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  1. Well, to me it never happened with the old graphics card, which is way slower than the new intel graphics unit. Of course it may be related to the different driver which may just not draw anything on an inactive display, which may confuse the el client or one of the libraries which el uses. I can still hear the character walking when switched to console, but when i switch back the character is still at the location where it was when i switched away ;o

  2. Whenever i switch to console or to a different xserver display for some time (a minute or so) i'm disconnected on returning to the display where el is running on. I'm on Gentoo Linux and this happens reproducible since i switched from my old AthlonXP/nvidia AGP to i3/hd2000. It appears as if el time stops when i switch away from the display. When switching back before the grue is kicking in i can see multiple harvesting experience animations float above the characters head and i observed the digital clock jumping ~30 seconds forward in the hud at least once.


    Since this is probably a very uncommon use case i don't think that anyone is interested too much in investigating or fixing this. but i thought i'll post it nonetheless ;)

  3. Again, it was just a suggestion for players who use them to purchase seri bars from the NPC. If you bought all the ings for a harv med and had them mixed, the actual cost would be:


    Matter Cong: (80*((2.5*2)+2.5+0.5))+(25*(3.5+(2*3))) = 877.50

    6 Matter Cong/Seri Ore = 877.50*6 = 5265

    Seri bar = 5265 + (10*2.5) + (20*4) = 5370

    Harv Med = 5370 + (2*50) + (10*4) + (20*1.5) = 5540


    And that's assuming 2.5 for coal & sulphur and 4 for FE.


    Well, if you go one step further and harvest all that stuff for yourself, then the 'cost' is actually Zero :D