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  1. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    Then I'll elaborate I don't use privacy, so anyone can check my stats and rankings... I haven't played EL for a few weeks except for an hour once or twice, but I used to be quite active. I used to be, for a long time, co-captain of AID, and for a while I've been a recruiter in IRON. I'm not always that involved in guild stuff, the biggest part of being in a guild, for me, is the social aspect, just chatting and all; I'm enough of an all-rounder that I rarely need help from other people beyond the market (I'll get back to that). I certainly don't create on a schedule; the idea of being an all-rounder is so I can go and do whatever I like whenever I like (it doesn't always work, but that's the plan). As such, I usually have some quantity of ingredients for whatever I do. I don't create all items, however... First, we'll remove summoning from the list. I used to work on summoning, but I stopped that a while ago. Still have lots of fur, meat, etc, AFAIK; it wasn't due to lack of space. I also don't usually create the low-level items like FE and WE, I try to buy them on market in bulk (as in, 1k is only sometimes enough to be worth my time. Usually I try to buy 5k-10k, although I've bought like 50k before, I think. I've gone through them fast enough that it's not crazy to buy that many). That's not to say I don't have any of the ingredients for those items, however... Some I do(sapphires, for example), some I don't(for example, the roses I usually don't stock). As for things like vials... No, I don't make them myself, it seems more economical to get them from the NPC... I could, if I wanted to, but I don't. Being an all-rounder doesn't mean I have to be able to make every possible item in the game at a minute's notice (although, with my stocks and PPs, I could probably make close to all, even if it took several steps like making tools... Apart from enchanted swords. I have plenty of the enriched essences, but only 1 modable, from memory), it means I can make stuff in a range of skills. As for a classless game, that's silly. Just because there isn't a set of formal classes doesn't mean that people don't develop their own classes... However, the PP/nexus issue doesn't really do that much to prevent people from becoming masters in everything (when, IMO, you should have a choice between expert in all or master in few). It's more efficient to hire low-level players to make low-level stuff for you (as far as time goes, anyway, the economy is busted enough that it's not cost-effective for many items) when you're a high level, but you can still be at a position to make all items. Are there things I can't make? Sure. To start with, summoning stones. But I gave up summoning and still have many ingreds. I also wouldn't really like the risk making things like dragon plate... But then, it's hardly worth making anyway. Ti plate and great swords are fine, crowns are fine, high level potions, apart from nexus 6, are fine, harvesting is fine, engineering is, AFAIK (considering I haven't tried making the new items yet), fine, I can cast high level spells, I can kill medium-high level monsters (I can kill chims, even if I don't train on them), I can alch anything (and I do things like hydro and wolf bars for some friends, since it's low-risk). I think that's all the skills covered. I'll certainly grant that you can't store every single item in the game. That's a given. But then, I see no reason why you'd want to. Many of them aren't worth having. Others might be worth having some of the time (for example, tools), but you might break them... And then not make more until you need them. Or for another example... Why keep all of the great swords in stock in case you sell one, when you can just keep the ingredients and create on demand? This also happens to be cheaper and more economical. Maybe it takes market analysis and exploring the costs to be able to pick which few things not to keep. Maybe not. But I do know that I can have a lot of free slots while I have the items to make pretty much whatever I feel like when I feel like it.
  2. onscreen keyboard

    Sounds good, but do you really want to keep a window open all the time for each command you want to send? Ideally, the # would be remapped for those people whose keyboard doesn't match up with the assumptions in the code (there's already support for an alternate cmd_char)... That was one of the things I was thinking of for a keybind window... A keybind editing window would be more flexible and useful, IMO, but lately I haven't had the time or inclination to work on EL, so I haven't developed one yet, and I may not in the future. If you or someone else wants to work on it, I'm happy to discuss my ideas
  3. Objects semi-transparent

    As far as IotF, it's not a place that everyone needs to go to. If people get bad performance there, well, there're many more maps they can live in. The same would not be true if it applied to all maps. We have seen cases where things that shouldn't be a heavy drain on resources, and aren't for most people, are on some cards. As for the older computers, you're getting rather accusatory, and it's offensive. 3D terrain is not coming in this update, since it will require shaders, which are part of OpenGL 2, which not all chips/cards support (even though it could have been developed long ago. I hear that even the new integrated Intel chips may be able to do shaders, though). A fair bit of consideration goes to the players with older video cards; however at the same time we need to consider what can be done to make EL better for those whose computers can handle it.
  4. Enhanced Fighting System

    As far as I know, the current design of EL doesn't allow things to have variable speeds (which is also the reason why a different suggestion is knocked back each time someone suggests it), so it won't really work. You can, of course, still go for a high accuracy/dodge instead of higher damage per hit, but that's not new
  5. spell bar malfunction

    Wow, that's nasty (it's things like that that make me want to wrap up free() to always set =NULL as well, just so it's a bit safer... Or just use a language like C++ to avoid half of the problems). changing to <6 and always (and I mean always, apart from high-usage (eg many times per frame) functions where it is either clearly documented where it's reused, or is reallocated immediately) setting free()d pointers to NULL should fix that. But I don't think it's the problem here, because, as far as I can tell, that would only break when the quickbar is full. And it currently breaks even when the spellbar is not (and has not been) full. I don't have the time to fix it myself, though.
  6. spell bar malfunction

