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  1. Ideas For Maps

    maybe not a whole grid, just have markings on two sides like a ruler there without a grid overlay. if you want to get fancy, you can even have a red and blue slider arrow on each of these scales to show the co-ords of the current and destination locations doing it this way means you don't have to alter maps, it'll automatically be drawn for all maps
  2. Antisocial Perk

    I agree with vanyel, when i first took it, i thought it'd make a few things harder, but wouldn't have that big an impact... boy, was i wrong. for like a week or two after i took it, i'd find myself taking vegetables(i usually spend my harvest hour on them, if i'm not after stuff from the mines) to the tavern, then stop myself and realise i can't sell them anymore the simple things like that aren't really thought about it is is a serious impact on what you do, the only NPCs you can interact with are quest, and vital ones(eg, magic shop will sell sigils, as there's no other way at all to get them)
  3. Wtf Happend To My Latency?

    there's been a few previous times when there's been serios slowdown... i've used tracert to check the times, and it goes as normal until the last stop, the EL server. sometimes i don't get a reply at all from there, but everything up to there is working as normal so sometimes it is the EL server, or something very close to it
  4. Linux?

    it all depends on why they want linux... to learn about it, or just to have a better operating system, and don't want to care about all the niggly config... some people wouldn't be able to handle editing any config file that needs changing, they want wizards and gui tools to do it. and after a number of the source packages i've downloaded and tried to compile, i'm strongly of the beleif that packages are a lot easier. this may be just slackware because the official package list is so tiny, and there's little chance of troubles with only them, i don't know how much troubles using packages with something like debian (with all the thousands of packages from people all over th world) would mean
  5. Race Abilities

    if the differences are severe enough, maybe you should have a period when players can change race if they want to, since originally the decision was purely cosmetic otherwise if your focus is opposite that of what your race becomes, you're disadvantaged
  6. I need your input guys!

    things are hard enough for newbies to learn already, sending the wraith in three directions won't help matters. if you want to move something to reduce congestion at that point, maybe have the tutorial npc and new char spot elsewhere on IP? other side of the fire, for example, there's not much up there. and a bit of a facelift probably wouldn't hurt, but it's great as it is as for the #beam, removing that completely would be a problem, even without map bugs. for one thing, teleport to range, and find you don't have enough for another, and no tele rigns... or get pinned in at storage or something... there are some places it'd only take two people to lock in several more (eg inside the stand of the magic apple, get an afk person on either end of the inside, and anyone else is stuck) so for below 20, say, beam goes to IP, and over 20 (that's any skill), it goes to a random location half a screen away. can't get trapped, but not useful for anything else, in this case it really is just a bug escape tool (trying to escape a monster? what if you jump towards it? 8^)
  7. |337 H4xx0rz...

    oh yeah... anyway, quick guide to tell if they're a hacker... if they go announcing it, they're probably not. if they threaten you, they're probably not. if they want to break into a personal computer(footnote) they're probably not some hackers are interested in security, either attack or defence... many of those interested in attack will try to attack their own systems, to find things... that's how projects release updates covering security holes that have no known exploit, people stress testing and searching the source the other ones will only be interested in more ethical purposes (such as hiring out as a network defence tester, pay me to find the problems and fix them before some nut on the net finds them!) or attack large targets, usually with a reason they can claim is ethical (such as attacking microsoft, because of the stuff MS does... but most hackers know this doesn't make fighting back right) and of couse the ones into defence do similar things the opinion of most hackers on the issue of attacking other peoples' computers is basically that there's plenty they can do on their own computer, why would they need to waste time breaking into someone elses?
  8. Linux?

    personally, i use slackware. it quickly gets up to date (KDE is huge, yet last version was available as official slackware packages only a couple of days after the final source version was released), has official packages that cover most of what you need, not a large list, so sticking to this you can steer well clear of most problem. There's also a large number of user contributed packages available on the net if you're happy with that. the text configuration is an advantage, for me.. i wanted to learn how it all works. but i wouldn't suggest it for someone new to linux. one of the ones focused on new linuxers would be best, like Mandriva (previously mandrake) or Suse note that i haven't tried either of these, but they're well recommended in many places. for a big list of distros, check here but if you want to learn how to use many of the command-line tools available, get used to the directoy system, etc, a good place to start is CygWin, a linux terminal and commands within windows. you can even get some of the graphical programs working, though this starts to get into larger downloads
  9. |337 H4xx0rz...

    actually, i think it's more common journalism (television, mostly) that causes the problem... plus the fact that script kiddies call themselves hackers because they dream of such ability (but not the maturity that it requires, ironic, no?) to all the people that they (try to) attack. problem is, the programs they use are usually written by people who actually do have some clue
  10. |337 H4xx0rz...

