soon, not much but maybe u would need edit @ haze : price for bronze armor : count price for EFE @ 7.5k ea - price for bronze bar @ 9.5k ea - binding @ 8.5k ea; calc the price for the item, remove 1k and its my price
  18. Storage Clear Out !

    20k for sword (there is a bot paying 20k for) - feathers sold
  19. No alt month

    It's easy there would be much less harvesters, therefore much less supplies => mass inflation on essies etc (imo ^^) OR People would have to harvest themselves which mean less time for other st00fs => slower leveling etc
  20. EL Polls

    i voted all.
  21. Gold membership

    The "farmers" exist because there are buyers. This, in essence, is saying "All you lazy b@st@rds get off your virtual butts and mine your own resources". Amen.
  22. One character per person at a time

    If you don't want people to AFK harvest I say... ... Bring back the "Click each time to harvest a harvestable" this way, you can have 2 players online but if you want to harvest... you cannot play the other chara since you have to click each time (very old times ) - It's the same as flee 15 rounds for xp to prevent from afk training. But it would penalize people only harvesting with 1 char. So, make it something like : IF 2 chars for 1 person -> Then u need to click each time you harvest. If not, leave it regular harvesting system. (but there is a problem for ≠ People on same ip i'm sure you can find a solution though :>)
  23. One character per person at a time

    forbid gc buy/sell so no point having a harvesting alt and just buy from shop. How to find out ? gc sellers are known, just track their trades if its a solution to the "gc inflation" But, not this : if harvest alts are removed, it means less harvesters, therefore => Less stones found. So counterpart, less stones ingame means their price will increase - along with coal/silver/iron etc i expect because there will be less ressources entering the game. Assgny said "resulting in massive infusion of unnatural gc into the game." He is wrong again, it is not GC entering the game but flowers/ore/stones. You do not harvest GC right ?...
  24. One character per person at a time

    I think the trick would be to track gc and items that a person gets or gives without exchange of value when they have multiple known characters. Its quite hard to achieve imo. impossible to track each coin..