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  1. Well, from Post time (7:40) its been 30 minutes (now 8:10pm).


    I dont like the idea of depletable resources;


    1) Get a large enough party or guild and you can deplete a resource in a short time. These people can then hoard silver and control prices. How would you determine if they are blocking a resource? They could easily say "its a guild project"


    2) Whos to say that One IP address doesnt make 10 characters, and then go and deplete some resource? Given enough time, those alts can all mine some high valuable ore and hoard it.


    3) In the long run, wont the harvestables be infinite?


    IF this idea comes, would you open up KSJ for silver/Iron harvesting (along with moving some chims) ?


    Im still unsure about this...Theres some fear in me about logging on, and not being able to fulfill a goal I have for a skill. But how about we test it for a week and see how it goes?


    Hmm, Heres a Idea; A new makable item for engineering: Resources Indicator, indicates how much resources are left for a given resource (Use with).


    ADD: I dont like the idea of multiplaying. Its cheating, and its wrong. We all worked hard for our chars, so why should someone with time on their hands with a large amount of alts get an advantage over me? Bu doing so, arent we removing team work from the game? There would be no reason for one to have a guild anymore, other than to socialize. Granted, my computer is fast, ButI doubt its fast enough to play more than one char at a time (unless i play with poorman-and whats the point of playing a game if it doesnt look good :confused: )

  2. I'll admit, I hate the mini harvesting events, but Ive thought about something that would help those who hate it..


    How about making a enhanced harvest med? Stops mini events from occuring and is only sold from a NPC. Price ~10k. It gives the same stats as a normal harv med, but stops the mini events from occuring. It would have the same break rate as a regular Harvest Med. Because its sold from a NPC, it would remove gc from the game. 10k Is cheap enough for those with a high bankroll to purchase, yet expensive enough that your garden variety n00b cant purchase it.

  3. I voted Yes.


    Believe it or not, but Ive been tempted to buy something from the shop to show my support. Hell, In the past Ive bought forum subscriptions, So maybe I should pay my dues. But Ive been waiting for something Other than Items to come out, that were really worth some money/time to me. I like the idea of getting more exp/more enriched essences or more stones. Or something like Arti Cape to get a higher chance at finding stones.


    I came to EL because it was the only MMO that had a awesome make system, and the fact at the time it was the only MMO that would run on Linux. Sure, there were others, but they didnt seem appetizing. Actually, I still look around for another MMO to try, but some look so demanding on your system Id need a gaming system to play a MMO (and btw I have 10 fans on my gaming comp-So its as loud as a 747 when running). Id rather not have my comp sound like a 747 when Im writing a report for school. EL still manages to look good and not use much system resources even on a "legacy AGP 8X" system.

  4. You know what I find strange? How is that people are able to charge 5k for a Tit chain that costs 7k to 8k worths of Ings (price of EFE). What gives people the right to charge such a drastic price reduction for something they know they could get More Money for? Same thing goes for Tit Long, Its a 8k Item yet you can only sell for 1k? Hell I would be happy if I got a 8k Drop.


    Its not even a supply and demand issue, as I really doubt the drop rate for Tit Chains are even that High, So what gives here? Whats the deal with the Low price of a Tit Chain or Tit Long? Are there really that many tit Chains in game that its reduced the price by 3k?

  5. Looking to Go Up in the world of Magic? Look no further. For sale is 12k AE.


    Starting Bid is 90k


    Buy it now is 110k


    Opps forgot to set a End Date. This Wednesday(2/18/2009) Or at my discretion.


  6. % load.


    So if the current rate is based on 30%, is that 30% our max EMU? If So that means the more EMU we have the less food we have to eat, correct? So then what will be the max rate at which food is consumed, up to 2 food every 1 step?


    Bummer, I liked the current food consumption, it was just worth it.

    I was surprised there's something so balanced from my(player) point of view,

    that even I'm going to use. I hope it wont get changed too much.