    pity that more people don't know not to use hacker to mean that sort of thing... they're script kiddies... or the good ones, who attack commercial targets (and wouldn't bother with a personcal computer) are crackers. hackers are the people who write code, the really good stuff. for more info (and quite a few funny bits beside) read Hacker Jargon Files and in particular Entry on crackers and the links from that share the knowledge :lol:
  11. Just A Question Important To Me

    the relevant part isn't physical age, but maturity. and there's some kids a lot more mature than many adults. and the maturity you can kinda judge when it's important, when you interact with them
  12. 4 Misc Suggestions

    nope, i just tested it, and it does block for about a second. but less than one or two seconds between posts is pretty hard for any decent size message anyway. so yes, we have it, it just doesn't solve the problem
  13. Random Harvest Events

    well, IMO, the just stopping is more of an accidental feature than a bug 8^) if that happened more often, it'd serve the random stop purpose without upsetting people, it should be coded in and increased. as for what causes it, i'm thinking it's something the client sends, it seems to happen more often on an alt+tab than if i'm afk for a few
  14. Random Harvest Events

    yeah, there's no notice for either the player or the people around what happened, but i'm certain it's not a death thing... when you have enough health to survive the stronger cave-ins, you don't get sent to the underworld i haven't seen the code, but i haven't died since i started leaving any time i was injured enough to die
  15. Random Harvest Events

    well, for the record, it's not actually an instant death, it's another one of those taking damage ones, but you run out of health. if your health is high enough that a cavern wall won't kill you, don't don't die... as for how frequent it is, i think that was to stop the harvest and walk away type... so i think it should be more frequent. but yes, ballance the good, the bad, and the neutral a bit better (neutral is just stopping, nothing else happens... it happens to me occasionaly, anyway) the positive bonuses aren't large either, unless it's a rare event like a stone, but the damage ones are usually pretty heavy. two cavern walls can probably take out most harvesters, and a couple of beestings a newbie at the flowers... the caverns might be realistic, but not the bees. if the damage were reduced, the good/neutral/bad ballanced a bit more, then they could be more frequent (to interupt the afk harvesters, which i think was the original goal) and still have people generally happy
  16. Marco1

    the problem here is, i checked the stats... all 0... this looks to me like a characted made just to steal or other Bad Things. Plus it's easy to remove the char and make another (after transfering the stuff in storage)... new name, same player, no way to know it's the same troublemaker! (and no, not bag-trading isn't an acceptable answer, and yes, i've suggested a solution about that in another area of the forum)
  17. Remove Beam My 2 Cent

    The problem is that you can get trapped by players... it doesn't take many, either, if you're in a tight area... Beam for no level over 10 (or whatever) to current location, beam over that level to some spot about a screen away on current map, maybe? it won't really help you escape stuff, but can solve map bugs, an oops with tele to range, and getting boxed in
  18. Client wishlist version 3

    A few minor issues/ideas: To protect from the combat misclick (i was walking, and this bear got under the mouse, why am i in the underworld?), have it so that for other players, or players and animals, you have to select the combat toolbar button; walk will not attack. And have the combat button work as walk, so you have a walk button and a walk-or-fight button Get rid of the change-catch when clicking... using walk button (and fighting) then you click a potion, then you have the use icon and can't fight-click straight away. It's easy to forget, and gets annoying. the cursor should stay on the selected option (and see combat misclick part, safer from fighting) In chatlog, it'd be nice to have last-seen line, like mIRC has... Basically, if you're in chat log, alt-tab out, then a line would be put in at the bottom, when you come back, you can easily see what you read up to. And of course the line is moved next time you alt-tab out (not just add a nother one) have a way to remove f9 flares, they take up resources. f9 flares seem to get calculated even when in chatlog, is there a need? (at least, having flares makes the cpu run up on my box, even when not viewing the main window) i set a flare off in the vegie patch, and the wrong side of the cabbages were lit up... not sure if this is client or model issue, but it looks odd. cabbages also have a hole in them, you can see inside that they're hollow, you can see the same with wells, the ground is there. black floor to the well, and completely cover the cabbage would fix these minor cosmetic issues. Since this is a model issue, not certain if it's right for client wishlist or not when get the rain sound in VOTD, the off-trigger for the sound is only used when in main window. Since i'm often in chatlog, i miss that, so the rain sound does _not_ stop, even if i leave the map! i have to come back to VOTD and be in main view when the rain is stopping before i can get rid of the sound! The currently used font makes 1(one) and l(lima) look very much the same, changing it may help you to message the right person, etc. the client sometimes does some sort of sticky alt or ctrl key thingy... alt-tab into the window, type something, and all sorts of things happen when it takes each char as alt+ instead. If this can't be fixed(ie, it's a windows problem, though i don't think so), at least make it so you can disable the alt+enter = fullscreen toggle, that causes a resync while it changes. The rest of it, i can delete and start again (yes, that could be a bug report, but it's also a feature request, in that you can disable full-screen)
  19. I'd had a bit of a look around, couldn't find these ideas suggested elsewhere, could have missed them though courier jobs/items have some sort of item that's sold only in one place, bought only in one place, and isn't usable at all. higher pay for more dangerous locations, and you could maybe have packages that randomly give off radiation damage as a really high paying job(and have radiation protection reduce it, of course) i've heard of a few people who ask to be made PKable. so maybe there could be a PKable negative perk for like -15 PP be able to #save without haveing to #quit and log on again!
  20. System Specifications

    Sure, I'll play too 8^) OS: slackware -current with latest -mm linux kernal, or WinXP... depending. CPU: pentium -4m 512M RAM - 32M for video integrated intel 855 video card adsl connection FPS in windows is about 30-40 zoomed right out, 15-20 in linux (in windows, the cpu is maxing out, in linux it's not, so i figure it's the graphics card)