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  1. Hello all,


    Today I was "trying" to play the game.. but the grue caught me for several times and I get disconnected a lot of times in few minutes.

    What I noticed after the third or maybe fourth disconnection is that the Session Time had a negative number in it o_O


    Here is the screenshot.



    After that screenshot I lagged out other four (maybe five) times in one or two minutes.

  2. Well from his post and his siggy too is you want you can pretty easily realize that he is a crafter. Check top players too to find out he is a top crafter in fact.


    Ah sorry.. I didn't look at the top players before posting (mm.. nice top ten :cry:).

    Btw. as I said before, I DO agree with Chr0nic ;-).

    Of course, since there is a lot of demand for harv meds, it's normal that prices are high.

  3. Agreed, they are much more useful! But the sudden increase in demand has driven the prices up and I still broke two in 30k silver harvested :cry: On the plus side, demand for seridium bars is way up too so I can make the money back that way now too

    I'm sure my Crafters Union card will be revoked for saying this, but there's no reason to pay exorbitant prices for harvester medallions. I realize how much time and effort it takes to meet the demand of consumers of these meds, but if you are such a consumer and on a budget, just buy the seri bars from the NPC and other ings on the market. Then find a friend or guildie who will mix them for you.


    Seridium bars from the NPC (7k) + 2 gold bars (50ea) + 10FE (3.5ea) + 20 toads (1.5ea) = 7165.


    I do agree with you.

    However, as long as the market is good for harv meds, it's normal for crafters to sell them at a higher price than normal.

    I mean, if you were a crafter (maybe you are, I don't know..) you would do the same I think ;-)

  4. KommerzGandalf, you have all my sympathy.


    I really don't understand why people should support Rayla or post messages like the one Rauch wrote o_O...


    p.s.: *to all bjers supporters* Erstad was way better than Rayla ^_^