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  1. Engineering Potions

    Ok, I rarely post, however, when I make the new Engineering Potions, I get disconnected from EL, and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. ~~~~Kidz
  2. I was thinking CHarisma as well, perhaps to increase one's ability to dodge a spawn, and/or increase one's odds with equipment repairs (slightly)
  3. YES.. IRON is PKING now!

    hush. You're only proving their point. I speak for everyone also, I don't think the people on their list want the whole world knowing the problem they had with their guild M'be they do...and m'be they don't...but seems like you are bent on seeing that happen...why not just leave them be? IRON is a great guild and bunch of ppl Rox on IRON
  4. download

    HI Since I redownloaded EL the mirror US 1 version, the 3d video card is not recognized by EL. I have checked the status of the card and it is in working order, I do not know why EL will not run properly with my computer anymore, as the system is fine on my end:/ Any suggestions and or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kidz
  5. download

    ! HI aislinn I finally got the problem fixed..through a few hours of discussions with a technician, turned out to be an issue with the bios, rather than the video card, thank you for your reply, see you all in EL ~hopefully this will do it ~ Kidz
  6. download

    Hey Derin I have an ati radeon, and yes have the latest drivers available too:/ Not really sure what the prob is at this point...now I keep getting frozen.. Thanks~kidz
  7. log on failure

    Hi all, When I click the EL icon to log on, I get a msg that it is not a valid windows image:/ Any ideas how to correct this? I could use the help:) Thanks Kidz~ Hey never mind..fixed it