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  1. Scarr is right and to clear things up i never posted any of my art my friend was bein an idiot and tryin to get me in trouble i dont claim what isnt mine and i thank u scarr i read the post and checked my photobucket and i agree those are not mine i have gotten rid of the pics and i will show (MY OWN WORK)

  2. The shadow fell across Tesmor Lokian's table,

    enveloping not only much of it, but also his hand and

    his as-of-yet-undrunk ale. The black-haired Dragoni

    did not have to look up to know who interrupted

    his brief respite from his day's labor. He had heard

    the newcomer speaking to others in the Scarlet Wish tavern-

    the only tavern in the remote village of Emerald Valley-

    heard him speaking and prayed silently but vehemently

    that he would not come to Tesmor's table.

    It was ironic that Tesmor prayed for the stranger to keep away,

    for what stood waiting for Tesmor to look up was none other than

    a missionary from the Temple of Aluwen. Resplendent in his

    collard silver-white robes- resplendent save for the ring of Emerald Valley

    mud at the bottom--he no doubt awed many a fellow villager of Tesmor's.

    However, his presence did nothing but dredge up terrible memories for the

    dragoni, who now angrily fought to keep his stare fixed on the mug.

    "Have you seen the Light, my brother?" the figure finally asked when it was clear

    that his potential convert planned to continue to ignore him."Has the Word of

    the great Prophet touched your soul?"

    "Find someone else," Tesmor muttered, his free hand involuntarily tightening

    into a fist. He finaly took a gulp of his ale, hoping his remark would end the

    unwanted conversation. However, the missionary was not to be put off.

    Setting a hand on the dragoni's forearm-and thereby keeping the ale from

    again touching Tesmor's lips-the pale young man said, "If not yourself alone,

    think of your loved ones! Would you forsake their souls as--"

    The dragoni raored, his face red with a rage no longer held in check.

    In a single motion, Tesmor leapt up and seized the startled missionary by the collar.

    As the table tipped over, the ale fell and splattered on the planked floor,

    unnoticed by its former drinker. Around the room, other patrons,including a few rare

    travelers passing through, eyed the confrontation with concern and interest...and

    from experience chose to keep out of it.Some of the locals, who knew the dragoni well,

    shook their heads or muttered to one another at the newcomer's poor choice of subjects.

    The missionary was a hand taller than Tesmor,no small man himself at just over six feet,

    but the broad-shouldered dragoni outweighed him by half again as much and all that muscle

    from day after day of tilling the soil or seeing to the animals. Tesmor was a square-jawed

    dragoni with the bearded,rough-hewn features typical of the region west of the great city

    of Irsis, the "jewel" of the eastern half of the world. Deep-brown eyes burned into the more

    pale ones of the gaunt--and suprisingly young--features of the Temple's proselytizer.

    "The souls of most of my family are beyond the Prophet's gathering,brother! They died

    nearly ten years ago to plague!"

    "I shall s-say a prayer for...for them--"

  3. Irilium Plate Mail

    +100 to armor

    +5 heat and cold protection


    Irilium Helm

    +6 to armor

    +5 magic resistance

    Add 800 to Life


    Irilium Cuisses Irilium greaves

    Slightly increases walking speed +5 to armor

    +8 to armor Mana Drain Protection



    +9 Defence 20% chance to regenerate mana PS.PLZ post comments

  4. Far in the heavens, the gods of Serilia sat on their thrones judgeing the got of battle Mortos for crimes against the mortals. Mortos was once a peaceful god known for his benefit for the mortals, but he has begun to loath them for their lack of worship and power. Mortos gathered hundreds of legions of dark creatures to wage war on Mortals. For his evil deeds the gods banished him to dwell with the mortals as a half god.

  5. I tried the script download for linux (deffinitly didnt work) than i tried Download the zip file, and unzip it.

    cd to the directory where you installed it.

    There are 2 .bin files, one for 32b and the other for 64b. chmod the desired binary to 775, and execute it.

    Edit el.ini and change datadir to where you unzip everything

    The default base directory is called el_linux, and you might want to rename it to something else.

    To play under FreeBSD, download the Linux version, download the code from the CVS, and use the freebsd make file.

    and thats where i have the problem im surely lost on how to do the chmod to 775 and im runnin 32bit

  6. Hello im wanting to throw an idea at the creators of quest and etc.

    I'm woundering if we could have a dailey range quest from an npc sending us to kill a certain amount of creature for some range exp.

    Or how about a dailey hunting board for dailey hunts for range exp but to get the exp you have to use a bow or crossbow.


    If you would plz give it a try it would be awesome.


    Your friend and loyal player Strgothemad in game Tesmor.