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  1. I think, tehfreshhkid and KostOnee are the same person:


    Right after I got scammed by KostOnee (not knowing by that time) as seen in that thread, tehfreshhkid appeared on channel 3, by coincidence trying to sell what KonstOnee was (not) selling me - FEs:


    [23:06:01] [tehfreshhkid @ 3]: Selling FE's PM ME

    [23:07:30] [PM to tehfreshhkid: hi, what is your price?]

    [23:07:45] [PM from tehfreshhkid: 3.7 but i need to get em mixed]

    [23:10:21] [PM to tehfreshhkid: i would buy them immediately, once they're finished :)]

    [23:11:18] [PM to tehfreshhkid: i need 10.000 FEs]

    [23:11:53] [PM from tehfreshhkid: i need money first.]


    Since I took already a risk on KostOnee, not knowing about how it would end, I refused to take this deal.


    tehfreshhkid visited NC Storage here, where I also met KostOnee:


    Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2010-10-31 01:20:56 localtime (CEST)

    [01:34:42] [tehfreshhkid @ 3]: selling 2 will removal stones pm me

    [01:36:11] tehfreshhkid: Selling 2 Will removal stones

    [01:36:29] tehfreshhkid: Selling 2 Will Removal Stones

    [01:41:03] [tehfreshhkid @ 3]: Selling 2 Will Removal Stones PM ME

    [01:41:24] tehfreshhkid: Selling 2 Will Removal Stones PM ME


    [01:44:12] [KostOnee @ 3]: Selling Will removal stone

  2. Of course it's my own fault to trust someone like in this case, just to make that clear in first place - no need to tell me ;)

    I did take the risk, fully aware of it. This is not about my little loss, this is about a scammer, taking advantage of people willing to trust someone without a good reason...


    This seems to me quite similar to the thread tehfreshhkid is scammer, and both chars started and stopped their postings on channel 3 about the same time. I talked to tehfreshhkid as well, posted in that thread, and I guess it's one and the same person.


    [22:16:54] [KostOnee @ 3]: anyone need any FE ME DE or Anyother Essence mixing pm me :)

    [22:17:28] [KostOnee @ 3]: I just need Alchemy EXP :D

    [22:19:07] [PM to KostOnee: hi, i need 20k FEs, paying 3.7 each :)]

    Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2010-10-30 22:19:17 localtime (CEST)

    [22:46:45] [Moriko @ 3]: want to buy FEs, any amount up to 20k, paying 3.70 each, pm pls

    [22:49:46] [PM from KostOnee: i have a few ings in my sto i can make them you for a charge :)]

    [22:51:53] [PM to KostOnee: yeah great, i'll buy any for 3.7 :)]

    [22:52:15] [PM from KostOnee: well ill make them for u if u pay me now]

    [22:53:00] [PM to KostOnee: ok where are you?]

    [22:53:09] [PM from KostOnee: NC STO]

    [22:56:29] [PM from KostOnee: i think ive got like 23k ings]

    [22:58:01] [PM from KostOnee: i usually only make 10k batches for people and like an hour or so]

    [22:58:27] Welcome to Nordcarn

    [22:59:12] You entered the Nordcarn storage

    [22:59:51] [PM from KostOnee: ok how much gc each?]

    [23:00:19] [PM from KostOnee: i was thinking 3.8]

    [23:00:24] [PM to KostOnee: 3.7gc each = 37k gc for 10k FEs]

    [23:00:31] [PM to KostOnee: 3.75?]

    [23:00:40] [PM from KostOnee: ok then i usually charge 3.8-4gc each but ok]

    [23:00:54] KostOnee wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade.

    [23:01:07] You have been saved!

    [23:02:18] [PM to KostOnee: great, and you're done in about 1-2 hours?]

    [23:03:13] [PM from KostOnee: maybe]


    A small event in the meantime...


    [23:26:25] KostOnee found the meaning of life.

    [23:27:24] [PM from KostOnee: heyy u on my db]

    [23:27:45] [PM to KostOnee: yes i got it :)]

    [23:27:57] [PM from KostOnee: good good ]

    [23:32:00] KostOnee was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.

    [23:32:23] You have been saved!

    [23:33:32] Select a friendly unit for the Remote Heal spell

    [23:33:34] Remote healing was successfully cast.

    [23:33:36] Select a friendly unit for the Remote Heal spell

    [23:33:38] Remote healing was successfully cast.

    [23:33:42] KostOnee: thanks

    [23:33:47] Moriko: yw :)


    Back to topic:


    Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2010-10-31 00:20:18 localtime (CEST)

    [00:55:56] [PM to KostOnee: hi, how far have you gotten by now?]

    [00:56:05] [PM from KostOnee: almost done]

    [00:56:24] [PM to KostOnee: cool :)]


    That was the last time he talked to me.

