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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Rip Learner. Always a helpful one. Michic0_oL aka TommyKnocker ps, i've just realized this is my first post in 7 years, wish it would have been for different circumstances..
  2. very old players

    The "hi" part was fine. Should have stopped while you were ahead. And hi back at ya. wasnt THAAAT bad, it was just excitement
  3. very old players

    cmon i logged to say hi and my post got deleted
  4. Please unban

    Hi Ent ! long time no see He told peach & I he will be a good boy from now on
  5. Please unban

    Halloooo please unban ~TK. Happynewyear edit: petition petition ftw ^_^
  6. Just curious.. ~Tommyknocker
  7. Dragon Great Swords

    No, not at all. No great sword simply with an added 6 damage would be anywhere near as powerful as a bronze sword. hmm 20 to 30 less damage i think but would be more powerful than a thermal serp Thermal serp is useless against dragon armors. You can do more damage with a great sword imo. Thermal works real nice against iron/tit/steel though i know thanks >.< - but u now have heat/cold spells - whats the use of thermal anyway nowadays uh ? waste 90 usd to be a pimp ? - u better use osmn / cotm / jsocd vs tit or steel anyways lol less damage but would prooly kill faster (and what kind of noob uses iron for pk ) perhaps increase (again ?) thermal stats would be a better option :<
  8. Dragon Great Swords

    No, not at all. No great sword simply with an added 6 damage would be anywhere near as powerful as a bronze sword. hmm 20 to 30 less damage i think but would be more powerful than a thermal serp
  9. Dragon Great Swords

    So this would be like a bronze sword with less breakage a bit less damage but more stats \o/ - i don't play but i think 1 scale + sword to manu is too cheap. & high damage weapons bad with restore depending on rat/mag lvl Okay ur damage is too low on dragon armors btu we've been doing good for a while already why change it ^^ - bp cape ftw.
  10. Shocker is a spawn serper

    Haha there goes my legacy ;> another 3bul s3rp3rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i miss serping spawns ~TK.
  11. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    i used to have 1 only... gave it away though for my contest ^^
  12. [boedha @ 4]: got skillz joun =hc=

    lol @bkv & korrode ^^
  13. Is taking death bags considered "dispute'ish"?

    I didn't read the whole topic but I think it's ok to get an enemy's deathbag WRONG to get a green tag/allie bag (i love this rule when i am in *CO* because 99% of the guilds are red ) ~TK.
  14. pvp afk

    very easy to bypass... Really? How? By summoning shit? by giving the essies to a friend and he will heal the afk pvper for you -.- nah i thought at first of th "summoning shit" - but as you said "last PERSON you fought with" so i supposed animals and summons wouldn't work. It's easy to pvp somewhere with two other people pvping, just attack one of them and heal ur pvp... But i think people doing afk pvp are mostly training their defense so you don't need to heal them often due to the low damage you would inflict. I was able to train 1 hour just with 3 restores during a pvp which is like only 500 hp. Your partner can can just log off relog and heal you or attack another PERSON and heal you. edit : but the "not able to heal last person attacked" would for sure be dissuasive for thoses AFK trainers.
  15. pvp afk

    very easy to bypass...
  16. Depletable Resources Poll

    i voted ii don't care but in the end i would love to have it tried ingame i think
  17. Storage Clear Out !

