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  1. Mule level update

    Does anyone know if Radu, Roja and /or other people in charge are able or willing to implement the suggestion regarding mule level feedback from server. thanks
  2. Event times

    I usually log on around 03:00 to 04:00 GMT/UTC (morning coffee time for me). I do dailies quickly then am ready to play!! Sometimes I will log on again around 14:00 GMT/UTC.
  3. Nexus potions

    I agree with the nay sayers ( i.e no to a nexus potion or any other additional ways to get nexus). Nexus needs to be quite permanent and very hard to get because a character's skill and therefore a person's playing style are wrapped up in which nexus are chosen or omitted. This potion will destroy all the hard work many of us have put into getting nexus via pick points or via hydro bars. Furthermore this will destroy the incentive for us non-combat players who are slogging away happily to accomplish our nexus goals. This game has been around for years. I want to be playing for many more years. I need long term goals to pursue. I play this game because it is the only game out there where there are many other things to do besides combat. My playing style revolves around acquiring nexus ( and the related skill levels) so I can make certain things better than the majority of players in the game. I love the idea that I have to 'network' with other players and develop relationships of trust and cooperation in order to complete some tasks. I love these social aspects. I love the team work. I feel this potion idea would kill all of that.
  4. Brand new guild recruiting.

    Tell us something about yourself, Zodiac. How long have you been playing EL? What is your character build? What are your favorite parts of the game?
  5. About this Mac says: Max OS X version 10.4.11 Hardware Overview: Machine Name: Mac mini Machine Model: PowerMac10,1 CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.2) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1.25 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 1 GB Bus Speed: 167 MHz Boot ROM Version: 4.8.9f1 Serial Number: ********
  6. So I know I am not supposed to ask for help in getting these maps installed on my Mac because it is not an official map. Please re-direct me to the appropriate place to ask for help. Followed instruction on wiki page. tried several different ideas. (1.right click on application icon->"Show Package Contents"->Resources/data/maps/ then paste new maps into maps folder. 2.opened Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands and added new nested folders named updates/1_9_3/maps/ then pasted new maps there. 3. pasted new maps into Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/main/maps. I now see all my map markers on a white background. I know I did this correctly before when I successfully installed the Bloodsucker maps. LOL!
  7. This week we celebrated Candi's return to our world after a 2 month absence. \o/ Also we welcome new guildies Pant and Ecky. Chat once again is very lively and humorous.
  8. S2E project

    my fav place to make bars is Zirakgunda Underground. all the ings in one place. I can shorten the process by hauling FE to the mine instead of making them onsite. EMU is 600 for vert and 320 for sable I use meat and bones, or meat and toads for food. for either character I can end up with 100 bars in about an hour. a bit faster for vert, a bit slower for sable.
  9. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    #gm thanks for the help with the AFK message. mine is crazy because I could not delete anything in the box. vert_de_gris(K&M) and sable(PEN) edit1: lol I used '#gm' in post. I've been known to do that in emails too.
  10. Macintosh User Group [MUG] Client 1.3 Poll

    Mac OS X version 10.4.11 PowerPC G4 Mac Mini
  11. waiting, waiting, waiting,...

    while the server is updating.....
  12. waiting, waiting, waiting,...

    Thanks you Radu. love the idea a a transporation thingy!! oooo a new quest. yummy!!
  13. My EL Character Will Soon be 10 Years Old

    a truly inspiring story. for all those who tease me for playing EL (or any computer game) I shall show them this thread and say "Eat Worms!!"
  14. Boxed in At EVTR Iron

    A real crowd at the 1 lump of iron ore in the EVTR mine. (18th day of Chimar, 2:00 to 3:30). I wish there was a couple more lumps of iron ore in here.
  15. Boxed in At EVTR Iron

    lol loved the flashmob comment. dont give certain red tagged guilds any ideas. yea not a big problem. I tried to stay on the outside of the crowd. true about not having events at EVTR mine. it was my guild that was having the harv event there. closest to storage!
  16. Can I play using 2 game windows? How?

