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  1. New critical damage

    Your Gatherer Medallion has been destroyed (before 2 hours ) Your Red Dragon Mail has been degraded to Damaged Red Dragon Mail (now 9:42pm )
  2. Extra critical chance

    Your Gatherer Medallion has been destroyed on LOrc today (inside):<
  3. Auction of hydro bars

    312k BOO ingame
  4. KF CLASH - II

    Nice contest but unfair :<
  5. KF CLASH - II

    i can join now ?
  6. fire

    SELLING 1000 fire arrow for 45gc ea
  7. fire

    SOLD to dilios
  8. GODz

    tyrannis infamous tigerclaw come back to EL or i come brod u all :<
  9. iZu found a Human Removal Stone (Action)

    forum spammz0r ;p yes do u have problam ?
  10. looking

    hey im still looking for some1 make guild map :< pls pm me ingame BOO 11/17/2010 :>
  11. From Rose To Toad

    10k Sunflower pls BOO ingame
  12. Thermal

    SELLING 2 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal for 700kgc ea pm me ingame BOO
  13. Thermal

  14. Selling

    i buy all hes pls
  15. Air Essence

  16. In the Heat of the Moment

    10k hes BOO ingame

    750k :< BOO ingame
  18. Auctioning 32 Hydro Bars

    11100 ea :<
  19. GODz Siggy Shop.

    u r crazy
  20. RIP!

    #join_guild RIP
  21. GODz

    tyr bad where r u ?
  22. Simple contest

    1+1=15 ok ?