    To add a bit of information... When a spell is cast by quickbar, not spell window, the "add to spellbar" button is corrupted (not sure why) which causes problems like this.
  7. New Weather

    Winding back the fog is simple enough, so that I can do. The rain, yes, they're currently all dots (GL_POINTS, as a matter of fact). The old style used GL_LINES, to make it look like the rain was thicker, but it doesn't look realistic (IRL, a falling drop of water is roughly spherical, although it may appear to be a streak as an optical illusion). Some moving at a different speed is not, AFAIK, realistic, for any large variation. And the rain drops already do have a small random value used in movement. They could be made to move faster, the drops are, perhaps, unusually slow compared to IRL, but you can actually watch them moving (when far enough away). The old rain was a line in a random location (which repeated regularly, it's only random the first time), which moved way too fast to be watchable. I do have a particle system that Xaphier coded using shaders, which would be far more efficient as well as allowing a bit more freedom in size/etc, for computers that support shaders... However, working on that is a long way away, if I work on it at all. The current NEW_WEATHER, although not well tested and a bit more demanding of the computer than the old weather (since the old weather 'cheated' with lines to make it look like the rain was thicker), is still an improvement (IMO) over the old weather as far as realism and appearance. There is also support for wind in the code, which would make rain be able to go diagonally, same with snow and sand and all... And the different precipitations have different weights, and hence are affected a different amount (hence the snow, which is lighter, should show more evidence of variations in wind, moving a bit more erratically, as well as being slower to fall). However, to see the different weather patterns, and the effects of wind, you have to edit the code. weather.c line 422 or so has //If this function was called, then we're not type-aware set_weather_ratio(1, 100); You can change the 1 to another type: 0 = NONE 1 = RAIN 2 = SNOW 3 = HAIL 4 = SAND 5 = DUST 6 = LAVA At some stage Entropy may have time to add server support for the different types of weather... At that stage, some tuning of values may be required, but the code itself has been finished (apart from one bug introduced in the mean time, which wasn't noticed until right before the update) since a few months before 1.4; so it's ready to go
  8. Skybox discussion

    I think I've only made one commit in the last few weeks, between university assignments, lack of motivation, and playing other games... If anyone else wants to pick up the things I've been working on, they're welcome to, but I have my doubts. That said... I've added the camera range to my TODO list. The rest, no, I'm not going to work on, although I can test and check in patches from other people who want to work on things like that. Even if I did have the motivation and time to work on EL many hours a day, I have plenty of pure-code work on my TODO list, in areas that I have an understanding; whereas things like that would be graphics/OpenGL related, which I'm not that good at, and working with the skybox and all, which I don't have a solid understanding of (most of my work has been cleaning up what Emajekral sent me, and fixing bugs. Not much on the feature side).
  9. New client menu mock-up

    If I do end up doing the keybind editor window I've considered, then that will take care of the @, #, %, /, and whatever else... It would also be able to allow the user to assign hotkeys to commands, actions, config options, etc. I just don't know if I'll have the energy, time, and inclination to build that system or not.
  10. Quote of the week submissions

    Should I assume you're trying to say SOS three times? It's hard to tell where the split is.It's better to more clearly demarcate, giving .- / -... . - - . .-. / . -..- .- -- .--. .-.. . And as a side-note with a bit of trivia, who hasn't heard a mobile/cellular phone with the tone di-di-dit dah-dah di-di-dit ? That's actually morse code. di-di-dit being the three dots of S, and dah-dah being the two dashes of M (making SMS, short message service). Of course, if you mess up and put in an extra dash in the middle, you get SOS, which is bad For bonus credit, some reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code
  11. How fast r y00?

    I'm like, looney, and stuff, using a 64bit system (mad, eh?) so Flash is kinda borked. So instead, a different speedtest Yay for Internode and ADSL2+ (theoretically up to 24Mbps if you're next door to the exchange... We're a bit away, so up to about 12Mbps)
  12. Digital Clock Bug / Glitch 5:59 -> 6:00 -> 0:01

    Yes, some of Karen's code had it %=360 in an #ifdefr, and in a recent cleanup I moved it out of the #ifdef. Realistically, it should be 6:59->1:00, since the idea of zero is actually pretty new; but it's not like realism, believability, or any approach at historical accuracy has much importance here.
  13. I need help, lol yeah i know...

