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  1. Hi there.


    I wish to sincerely apologise to the GenX crew and customers... especially those customers that I inconvenienced by dropping off the planet completely.


    After 6 months of no income, my internet service was cut off, and I was unable to get online at all, except on FB via my cellphone :( I am back, but I am significantly embarrassed about letting you all down.


    So I note my orders have been completed by someone else, thanks so much, and once again, I apologise for not keeping in touch.


    I don't know if I will be able to help much, as I am now working nights. Anyway... thanks.

  2. # Marnick - 10k Red Currents (15k) [bATCH 3]

    # CCReynolds - 20k Sunflowers (15k) [bATCH 3]


    Both harvested and advised via Gossip (9:21pm NZDST - GMT +13)





    Claims already claimed... can't keep track, I am too dumb!

    Working on nothing (although I did several loads of Turkeys before finding out I was stupid)!



    Marnick delivered (9:36am NZDST - GMT +13)


    I dunno what to claim, what is already being worked on or whatever.Working for several hours on an order is rather disheartening when it turns out you claimed in error, so I will leave it a while.


    Sorry :(

  3. Orders update:


    Smeegle - 10k Turquoise (50k) [bATCH 3-2], mined and advised via gossip


    Still awaiting in-game contact from:


    # Zoya - 10k Wheat (10k) [bATCH 1] - FrogSwallower [Expires 01/22/11 -extended-]

    # AitorTillas - 10k Wheat (10k) [bATCH 2] - FrogSwallower [Expires 02/07/11 -extended-]




    # Konec - 10k Sulfur (22k) [bATCH 5]

    # Zamirah - 10k Sulfur (22k) [bATCH 4]


    Seeya soon,

  4. Orders update:


    Ready, advised and awaiting contact from customer:


    # Zoya - 10k Wheat (10k) [bATCH 1] - FrogSwallower [Expires 01/22/11 -extended-]

    # AitorTillas - 10k Wheat (10k) [bATCH 2] - FrogSwallower [Expires 02/07/11]

    # Smurf - 10k Turquoise (50k) [bATCH 5-1] - Stewbaby

    # Lyssa - 10k Blue Quartz (20k) [bATCH 5] - Stewbaby



    # Jason - 10k Iron Ore (38k) [bATCH 5] [OLD PRICE] - FrogSwallower


    Working on:

    # Dilly - 20k Chrysanthemums (10k) [bATCH 4] Frog

    # Smeegle - 10k Turquoise (50k) [bATCH 3-2] Stew


    See y'all in game (soon, hopefully)