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  1. btw, nobody gives a crap about IRON's opinion "Bleuren brings the worst out of everyone" yea bull...




    You're only proving their point.

    I speak for everyone also, I don't think the people on their list want the whole world knowing the problem they had with their guild :whistle:

    M'be they do...and m'be they don't...but seems like you are bent on seeing that happen...why not just leave them be? :cry:

    IRON is a great guild and bunch of ppl :mace:

    Rox on IRON

  2. :D !

    What is the exact message you get? And what ati radeon card exactly do you have?

    I have mobility radeon 7500 (as an example of what I mean)

    HI aislinn :(


    I finally got the problem fixed..through a few hours of discussions with a technician, turned out to be an issue with the bios, rather than the video card, thank you for your reply, see you all in EL :hehe:


    ~hopefully this will do it ~


  3. What kind of video card do you have? And do you have the latest drivers for your card?

    Hey Derin I have an ati radeon, and yes have the latest drivers available too:/ Not really sure what the prob is at this point...now I keep getting frozen..



  4. HI

    Since I redownloaded EL the mirror US 1 version, the 3d video card is not recognized by EL. I have checked the status of the card and it is in working order, I do not know why EL will not run properly with my computer anymore, as the system is fine on my end:/ Any suggestions and or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Kidz