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  1. Portland map

    Thanks so much Odie!!!
  2. thank you to momr58

    Never knew the dragon can get into the library. I thought it only stayed outside!!!??
  3. What do you do while you harvest?

    I read these forums and EL wiki. Sometimes I play Freecell.
  4. Portland map

    I think I cant figure out how to open it from the compressed form?
  5. Portland map

    I dont think I can use this file on my Mac.
  6. Tombolarul Lottery

    When is the draw for this lottery. How often? thank you.
  7. Is there a way to know by how much a given piece of armour has degraded? I wish this information could be included when using the 'eye'.
  8. LOVE and WAR

    My good friends and a couple of former guildies. A story in pictures. RL couple increase their knowledge in Desert Pines FRR.
  9. I would like to know game time and date before I log into EL. Could the Forums show that somewhere on the right panel?
  10. I was thinking of buying a Harvester Medallion but worry that it will just be destroyed by mother nature.
  11. Idea for a cape/perk

    I like this idea of a special cape at skill level 100. But instead of yet more capes, could we level up capes? I mean a more powerful level 2 harvester cape after reaching a certain level of harvesting. Add more benefits as suggested above. Perhaps a level 3 cape when the player has level 100 harvesting skill? This idea could carry on to the other capes as well. Additional benefits or perks for each level of cape.
  12. I have heard about the trust bot where players can enter information about players that scam or bag jump, etc. I know nothing about programming so this is a request for someone knowledgeable to make a similar type of bot to record trade bots that have no gold or no EMU. Of course it's important that this information is date and time sensitive. It will help those of us whose playing style is mainly harvesting, mixing and selling stuff. Thank you.
  13. the last Magic Day

    Anyone remember the date of the last magic day?
  14. More shirts, pants, and sandals?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Aislinn. I was really getting confused. I guess I would say then that I love to 'dress up' my character and I would spend a lot of gc buying purely fun items from an ingame bot.
  15. request to make a messenger bot to rate trade bots

    As noted above I know nothing about programming. Is it possible for a bot, any bot to keep a running tab of gc balance and EMU balance? Could this information be queried like we do with the #inv request? Or something along these lines. Of course there is still the problem of updating all the bots out there, IF this 'feature' is possible.
  16. More shirts, pants, and sandals?

    I would love it if we could buy any of the custom clothing available from a bot.
  17. Hi 'advanced newbie' here. I play EL because I don't have to combat if I don't want to.. Not the least interested in fighting games. Too many dailies giving a/d experience. What about us mixers.? edit: fixed typos
  18. request to make a messenger bot to rate trade bots

    no budget, sorry. and I cannot be more precise because as I said I know less than nothing about programming, hosting, the internet, and computers in general. Just had an idea after a frustrating day trying to sell my essences using the bot site as guidance. If there was a forum for the bot site I would definitely say something there. But now I've learned a couple of things. Thanks for the info.
  19. Need new daily for alchemy

    The combat players have been making the most 'noise' and therefore have had items added to the game that suit them. The rest of us need to make some 'noise' as well. Constructive noise that is. How can we make this happen? Should a mod or long time player start a poll? Can we start with some definite suggestions for a new daily quest for mixing?
  20. Need new daily for alchemy

    I really like this idea. A daily that requires you to use the Manufacturing window for bonus experience in alchemy or potions or magic or summoning. Something for almost everyone!! We'll leave the 'higher' skills alone - they can remain as a struggle or super challenge to level up. We need some things to be difficult after all.
  21. Need new daily for alchemy

    Harvesting skill has the Xaquelina Daily Quest. In addition Harvesting even has Alexsei Day for triple experience. It's absolutely fundamental to the game. Can't avoid getting experience in harvesting. Combat skills have the Haidir Daily Quest ... and also Sun Tsu Day for double experience. Definitely need a/d to gather animal skins, bones for bones powder, and meat for food. Very fundamental to the game. Alchemy ... nothing. No special quests ... no special day.
  22. The harvesting animation poll

    Just ask them? seems rude to walk up to a group of ppl and ask Whatcha y'all doin'? They shouldn't find it rude. But it is the same point. You're not supposed to be able to easily tell what someone is mixing. ah ha! I'm never argumentative but making endless thread is boring so... Wouldn't animation give away the fact that a person is not harvesting but mixing instead? okey dokey lvl 20 crafting. I'll let the animation debate continue in peace.
  23. The harvesting animation poll

    Just ask them? seems rude to walk up to a group of ppl and ask Whatcha y'all doin'?
  24. The harvesting animation poll

    Why do you need to know that? well as an 'advanced newbie' I still wonder why are all these ppl sitting around this particular resource. I could learn something from knowing what the heck they are all doing.
  25. The harvesting animation poll

    Instead of animations, I'd like to see an activity icon above a character's head. It would let an observer know if nearby characters are harvesting, mixing potions, manufacturing, crafting, ranging, engineering, etc. etc.