    I don't how you guys manage to stay running for a couple of days,

    so far I've used 4 pots and got distracted 3 times which means walking again >.<


    Very easily. After a while you get used to it. It requires you to pay attention OR Learn better multitasking skills.

  7. I don't think the speed hax potion will drop too 1K, like it was mentioned. MoP alone requires a lot of stuff, vials, flowers which are used with other stuff as well.


    Speed hax look cool.



    MoPs go for 3 to 4k, that price is pretty steady, but Its probably going to increase. IF lenny furs = 2k each, then total cost for 12 pots = 6k. 6k/12 = 500gc each. For them to be below 3k, lenny furs have to cost less. Less cost = more furs in market.

  8. Well, the potion is not really designed for running 24/7 (although you can do it if you feel like it). The idea is to use it for special stuff, like PKing or running after leo or something.

    And I think soon the prices should decrease to under 1K per potion.


    It should, the law of supply and demand says So. More people hunt lenny, more furs in market, more Pots. I dont think MoPs would be a restriction though for the price.


    For most trips I carry 20 Toads, 16 HE, Full mana, 1 SR, 1 Anti. Honestly, I think the food usage prevents any old jack and harry from using it (which is a good thing). Why do you think everyone on the server isnt running? Price? The fact you cant go AFK for most things? You can still AFK harv high end flowers, but you just gotta time it.

  9. So is it worth it?


    Yes, as long as you can keep it up. It also becomes a problem in high traffic areas..you tend to get stopped or slowed down because of people mining iron/sulfur.



    *Faster, less time spent wandering around

    *More time spent harvesting (which, in turn allows you to make money faster)

    * More Magic Exp (from healing from poison)

    * More potion exp (if you make your own anti's)

    * It looks cool




    *huge resource usage. This includes toads, Anti's, SRS, and HE

    *People may get a bit annoyed, because they tend to "stop" if you cut in front of their path (no ones complained yet though)

    *needs gc for the potion and the anti's if you dont make them.

    *Requires you to pay attention when en route to places. No more Afk walking.

    *Fighting is almost Impossible when your EMU is taken up by SRS/HE. I guess you could have someone mule Toads/Anti's and hyper it.

    * Some of your EMU is taken up by Toads/Antis/SRS/HE. So, I carry 20 less items...big deal.

  10. Im up to 5 Days Running (Not to brag or anything) But people have been asking me "Is it worth the 2 to 3k?" Correct me if Im wrong, But in previous Posts Cruella (or someone else) has stated that the rate at which gc is earned is flawed because you cannot take time into consideration. True. In reality, youd need some equation that takes into consideration Hours vs Gc earned.


    So what if we do; Time/2? Does that not mean more profit per game hours? Since I am spending less time walking from place to place, Do I not get stuff faster? Sure, I dont mix or harvest faster, But it does take the boringness out of harvesting. Ive found myself more "Awake" when harvesting and going from place to place. Why? I dont want to spend another 2 to 3kgc because I didnt eat. Same can be said with fighting, You dont want to loose that rosto because you werent paying attention, So you diss from a monster and run (which has happened to me before). So you learn vigilance on your Ctrl-1 key. Now some people will argue "Well 3k isnt much", But it adds up if I dont eat. What could I buy with 3kgc?


    * 300 Training Arrows

    * 100 PK arrows

    * 40 magic arrows

    * 46 Anti's

    * 1k FE

    ...etc. As I spend more on Speed pots, thats more I could have spent elsewhere. However, 3k is a small price to pay to get to places quicker, and reduce down time. Sure, I cant surf 4chan when en route to places, But even 4 chan gets boring after a while.


    People have also asked what I eat to keep running. Toads, and Lots of them. My Personal Record is 1k Toads, and thats because I went from place to place running. You'll need plenty of HE/SRS/Anti's and toads if you want to keep run forever. Honestly, Running feels like power hungry, but 10x worse. Just like real life, you dont want to run around while drunk...you'll crash into people.


    And Honestly, I dont like running......I love it :P.