    My main character recently got to OA 100 and I would like to start another character with a different build. I am aware of the rules and dangers of making a mistake (rule 5) while playing 2 characters at the same time. How can I open 2 game windows at the same time using a Mac? my OS is old (10.4.1) . thank you
  17. Sable Vert_de_Gris Special prices are reserved for our guildies in PEN and K&M. All other players may make an offer not more than 15% below price listed from Greypal site. thank you.
  18. New baby dragon blue drop

    so how could they have existed for years? who had one?
  19. Horse Ranch

    I saw vino riding his black horse today. looks great!. But is a horse actually useful? not yet. I have heard that they can go double speed now, but there are still too many limits. What if the whistle was used to call the horse somewhat like the mule glyph is used for changing to a mule. There is a cost for the whistle (real money in EL store) and you need another whistle to call the horse back. The horse would wander away (thus needing another whistle) if it is rider-less for more than 12 minutes (a little longer than a death bag). So now the horse can be used as transportation. Carrying capacity is the same as the player's capacity.
  20. separate chat log for alt

    thanks for the advise on how to open 2 windows. Happily playing with my 2 characters. Now I would like to have a separate chat log for each character? How can I do that on my Mac mini? Running Mac OS 10.4.11. thanks
  21. separate chat log for alt

    thanks raunch. I will try that.
  22. PK/combat summoner

    I like Rabbitman's build advice. Definitely need Will to increase maximum Health and Mana. Vitality makes summoned creatures stronger and again increases maximum mana. Last but not least Physique will help you survive (Toughness and Health). I wonder if I should also get the Conjurer Perk and Summoner Perk. I think I will also get the Mage Pants and Skirt. What do you think about wearing the Camouflage Cloak? thanks
  23. Horse Ranch

    Having a horse is expensive as it should be. Need to pay a monthly real money fee to keep your horse in a stable. Could also be a yearly fee like having a trade bot. when riding the horse have to keep it fed with creature food, which we already have in the game. speed and/or max health and/or EMU of horse can increase with levels, but doesnt have to because we already have mules and the phoenix. horses in combat can be killed and go to underworld. player has to #suicide to find his horse in underworld and lead it back out. horses need to be healed in the same ways as elves, humans, and dwarves, etc. possibilities for some new spells and new potions. horses need armour to protect them. various armours use up EMU, reduce speed and require nexus points. possibilities for new manufacturing and crafting items. some weapons get stronger hit when used while on a horse. many weapons lose accuracy from horseback. player may get increased defense on horseback - harder to hit. Just some ideas to start. using as much as possible things and ideas that already exist in the game. EDIT: If Radu does not want players with money to have an advantage in combat then it could be made so that a horse in combat has no noticeable advantage. major lose of accuracy. hits to horse reduce player's health also, etc. no armour for the horse.
  24. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    I will be available today Saturday, 24 November 2012, 14:30:00 UTC until Saturday, 24 November 2012, 20:30:00 UTC [16:36:24] [PM to mercator: about me] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ vert_de_gris is a Female Elf. ] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ vert_de_gris K&M is online as of a few minutes ago] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [########## Attributes ##########] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Physique : 30 Coordination : 30] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Reasoning : 7 Will : 31] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Instinct : 4 Vitality : 4] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [########## Skills ##########] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Attack : 74 Defense : 77] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Harvest : 78 Alchemy : 73] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Magic : 40 Potion : 61] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Summoning : 27 Manufacture : 33] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Crafting : 31 Engineering : 24] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Tailoring : 0 Ranging : 20] [16:36:25] [PM from mercator: [ Overall : 102/102 : ] [16:36:26] [PM from mercator: [########## CrossAttributes ##########] [16:36:26] [PM from mercator: [ Might : 30 Matter : 30] [16:36:26] [PM from mercator: [ Toughness : 17 Charm : 4] [16:36:26] [PM from mercator: [ Reaction : 17 Perception : 5] [16:36:26] [PM from mercator: [ Rationality : 19 Dexterity : 18] [16:36:27] [PM from mercator: [########## Special Levels ##########] [16:36:27] [PM from mercator: [ Combat : 180.25 Instancelevel : 75.5]
  25. Shooting the $#*+...

    I would like to have a job..a career. EL is my career and I am totally devoted to my career!