    Not because of being offline or afk:


    [01:41:56] [PM to KostOnee: are you done, by chance? i have to leave soon]

    [01:44:12] [KostOnee @ 3]: Selling Will removal stone

    [01:46:41] [PM to KostOnee: are you done, by chance? i have to leave soon]


    Just after tehfreshhkid tried to sell 2 Will removal stones, as posted there.

  3. Yes, it's great to see and play all the new quests :)


    Before I started EL I only knew (offline) RPGs by doing quests and I hoped for them in EL as well. There were, but at some point you'll finish them and go into 'the usual everyday business'. Now there is fresh wind, new things to discover and to do. It's exiting and fun.


    Thank you very much! <3

  4. Lords and Ladies, dear friends,


    it has been a while, but now we like to announce our comeback and revival -

    the Order of Karma (short OK) is stepping into the eternal light of Draia again.


    Since its creation OK has been a small but reliable circle of trustworthy individuals.

    It's nice to see we still have good friends and alliances here around, thus we are not as small as it seems -

    Thank you for your love, guys and girls! :D


    Our policies haven't change - we still are a peaceful guild, trying to be fun and help for each other and all others out there.

    We do not allow bagjumpers, scammers, outlaws. PK isn't forbidden, though it's not our business.


    Our business includes levelling up, doing all kind of skills, trading and commissional works, guild(-crossing) activities and projects, exploring the mysteries of Draia as well as hanging around afk just looking good :D But without the duty to take part in any of that.


    We welcome people from all around the world, but beware, our guild chat will be german, since we are mainly a german guild.

    chotto dake nihongo o hanasemasu :devlish:


    Our website still remains the same, though our forum will be a new one, yet in the making.

  5. Greetings to the noble Rivan Warriors,

    and thank you very much again for helping the OK guild with their project on the dangerous part, it was really great :icon13:

    if we every can be of your assistance, please let us know.


    Be blessed,



  6. we were warned by DARK after this happend. our guild project decided that very evening to harvest sulfur. watching the snapshot now, i think it was only a few steps away from where that happend. Rayla was still there, and just as we arrived we were warned in open chat about her. there were a bunch of players who were there. we decided to harvest nevertheless, it was a few steps away. then Rayla got invisible, a few seconds later she appeared very near our bag, but it was in our possession. since then we didn't left the bag, but traded from bag-guard to mules. so in this case actually nothing happend, and i cannot really say "she wanted to steal from us", just because we didn't gave her the chance. i hope she will get tired of her *** behaviour.

  7. Not really a great loss and we knew the danger, and we don't want to whine about a flower thievery, but for you to be warned in a future situation i want to tell you, that we got bagjumped from godzilaa at the blue lupine bush in portland. we were 3 people, 1 was still harvesting and 2 carried away the flowers. It was 3 or 4 times, that during we changed positions, godzilaa interfered by jumping the bag, sold the flowers and returned to the bush near our bag. We told him not to steal and to post it on forum, but there were no reaction instead of one "whot"...



    snapshot at the bush


    here the log, PMs with people not involved in the situation deleted:


    Lillie: goitn off'

    [PM to Lillie: was he harvesting before going on the bag?]

    Welcome to the Portland Daisy Flower Emporium!

    Keiko: hey

    Lillie: GET OFF!!!!!!~!!

    [PM to godzilaa: that is not yours!]

    This is your 1 minute warning for the coming hour.

    [PM to godzilaa: i will post that in the EL forum]

    Welcome to the Portland Daisy Flower Emporium!

    Lillie: you god zilaa!!!!

    Moriko: godzilla you thief, stop stealing

    Lillie: GET OFF!!!!

    [PM to godzilaa: welcome to the outlaw forum then]

    Welcome to the Portland Daisy Flower Emporium!

    godzilaa: whot


    lol, i realize my own rough tone, with which i wanted him to motivate stopping the thiefery. wasn't prepared for this situation. for some flowers not worth to get angry. But should he next time stand close to your harvesting team, you should be warned that he may grab your bag.

  8. Hello,

    we are the Order of Karma, or short OK.

    A bunch of funny nice people, well, or at least nice ones :)

    loving and enjoying EL, as single individuals, in the guild and with all the people throughout the lands of Draia, also trying to be fun and help for others.


    If you like to take a closer look, we have a Guildsite and a Forum, where you can also register to say hello, make conversation in the EL section or just waste your time in the Off Topic.


    OK is recruiting. We like pure levellers as much as pure roleplayers and everything in between. We are a quite peaceful guild, but we allow honourable PK in our guild. Newbies are always welcome.

    We don't want bagjumpers, scammers or outlaws, but all kind of profession is welcome.


    If you'd like to join, you can PM me, Moriko (in english and german) or Keiko (german only), or leave us a post in our forum.


    Thank you and Have Fun!