    Armor Tit Shield - 27k Tit Cuisses - 40k Tit greave (x2) - 33k - 1 left Tit Plate - 76k Col - 65k Bronze Shield Bronze Cuisses Bronze Greave Bronze Plate Steel Greave - 25k Iron Greave - 6k Iron Cuisses - 6.5k Steel Chain (x2) Iron Helm (x15) 13x left Steel Shield (x16) Leather Armor (x8) Leather Helm (x902) Leather Boots (x3) Leather Pants (x3) Augmented Leather Armor (torso) Weapons Thermal Serpent Sword - Leading Offer 400k, sold. Cutlass Of The Mage - Leading Offer 470k from B (A offer = 420k, Bidder C = Out) - Sold for BIN price 500k to B Branch Of Destruction Used Cutlass Bronze Sword - 20k Iron Sword Tit Short Sword (x5) Titanium axe - 15k Short Bow - 1.8k S2E (x2) - 950 ea Iron Broad Sword (x2) Second Hand Titanium long Titanium Long (x61) - 59 LEFT Frying Pan Wooden Battle Hammer Steel Long Sword (x3) Iron Axe Iron Battle Hammer Quarterstaff Magic Rings Ring Of Glacmor (x22) - 15 left VOTD ring (x30) PL ring (x24) Dissengagement ring (x130) - 13 left White Stone ring (x10) DP ring (x70) Medallions Stars medallion (x10) - 9 left Sun medallion Moon medallion (x14) - 13 left Unicorn medallion (x3) Essences 756 LE 4.5ea 800 Spirit ess 12 ea 122 AE 8 ea 510 DE 5542 left Matter ess 9.5 ea 3756 Energy ess 8 ea 23973 HE - 7.5 ea 3553 Magic ess EFE (2x) - 8k ea ELE (3x) - 4.5k ea Potions 231 potions of attack 435Potions of Reasoning 380 Potion of invisibility[\s] 1095 495 Potion of coordination 45 potion of defense 84 potion of vitality 38 potion of wildness 34 potion of physique 21 potion of summoning 1 potion of will 1 potion of engeneering 9000 Potion Of Spirit Restoration 11 GHP 19 EMP - 350 ea Animal Items Small Dragon Scale 66 Brown Snake Skin 11 Black Panther Fur 36 Red Snake Skin 61 Polar bear Fur 22 Hawk Feather 117 Wolf Fur 28 Tiger Fur 219 Rat Tail 118 Brown Rabbit Fur 12 Skunk Fur 32 Leopard Fur 29 Feran Horn 49 Fox Fur 141 Falcon Feather 7 Cockatrice Feather 140 Raw Meat 4 White Rabbit 6 Green Snake Skin Clothes 28 Skunk Hat 11 Fox Scarf 28 Racoon Hat 45 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Skull Crossbone Scarf 1 Fur Pants 1 Fur Hat 12 Fur Boot 1 Black Blue Stripped Baggy Pants 1 Black Buccaneer Hat 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Blue Bandana - Leading offer 20 k Capes Mirror Cloak - 9k leading Offer, BIN 10k PowerSaving Cloak FR Cape - 3.1k BP Cloak (x3) - 2k ea Conjurer Cloak NMT Cape - Leading Offer : 390k COTU (x2) 1 - 6.9k - Harvestables 516 Fruit 6986 Vegetables 5410 BSF - (0.5 per) 1957 red snapdragons 18222 Red Roses (0.5 per) 350 Wood logs (wtf ?) 25 000 Blue Quartz (2ea) Books Tit Smelting Tit Modling (x3) TS potion (x4) - 3 left General Axe Construction (x3) - 2 LEFT Potion evasion (x3) - 1 left Tit long of fire Tit short of ice Tit long of thermal Tools 5 Hammer 110 Needle 5 Gemstone Hammer & Chisel 1 Saw 17 Mortag & Pestle 1 Ring Mold 1 Alembic STONES Rostogol Stone - 25k Reasoning Removal stone had some more stuff but sold th rest ingame already. I am still editing this post, putting prices etc. *If you want to buy something : Pm me Offer Ingame if price is not set, you can /gossip tell TommyKnocker Prices Have been Set Considering Bots Buy Price and Sell price which means : I won't accept offers under buy price of bots, but i sell cheaper than them ;>
  18. Storage Clear Out !

    6.9k (1 left the other one was sold to a bot for 6.9k) pm me ingame
  19. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    omfg (i got Phys remo once when i pked ant queen ^^)
  20. pvp afk

    A bug? WHAT THE FUCK? just saying ur char doesn't log off when u actually log off and that there is maybe 1-2 seconds delay before server would log you off... And if you are in a fight, even if you grue your character will stay ingame 1-2 seconds after the flee, which is enough time to reattack you and keep training while you are "offline" (but best is to keep the comp on if you wanna afk train )
  21. pvp afk

  22. Blake (The noobest pr0 or the pr0est nuub?)

    the other day i was trying to sell him some Cotu he said he doens't pk.. guess he had enough
  23. Storage Clear Out !

    wooo didn't check this topic for long i was on vacation ^^ Fearm ok for swords teehee some bots paying up to 80/pl ring i can sell to u for this price, same for votd mrfrancypants "Tit long of fire Tit short of ice Tit long of thermal" thoses are books not swords i will pm u though if u need em
  24. pvp afk

    i know many ways to keep away the flee bug u can go up to 600k or even more /h with a nice partner but as xsarondas said, u will use a lot a lot a lot of essies and sr ^^
  25. Storage Clear Out !

    clothes and books @ reduced price now! (ps i'm on vacation @ Biarritz in south of France, will try to log though, just gossip/pm xoooxooo ps, my comp also broke down it sux but i'll try to repair it ;>) ~TommyKnocker