    It may be a good idea to say whether you are looking for a US$20 non-blessed trade, or a US$100 for blessed. Also, the thread title makes it sound like you need help with something bot-specific, rather than US/gc exchange (which is used for other things as well), and you may not get people who do exchanges reading it. ed: Mayhaps I shouldn't try to do maths at 0550
  14. Guild Storage

    Sounds similar to the guild storage chars you can have, subject to payment and certain rules... Maybe that would do for you?
  15. New client menu mock-up

    Sure, if that had been what I said. Mouse or keyboard, in what I'm talking about, are optional.You can do it all with keyboard, starting with a hotkey (and then just normal keys, for speed), or mouse (assuming you have a button to pop up the menu). You can also mix between keyboard and mouse, but most of the time that probably won't be as fast (although sometimes it can be really fast, but you need practice for that). I'll give an example. You press the hotkey for the menu, say alt+a. You then have a window show up that has a half dozen options, like "guild commands", "channel commands", "emotes", etc. You type the key or click on guild commands, and the menu changes to things like "members list", "guild message", "set tag", etc. You type/click, and it either sends the message (like #list_guild) or puts in the command (like for #set_short_name). It could also pop up a window with a textbox for input, but I don't think that's appropriate, especially if you have to mouse-over it to type (plus the main input widget has better editing than normal textboxen) Now, certainly, for the less verbose commands, typing straight in will be faster. There's no way around that; even if your menu has them all on one page; or you click for category and then all in that category on one page, the time to look through the list for what you want will take longer than typing... Assuming you know the command to type. If you don't, then the menu will be faster, because the other alternative is to look it up in ctrl+h (heh, like everyone can read) or ask on a channel/help_me
  16. New client menu mock-up

    Well, not necessarily. There's code in place to hide the statbars if the resolution is too low, 800x600 is no longer large enough for both clocks and statbars to be shown.The ideal system is probably a tree... But it doesn't have to be graphical. Press the hotkey to get the menu, then the keys to travel down the tree. There are similar things in other games, including for types or emotes, etc... It takes a while to be able to use it quickly, but the keyboard use will be faster than mouse and you can still allow mouse anyway.
  17. Sphere's Trade Bot List

    Vakana does trade, as well as the information, games, and other stuff, so she could be listed with the other trade bots
  18. Pair of Teleport Spells

    Any sort of dead zone means a lot of work keeping up with the changes in maps, new maps, etc. All it takes is one mistake and a lot could happen to the economy, such as if one person finds a corner in the hydro mine that they can beacon. If you just want preset locations, well, I think a reasonably cheap spell (less than portals room, in mana, essences, and perhaps required level) that takes you to either the ring or portals room destination would work (because, hey, you can teleport to those anyway, this is just a cheaper way when you're already close). ed: Darnit, I typoed portlas twice (and apparently it's in my dictionary, or konqueror would have indicated the mistake). Looks like Ent agrees with the against reasons, although I hope he'll still consider the teleport to ring/portals-room destination idea
  19. That's what I said, but I'll elaborate.Normally, the client will wait up to afk_time minutes of inactivity before automatically marking you as AFK. This will be unset as soon as you use the keyboard or click the mouse (not mouse movement, although allowing mouse movement to reset the AFK timer would be a simple code change). If you set afk_time to 0, however, it's then under manual control. You turn AFK on and off with the #afk command; it will never automatically mark you as AFK, nor will it unset AFK on keystrokes, etc. Therefore, if you set afk_time to 0, and remember to turn AFK on, everyone who PMs you (unless they are on your #ignore list) will get your AFK message straight away (once only, as long as your client is running, unless you mark yourself as AFK a second time).
  20. That shouldn't be a problem, just set AFK time to 0, manually enable AFK, and then everyone will get your AFK message and you can follow up with the people you do want to talk to. Granted, it may irritate a few people when they get the message, although if you have it on permanently then they only get it once per day or whatever, but it means you don't even have to do anything to send a message to the spammers.
  21. When i log in it closes

    Okay, and the rest of the information about your computer, especially which video card/chip you have? You can see the list of important information as well as help on finding it out in the pinned topics, Troubleshooting guide, please READ THIS FIRST and Graphics problems?
  22. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    I like being able to do stuff... Variety and all that. So having the skills to make whatever I felt like was important. Of course, there's not a great deal worth making, or that much variety in EL, but I didn't really consider that... Plus with the limited variety, developing all skills matters more. Except summoning, since that takes PPs and doesn't really give you much (or didn't until the stones, but I don't want to invest the PPs and time for that)
  23. It's already possible for the message to get chopped, so removing a few more probably won't hurt... The problem I see is that some people won't know what AFK stands for (those that do are probably more likely to guess that the fast responce is automated). I do like the idea, I think it would help some people, but there are always going to be some people who can't understand it, no matter how well you try to explain.
  24. Current CVS errors

    Actually, the books/* errors have another error... User error. They should not be compiled in unless you have ENCYCLOPEDIA set, which isn't even an option in make.defaults . Granted, they should have an #ifdef guard set as well, but they shouldn't be included at all. I'll go fix all except the user error ed: Done, hopefully all better now.
  25. Recycling Skill

    If it's new, as in time, and you just made it... The only point would be to get the experience, both in production and in recycling.On the other hand, think about how many ti longs are sitting in storages gathering dust, thanks to being monster drops for so long... It's not just monster drops, of course, items that made sense for a player to make and use a while ago may not be the best option anymore... And instead of selling, the player may decide to get ingreds back instead.